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TEC Helps Utilities Company Select Best-fit Financials and Human Resources Systems
South Coast Water District (SCWD), an independent provider of high-quality water services based in Laguna Beach, California (US), was experiencing some of the

knowledgeable definition adjective  team became much more knowledgeable about key requirements, which greatly facilitated the creation of vendor demonstration scripts. TEC’s recommendations kept vendor scoring analytical and objective, enabling the SCWD selection team “to divorce the sales experience from the actual requirements and put their subjective opinions to the side,” Bryon adds. When it came down to the final decision, the objective comparison data produced by TEC Advisor helped all stakeholders feel confident that the right Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » knowledgeable definition adjective

'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Procurement, and SCM Unite! A Series Study
Now in 2001, the catchphrase is 'Collaborative Commerce', where we unite all of the elements of ERP, CRM, E-Procurement, and SCM into one coherent system within

knowledgeable definition adjective  connects immediately with a knowledgeable customer service rep. She explains that she'd like the skateboard with the original size wheels. The customer service rep, through collaborative web browsing, shows Kate how she can custom order the skateboard with her preferred wheel size on the web. Kate hangs up with the rep, and adds the customized skateboard to her online shopping cart, and proceeds directly to checkout. Since she's a regular, the site automatically discounts her purchase 20%, and presents a Read More
Can Brick & Mortar Leaders Be Brick & Click Leaders?
Merger mania, deregulation, and new technology are having far ranging impacts on organization, process, and technology integration in the financial services

knowledgeable definition adjective  information, are now more knowledgeable and mobile and have access to the full range of investment banking products and services. Financial service firms must compete in all of these areas if they plan to maintain long-term client relationships. Business Implications To help illustrate the issue, consider Zurich Financial Services, a global leader in the financial services industry specializing in financial protection and asset accumulation. Zurich Financial is moving fast on many fronts; concentrating Read More
From CIO to CEO?
The step from Chief Information Officer to Chief Executive Officer seems like it should be simple, but few manage to take it. Sure you’ve managed a budget

knowledgeable definition adjective  just to become more knowledgeable of your business, but to show that you listen as well. Expertise without the ability to listen can be valuable in support roles, which is how many people look at the typical IT manager. The result is that IT's image of expertise can be a detriment. That perception can reduce the chance of promotion outside IT. An image of listening well, which is not associated with IT, can help overcome that negative perception. The lessons? To get the president's job, be good at your Read More
Find the Software's Fatal Flaws to Avoid Failure
For any business, software needs exist which will prove difficult to satisfy. Application packages will have fatal flaws where they do not meet these needs

knowledgeable definition adjective  people who are more knowledgeable in software packages. Seek out individuals with experience with software in your type of business. Ask companies in the same business about their experience and if they found any fatal flaws. Locate consultants with experience in your business. Even during initial discussions, ask them where the fatal flaws may lay for your business. Ask vendors what they consider the unique needs of your business. If they say there are none, that package does not address the issues. If Read More
Case Study: Heinz Frozen Food Co.
Heinz Frozen Food Company was set on improving its manufacturing and maintenance process efficiency, and knew that implementing a new enterprise asset

knowledgeable definition adjective  lean,lean concept,lean consultants,lean consulting,lean definition,lean engineering,lean enterprise,lean factory,lean flow,lean implementation,lean improvement,lean industry,lean inventory,lean management Read More
A Definition of Data Warehousing
There is a great deal of confusion over the meaning of data warehousing. Simply defined, a data warehouse is a place for data, whereas data warehousing

knowledgeable definition adjective  data warehouse,data warehousing,data acquisition,metadata management,data mining,data cleansing,data capture,Data Warehousing definition,Bill Inmon,Ralph Kimball,database technology management experience,data warehouse design expertise Read More
The Perfect Order--Inside-Out or Outside-In?
The Perfect Order measurement has proven to be a powerful measurement of a business. Should The Perfect Order be defined from an internal point of view or from

knowledgeable definition adjective  key performance indicators,The Perfect Order,KPI,AMR Research,business performance,return on assets,profitability,earnings per share,metric,differentiators Read More
The Role of Sales Training Requirements Definition and Requests for Proposals in the Success of Technology Companies
The first step in choosing an effectiveness service provider (ESP) that best meets your company's needs is to develop a requirements definition. When used as a

knowledgeable definition adjective  sales training,effectiveness solutions provider,ESP,management,request for proposals,requirements,total cost of training,TCT Read More
Quality Management
In today’s global market, providing quality products and services is essential for any manufacturer’s continued growth—but maintaining a competitive edge is not

knowledgeable definition adjective  quality mangement,total quality management,quality control management,quality management tools,quality management training,quality management process,total quality management,quality management systems Read More
Recession? Steal Market Share by Increasing Customer Service!
During a recession, don’t follow the cost-cutting crowd. Of course, be frugal, but in areas that don’t touch the customer. Forget what everyone else is doing

knowledgeable definition adjective  customer services,customer service account,customer service articles,customer service business,customer service call center,customer service center,customer service communication,customer service companies Read More
IFS Continues Its Reinvention Through Pruning Part Two: Background, Challenges, and Response
IFS could be an object case of how a great product (in terms of functionality scope and technological foundation) and knowledgeable employees are only part of

knowledgeable definition adjective  and technological foundation) and knowledgeable employees are only part of the wholesale success in the finicky enterprise resource planning (ERP) market. Namely, back in 1994, IFS began a development project to transfer its flagship IFS Applications suite to object-oriented technology, which was completed in 1997, with the launch of the IFS Applications 1998 product suite. The IFS' business concept has since been to increase the freedom of action and competitiveness of user companies by enabling Read More
Customer Relationship Management: Putting Customers at the Center of the Business
No longer are customers simply sideline participants. Organizations are empowering them with a wealth of knowledge to engage in more informed decision-making. A

knowledgeable definition adjective  business process,business process analysis,business process architecture,business process association,business process automation,business process components,business process data Read More
The Impact of Lean on Consumer Product Manufacturers
While consumer products manufacturers are relatively recent adopters of lean programs, they are already achieving value through a firm commitment to

knowledgeable definition adjective  lean implementation program,lean manufacturing,lean initiatives,lean program management,lean manufacturing system,lean enterprise assessment program Read More

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