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JDA Portfolio: For the Retail Industry -- Part Five: Analysis of Market Impact
Given the competition for retail customers and wholesale orders is intense, retailers, including software vendors, must be able to meet consumer demand quickly,

learn about gap analysis  JDA development staff to learn how to efficiently and effectively develop products using the .NET Platform, which is still a novelty to many of them; and JDA's ability to transition its installed base onto the .Net Platform when it is available. Additionally, JDA licenses and integrates technology from many third-party providers in certain of its software products. For example, it licenses the Uniface client/server application development technology from Compuware for use in PMM, certain applications Read More...
Document Management System (DMS)
Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates importan...
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Documents related to » learn about gap analysis

Bridging the Reality Gap Between Planning and Execution Part One: The Problem
At sites where both planning and execution modules are stand-alone implementations, neither deliver enough benefit because there are almost always manual

learn about gap analysis  is no facility to learn from prior plans' inadequacy). Supply chain execution (SCE) applications need to further address the lack of real time inventory visibility and event management feedback information needed for SCP to respond to frequent supply chain changes when building and executing manufacturing and materials plans. Much has been said lately about the SCE market seeing its heydays and its SCP counterpart being one of the worst performing enterprise applications segments during this ongoing Read More...
New Vendor Acquisition Strategies in the Enterprise Applications Field
The latest acquisitions of SSA Global indicate a new phase in the vendor's acquisition strategy and development cycle, and are furthering its goal to be number

learn about gap analysis  enhancements (the ability to learn by customer group, channel, or time period, and to use multiple real-time miners on a single offer for advanced learning) the ability to use statistical models in real-time decisions multi-row customer profiles rule sets, global rules, faster rule definition User interface (UI) and reporting interface enhancements Furthermore, all planned SSA Sales , SSA Service , and SSA Marketing releases beyond the 7.0 version will deliver new or enhanced CRM capabilities, including Read More...
A One-stop Event for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Information
The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) hosts quarterly World Conferences to help organizations involved in data warehousing, business intelligence, and

learn about gap analysis  Not only can users learn about the topics being presented, but they can also meet with experts to gain additional insight into topics directed specifically to their organizations. Over fifty classes were offered during this summer's six-day conference. Topics ranged from data warehousing testing techniques to performance management benchmarking practices, in either full-day or half-day sessions. This allowed participants to learn about the latest trends, best practices, and industry insights on how to Read More...
The People Factor: Accelerating Supply Chain Transformation Through Education
This article summarizes the findings from a study of why customers failed to attain the full value potential of their SCM projects. Most SCM projects continue

learn about gap analysis  curriculum helps students to learn the material at their own pace . But deadlines should be set to ensure the overall group is making progress together. Test . But stay focused on learning, not test-taking. Have users take the test as often as they need to reach a level of competency that you deem fit. The knowledge is of value only if the user internalizes or absorbs it. Hold regularly-scheduled team meetings to clarify questions and gather feedback. Designate a subject matter expert (preferably an Read More...
About WebFirst
WebFirst enables customers to dynamically access the CustomerFirst database utilizing standard web browsers. Through a secure portal on a corporate web site

learn about gap analysis  web,database,RTI,Webfirst,information,features
Bridging the CRM Analysis Gap
On any given day, your interactions with a few strategic customers will make a huge long-term difference. But which few customers? A new type of analytic

learn about gap analysis  
The eG Approach to Root-cause Analysis
Effective correlation and accurate root-cause diagnosis have been key challenges for network and systems management solutions for many years. Indeed, these

learn about gap analysis  
The Truth About Supply Chain Visibility
That's just one of the key realities you'll learn about in the white paper achieving supply chain visibility: there is more than meets the eye.

learn about gap analysis  the key realities you'll learn about in the white paper Achieving Supply Chain Visibility: There is More than Meets the Eye . You'll also discover why supply chain visibility has to be all-inclusive to be truly effective; visibility works best when put into the hands of front-line people; portals, exchanges, and Excel spreadsheets make poor substitutes for a real visibility solution; visibility combined with effective response management is the real ticket to supply chain success. The search for Read More...
Bigfoot CMMS: CMMS – EAM Competitor Analysis Report
The EAM knowledge base is geared toward groups that need to analyze requirements for a system, which supports maintenance management tasks. Asset management

learn about gap analysis  
Dynacom ERP: ERP for SMB Competitor Analysis Report
The accounting and ERP for small and medium businesses (SMB) evaluation model targets functional requirements for a fully featured accounting solution. In

learn about gap analysis  
TARGIT Decision Suite : Business Intelligence (BI) Competitor Analysis Report
This business intelligence (BI) knowledge base covers a full range of BI functionality. BI applications enable real time, interactive access, analysis, and

learn about gap analysis  
Balancing Profitability and Risk in Banking: Overcoming Common Risk Analysis and Reporting Challenges
Banks need robust risk analysis and reporting solutions to improve reporting accuracy and efficiency, while reducing the costs and burdens of compliance. Yet

learn about gap analysis  it risk management,risk management enterprise,compliance risk,risk and compliance,compliance and risk,risk management bank,profitability analysis,risk reporting,reporting risk,best practices reporting,best practices in reporting,compliance and risks,best practice reporting,risk management best practices,best practices risk management Read More...
Server Platform Situational Analysis: IBM AS/400
Customers value IBM's AS/400's reliability, stability, and security. However, despite its impressive performance and use of independent software vendors to

learn about gap analysis  Platform Situational Analysis: IBM AS/400 Situational Analysis As outlined in The Blessing and Curse of Rejuvenating Legacy Systems , every independent software vendor (ISV) finds itself in a difficult position in terms of catering to existing and prospective customers. Existing customers seek updates in incremental and manageable sizes which will not disrupt current information technology (IT) processes. Potential customers want feature rich solutions that are rapidly implemented. For instance, Read More...
Cost Reduction of a Product through Value Analysis and Value Engineering
Value analysis and value engineering (VAVE) is a systematic process for analyzing the functions of a project, product, process, system, design, or service in

learn about gap analysis  and sustain their profitability. Learn how. Read More...
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