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Vox Populi: Is The Use of Polygraph Testing In Human Resources Ethical or Useful?
If you do a search on the famous phrase “You can’t handle the truth!” from the movie A Few Good Men, you will find it in a list of useless movie quotes

kris rendevski  use computerized polygraph called KRIS even in open air conditions! ” So, the next time you take your employees out for a picnic, take a polygraph with you—it’s going to be much more fun and you can find out which employees are the most motivated! There are no HR consulting companies in North America doing polygraph testing. When required, recruiters or HR professionals use the services of specialized companies (see the American Polygraph Association ). From the same Web site , we also learn that Read More...

Managing Performance, Risk, and Compliance for Better Business Results
Confronted by globalization and volatile markets, today’s companies face a challenging and often risky business climate. Explore how to ensure alignment between

kris rendevski  with identifying the proper KRIs to track your company's specific risk exposure. You should be able to continuously monitor these KRIs and evaluate the effectiveness of established thresholds.   Avoid Being Reactive All too often, business owners operate reactively - only when a risk pops up. A far better approach reduces risk events with continuous monitoring and proactive management. A tracking mechanism that lets you maintain and report risk status over time can enable a more dynamic response. Read More...
Human Resources (HR)
Human Resources encompasses all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees.  Modules will include Personnel Management, ...
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Documents related to » kris rendevski

Vertical Solutions Inc.-All About Field Service: Part Two
In a blog post last week, I talked about Vertical Solutions’ (VSI) offerings for field service management (FSM), including the company’s customer profile

kris rendevski  executive vice president (EVP) Kris Brannock. Ms. Brannock focuses on the strategy and direction of VSI’s product suite as well as establishing strategic business partnerships. For her business and community accomplishments, Ms. Brannock was nominated as one of Cincinnati’s “top forty under 40” up-and-coming business leaders, and speaks regularly at technology and business oriented events across the United States. Here are some highlights of our interview with her. TEC : What are the evident Read More...
How a Jerk at Work Can Put the Kibosh on Your ERP Software Selection Project
The old software selection “how-to” horse may not have been beaten to death yet, but it’s certainly received a few good whacks. As you already know

kris rendevski  may have experienced yourself. Kris Dunn, author of the HR Capitalist blog, cites another type of workplace jerk: the “Information Hoarder,” who aggravates the lives of coworkers by not sharing information and generally resisting collaboration. It may seem obvious to some readers how these jerks and their actions can ruin workplace morale—especially those of you who’ve had to endure them. There are the minor repercussions, such as workers who are more distracted and less motivated. But some Read More...
Vertical Solutions Inc.-All About Field Service: Part One
Field service management (FSM) is a growing enterprise software segment, and while it may not be a new software market, it is quickly increasing in value and

kris rendevski  VSI’s executive vice president Kris Brannock, including her insights into how the company fills VSI’s functionality gaps, where the product’s “sweet spots” are, the company’s growth strategy, and how technology trends such as cloud and social factor into the equation. Read More...
Book review: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the Environment: Business Imperatives. ed. Ruth
The role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in society cannot be underestimated—indeed, many think SMEs are the most important sector of a nation’s

kris rendevski   Theo de Bruijn and Kris Lulofs in their article “Driving Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Towards Environmental Management,” use surveys from The Netherlands to propose a practical framework for improving the communication among SMEs stakeholders. They argue that information is out there, but the problem is that it hasn’t been given to the right people. That’s the reason for their proposal which seeks to tailor information before it is presented to companies, since what really ignites green Read More...
Case Study: Kempe Group
Kempe, a provider of innovative engineering solutions and services for a variety of industries, was using separate systems to manage the financial and operation,Case Study: Kempe Group Success story. Read White Papers or Case Studies Associated with Business Solutions.

kris rendevski  and operational management Kempe- Kris Rendevski – Operations Director Benefits Kempe now has one centralised, integrated solution that stores information in real time. Managers can access reliable data to help them better manage operations and support business growth. Administration is now consolidated into one location enabling better financial management and effectiveness. New sites and local functionality can be added easily. As a result, it supports the organisation's expansion strategy, helping Read More...
How to Start a No-fail Project, Part 3: Planning for Success
An estimated two-thirds of IT projects aren’t completed on time or budget, while 15 percent are cancelled entirely. But your IT project doesn’t have to be a

kris rendevski  projects faill: 1 Hansen, Kris. “Estimate your application development project.” 19 June 2007. IBM. 26 May 2008 http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/library/ar-apparch8 1. Lay Down the Details Just as you would not undergo a drastic haircut without first giving the hairdresser an idea of what you are looking for, you should not begin a project without proper project definition. Often projects are rushed during the development stage, leaving certain details completely overlooked. Though the project Read More...
The Alignment-focused Organization
To close the gap between strategy, risk, and execution, companies need to build strategic alignment across all aspects of the business. Learn how your company

kris rendevski  light on changing KPIs, KRIs, and other problems, for example. The software also needs to support flexible data capture and analysis, which requires more than just a business intelligence component and a spreadsheet. Business intelligence products are useful for automating data capture and getting it into a data warehouse, but not for adding anecdotal information. And using spreadsheets to perform the frequent complex analyses and reporting required for effective strategy management is simply not Read More...

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