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The New and the Noteworthy: 2008 Vendor Wrap-up
2008 seemed to be the year for mergers and acquisitions (M@As) in the world of enterprise software—with companies like Oracle picking up Primavera Software’s

knowledgeable synonym  solid base of customers, knowledgeable people that stand behind the product, and a reputation of unparalleled customer service, then I recommend Visibility as a solid vendor worthy of your consideration. Return to list Global Shop Solutions – This Texas, (US)-based vendor has served up ERP “Texas style”, with a robust, solid, and dependable solution. Just like the people in Texas, the system reflects a grass-roots philosophy—“build from the bottom up.” This is also reflected in its adherence Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » knowledgeable synonym

December 2012 Boston Analyst Roadshow Snapshot
I am glad I was among the analysts invited to the traditional December analyst roadshow, which takes place in the beautiful city of Boston, by the event

knowledgeable synonym  methodology, as well as knowledgeable and highly skilled resources. The new release looks very attractive and simplified compared with the current version. SYSPRO offers users the ability to interact with the software via graphical tiles that are movable and, of course, customizable in any conceivable way—new menus and navigation, new themes, new UI controls, new design capabilities and expanded roles, and a business flow–enabled interface. Overall, as the changes in the new version are substantial, Read More
IFS Continues Its Reinvention Through Pruning Part Two: Background, Challenges, and Response
IFS could be an object case of how a great product (in terms of functionality scope and technological foundation) and knowledgeable employees are only part of

knowledgeable synonym  and technological foundation) and knowledgeable employees are only part of the wholesale success in the finicky enterprise resource planning (ERP) market. Namely, back in 1994, IFS began a development project to transfer its flagship IFS Applications suite to object-oriented technology, which was completed in 1997, with the launch of the IFS Applications 1998 product suite. The IFS' business concept has since been to increase the freedom of action and competitiveness of user companies by enabling Read More
Tightening the Chain-Supply Chain Cost-cutting Strategies
As companies struggle to control costs, the supply chain and management of supply resources have come under scrutiny. The supply chain is one area where a

knowledgeable synonym  The expertise gained through knowledgeable partners can prove very valuable in avoiding common mistakes relating to the implementation. Issues with tag placement, inconsistent reads, and data interpretation can be avoided because of the experience the partner will have acquired from past projects. The data integration and aggregation from the RFID system can be interpreted by the partner for corporate consumption, and be formatted correctly for input to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The Read More
The ROI of ERP: Proven Implementation Methodology Is the Determining Factor
Successful implementation of an extended enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is the result of knowledgeable and dedicated people working together. It

knowledgeable synonym  is the result of knowledgeable and dedicated people working together. It entails company-wide commitment, openness to change, good planning, and experienced guidance. Learn about the three primary criteria of recognizing return on investment (ROI) from an ERP system and how using them during the system selection process and subsequent implementation can ensure that the chosen system will support and enable the business improvements envisioned. Read More
Vendor Analysis: Interliant's Security Vulnerability Assessment
A security vulnerability assessment service is a risk management process. Interliant's security vulnerability assessment service enables its clients to

knowledgeable synonym  thorough job. As well, knowledgeable security staff resources are required, and it may not make sense from a cost perspective for some companies to have a person dedicated for this task alone. Finding knowledgeable security employees is difficult, and, once found, they are expensive to keep on board. Leveraging the skills and resources from Interliant shows that an organization is taking steps to improve its security posture, and safeguard their customer data and networks. Most of the vendors offering Read More
The 2006 ECM West Conference: A Trial from AIIM
The Association for Information and Image Management recently held a conference to educate organizations on the latest content and information management

knowledgeable synonym  for clients to recognize knowledgeable consultants and implementers, and providing a more detailed market education. AIIM creates peer networking opportunities through AIIM Chapters and AIIM Partners. These forums provide opportunities for attendees (users, vendors, and consultants) to share experiences with one another, to learn from each others' mistakes, and to increase the awareness and success rate of projects within the market. AIIM Chapters is a network of thirty-nine chapters in North America Read More
Wilden Pump & Engineering
Wilden began to investigate several customer relationship management (CRM) packages in the market including: Maximizer Enterprise, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Pivotal

knowledgeable synonym  model and had the knowledgeable Professional Services staff that the Wilden team felt comfortable with - along with the overall package to fit within their budget. Read More
Has KANA Gotten Its Mojo Back? - Part 1
In this service economy it is not surprising to hear about smart innovative companies whose businesses have been blossoming due to the superior customer service

knowledgeable synonym  discussion with the company’s knowledgeable longstanding executive. Until then, your comments and opinions with regards to typical customer service issues and solutions are more than welcome. I would certainly be interested in your experiences with various related software tools in general and with KANA in particular. Read More
Sorting Through the ERP, Lean MFG, APS, and MES Clutter - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started with the fact that the ability to sense demand and become a demand-driven (responsive) business is more than just the catch

knowledgeable synonym  Through the ERP, Lean MFG, APS, and MES Clutter - Part 2 Part 1 of this blog series  started with the fact that the ability to sense  demand  and become a demand-driven (responsive) business is more than just the catch phrase du jour: it has become a recipe for survival. Every sensible enterprise is on a quest to deliver on time and as quickly as necessary, with minimum inventory (and  working capital ), and the highest necessary  utilization . For a few decades, the providers of a Read More
SAP Users Speak Out on Credit and Collections Shortcomings
A recent survey of companies which have implemented SAP Accounts Receivable reveal more than a few areas where the system failed to deliver. Although nearly all

knowledgeable synonym  adoption 2. Lack of knowledgeable personnel due to organization growth accompanied by high employee turnover 3. Delay in collections due to negative economic factors affecting customers; general and within specific industries. Survey Results Summary 90% of respondents indicated that DSO reduction was a goal of the organization Of all the respondents, 30% saw a decrease in DSO with SAP while 30% saw a increase. Survey results indicated an average increase in DSO of one day following an SAP go-live. No Read More
Enterprise Software Product Outsourcing: A Fresh Perspective for Mid-market Vendors
Creating outsourcing centers is a viable option for companies under pressure to develop quality products with tight time and budget restraints. Mid-market

knowledgeable synonym  development centers, impeccable service, knowledgeable, skilled and experienced man power matching or more than your expectations. Outsourcing of your product development can happen at any stage of the product development life cycle. At the very start when you are in the concept-to-market stage or when you already have some parts of your product developed, you can still outsource your product development activity entirely or in part. If you outsource all of your development activity or part of it, make Read More
From CIO to CEO?
The step from Chief Information Officer to Chief Executive Officer seems like it should be simple, but few manage to take it. Sure you’ve managed a budget

knowledgeable synonym  just to become more knowledgeable of your business, but to show that you listen as well. Expertise without the ability to listen can be valuable in support roles, which is how many people look at the typical IT manager. The result is that IT's image of expertise can be a detriment. That perception can reduce the chance of promotion outside IT. An image of listening well, which is not associated with IT, can help overcome that negative perception. The lessons? To get the president's job, be good at your Read More
Design Can Be Your Next Asset to Manage: E-mail Marketing
In an unpredictable economy, you need to refocus your marketing efforts to be more cost-effective, while achieving measurable results in even shorter time

knowledgeable synonym  so they can become knowledgeable in detecting fraudulent communications.   E-mail Marketing Techniques   Be conscientious of your use of images in HTML e-mails. Your average e-mail user often has to enable them to display for each individual e-mail. Furthermore, the more images you use in an e-mail, statistically the lower the conversion rate is going to be. While there are exceptions to this rule, a simple question to start with is will including this image really help us achieve our goals? One of the Read More
Single Source or Best of Breed - The Debate Continues
This will never be a clear-cut decision - it is all about the trade-offs.

knowledgeable synonym  that they are more knowledgeable and they have produced a richer set of functionality. The functionality from a best-of-breed vendor should be better - that is the only competitive advantage they have. While integration of best-of-breed products is a requirement for these vendors, you still need to know if the product was designed to be integrated? Do special file structures, methods and technology exist to facilitate the integration? Does the vendor offer a supported integration to your ERP system? If Read More

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