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B2Big Deal for IBM, Ariba, and i2
IBM, Ariba and i2 announce a partnership whose goal is to accelerate the real value provided by E-commerce and whose effect is to leave some companies quaking in their boots.

KLEIN DATENTECHNIK: shelf space to Calvin Klein underwear and then advise the manufacturer and its suppliers to adjust their processes and inventory accordingly. At this, the three main speakers assured the audience that they were all wearing Calvin Klein underwear. Market Impact Of course there are other ways available today to achieve the kind of supply chain integration that the alliance promises. The difference is the extraordinary nature of the partnership, involving both tight integration by the vendors and the tremend

CPR on BPR: Long Live Business Process ReengineeringPart 1: A Primer
Without sound business process analysis, design, and possible re-design or full-blown reengineering in place before you bring in technology, your CRM (or any IT) efforts are doomed to fail.

KLEIN DATENTECHNIK: Ray Manganelli and Mark Klein in their book, The Reengineering Handbook: Reengineering - The rapid and radical redesign of strategic, value-added business processes - and the systems, policies, and organizational structures that support them - to optimize the work flows and productivity in an organization. Now, some definitions need to be put in place for us to be able to swallow this statement whole: value-added processes - those activities that are essential to satisfying a customer s wants and needs an

Hacker Publication Gets Top Defense Attorney
In a case that will challenge the bowels of free speech and censorship and inevitably set a lot of legal precedents, renowned defense attorney Marcus Garbus has been retained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to represent 2600 (an infamous hacker publication) that is being charged with circumvention of copyright protection systems (17 U.S.C. § 1201(a)(2)), specifically the Contents Scramble Systems (CSS) developed to protect Digital Video Discs (DVDs) against unauthorized access.

KLEIN DATENTECHNIK: partner of Frankfut, Garbus, Klein, and Seltz, a Madison Avenue (NYC) based law firm that was founded in 1977. A trial lawyer who is known for his expertise in selecting juries, Mr. Garbus has as a part of his intellectual property practice represented the publishers of Salmon Rushdie and Henry Miller, as well as major motion picture stars Spike Lee, Robert Redford, Richard Gere, and Al Pacino. Mr. Garbus has taught law at Columbia and Yale Universities, and has authored the following three books: Ready f

QAD Pulling Through, Patiently But PassionatelyPart Two: Company Background
QAD, a notable player in the upper middle of the discrete manufacturing market, embarked a few years ago on reinventing itself by delivering applications that would optimize complex order fulfillment processes across multiple enterprises and divisions. Another major product enhancement feat at the time was the QAD/Connects architecture, which was both an open architecture concept and a set of connectivity tools.

KLEIN DATENTECHNIK: QAD Pulling Through, Patiently But Passionately Part Two: Company Background QAD Pulling Through, Patiently But Passionately Part Two: Company Background P.J. Jakovljevic - September 19, 2003 Read Comments Market Impact On August 20, QAD Inc. (NASDAQ: QADI), a global provider of collaborative enterprise applications for manufacturing and distributing organizations, reported upbeat financial results for the fiscal 2004 second quarter and six-month period ended July 31, 2003. The improved financial

QAD Inc.: The Art of Vertical Focus
QAD is competitive in ease of global multi-site implementation and quality of global service and support. However, QAD's financial position has eroded significantly over the last 18 months, and organizations evaluating QAD products should exercise moderate caution and consider existing functionality only until the Company regains a consistent, profitable financial position.

KLEIN DATENTECHNIK: QAD Inc.: The Art of Vertical Focus QAD Inc.: The Art of Vertical Focus P.J. Jakovljevic - November 1, 1999 Read Comments Vendor Genesis QAD Inc., headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, is a global provider of e-business enabled enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) software and services to multinational companies of all sizes, with a special focus on the mid-market. QAD is the tenth-ranked ERP vendor with $193 million in revenues for the fiscal year ended January 31, 1999. The

The Collaboration Advantage: Customer-focused Partnerships in a Global Market
Expand your knowledge about Collaboration Advantage.Acquire Free White Papers or Case Studies In Relation To Customer-focused Partnerships. Survey data shows that companies want to improve their strategic business partnerships. Reflecting on lessons learned from past business relationships, 60 percent of respondents say that in future they’ll place more emphasis on developing personal relationships and setting expectations with business partners. Find out how these companies are creating collaborative networks that include business partners and consumers.

KLEIN DATENTECHNIK: customers such as Calvin Klein and Anne Taylor. Li & Fung has assembled a network of over 10,000 companies around the world, many of which are in the textile industry. For a given project, Li & Fung matches specialised providers, from sources of yarn to processors of raw materials and fabrics. Every step of the process is co-ordinated, Mr Hagel says, to get the product of the right quality to the right distribution centres at the right time and the right price . Li & Fung has larger operating profit
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