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From CIO to CEO?
The step from Chief Information Officer to Chief Executive Officer seems like it should be simple, but few manage to take it. Sure you’ve managed a budget

knowledgeable person definition  just to become more knowledgeable of your business, but to show that you listen as well. Expertise without the ability to listen can be valuable in support roles, which is how many people look at the typical IT manager. The result is that IT's image of expertise can be a detriment. That perception can reduce the chance of promotion outside IT. An image of listening well, which is not associated with IT, can help overcome that negative perception. The lessons? To get the president's job, be good at your Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » knowledgeable person definition

Program Management Office: A Term Not Fully Understood
The term program management office (PMO) has been around for some time. Its core concepts, methods, and benefits have remained constant, while resources and

knowledgeable person definition  individual leads by example, knowledgeable in all areas of a Program Office, although they are not necessarily a subject matter expert in each area. In addition, being knowledgeable in the industry and subject matter will provide additional value to their role. Program Office Tools There are a vast number of tools available in the project / program management market and naturally there are some that are better than others, specifically functionality, scalability, security, ease of use, vendor support, Read More
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workday (more)? - Part 2

knowledgeable person definition  data persistence  layer where knowledgeable developers can change and add whatever they want, but the original relationships between objects remain intact (see figure 1). Object-oriented databases have been around for a long time, but previously they couldn't be used for commercial systems because they were dog-slow. But with in-memory capabilities, though, it becomes possible to use one. To be fair, the aforementioned OMS is a Java kernel that runs as an  Apache Tomcat  process, entirely in-memory. Read More
5 Tips to Assure a Successful ERP Implementation
Are you preparing to oversee an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation project? Are you worried about the statistics that report less-than-successful

knowledgeable person definition  the process. Include ERP knowledgeable personnel. The team should also have some people with expertise in ERP, from system analysts to database designers to human factors engineering to make sure the system is in precise alignment to unmet needs while increasing process efficiency throughout your company. The Panorama study found lack of ERP expertise to be the second most commonly cited problem (33%) facing implementation teams. If this expertise is unavailable internally, go to a 3rd party. Planning Read More
Continuous Improvement Case Study: Taking Baby Steps towards Tangible Benefits
To improve supply chain operations with a fresh look and new ideas, Harris Tea worked with a consulting firm, Supply Chain Consultants. The objective was to

knowledgeable person definition  in-house people are very knowledgeable in our business and our market, he says. However, bringing in outside consultants brought a different point of view and a different set of experiences. He advises companies to take the advice of outside experts seriously. SCC was particularly good in the application of their extensive knowledge, in pragmatic ways, to the business. According to Shah, there is perhaps one detail which is the most important: Take baby steps—go after the low-hanging fruit. Do Read More
Mid-market Manufacturers and the New Landscape for Enterprise Resource Planning: Using Technology to Compete
The globalization of discrete manufacturing is forever changing the notion of what a

knowledgeable person definition  infor mid market,erp systems mid market,erp mid market manufacturers best practices,infor erp mid market manufacturers,midmarket erp software evaluation Read More
Mixed-Mode Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help

knowledgeable person definition   Read More
Successful Manufacturing in a Competitive Market
Order-driven manufacturers@those who engineer-to-order (ETO), assemble-to-order (ATO), and make-to-order (MTO)@face numerous challenges. To stay competitive

knowledgeable person definition  competitive market,competitive marketing,competition market,competitive market analysis,competitive market articles,competitive market assessment,competitive market assumptions,competitive market characteristics Read More
Transportation Management System (TMS) RFI/RFP Template
System Definition and Implementation,Interface and Integration,Required Features and Functions, and Analysis

knowledgeable person definition   Read More
What Does the “M” in PLM Really Mean?
In the two previous blog posts (What Does the “P” in PLM Really Mean? and What Does the “L” in PLM Really Mean?) I discussed the object being managed within the

knowledgeable person definition   Read More
What Does the “L” in PLM Really Mean?
In an earlier post, What Does the “P” in PLM Really Mean?, I discussed what the word “product” means in  product lifecycle management (PLM). In this post, I am

knowledgeable person definition   Read More
Product Development and Portfolio Management RFI/RFP Template
Corporate Objectives Definition, Portfolio Definition, Product Investment, Product Investment Scoring, Portfolio Balancing, Product Investment Monitoring

knowledgeable person definition   Read More

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