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TEC’s I&CM Evaluation Center (Slowly but Surely) Gaining Traction - Part II
Part I of this blog series expanded on some of TEC’s earlier articles about companies’ need for better commission and incentives calculations and best sales

learn hyperion online  for end users to learn, set up, manage and show complex calculations, business rules and data flows. Users and companies thereby gain more insight and control over incentive compensation rules, territory assignments, deal crediting, adjustments, overlays, exceptions, and so on. Final Thoughts Last but not least, in terms of “visibility,” Varicent gives business users greater visibility into plan and organizational changes with notable audit capabilities and the Varicent Mobile module (in a Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » learn hyperion online

Factors Inhibiting the Widespread Adoption of Business Performance Management
Business performance management (BPM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions are at a crossroads. Vendors from each domain compete in the same market. BPM

learn hyperion online  counterparts. BPM vendors can learn from BI's past successes to expand their presence in the marketplace. Additionally, they can leverage their key differentiators to make more inroads into expanding their customer base and to build upon their inherent advantages. Read More
The Top Five Challenges with SQL Server Reporting and BI
Users of SQL Server value its power, speed, and affordability. But research shows that these users often face significant challenges in producing the business

learn hyperion online  they don't have to learn the lessons of successful BI the hard way. Conclusion The appeal of the Microsoft business intelligence offering is clear. The various components are readily available as free bundles with the ubiquitous database and portal from Redmond, which claims purported benefits of ease of use and integration. Whereas the BI suite may suit certain early-stage business intelligence needs, most organizations will find the products to be too functionally limited for their needs. Moreover, Read More
Business Intelligence Status Report
Spurred by government mandates for more business transparency, business intelligence has emerged to extract information from ERP systems. How has BI emerged

learn hyperion online  has been able to learn from the past, manage the present, and predict the future, and makes that intelligence available to all constituencies within the organization. Even a relatively small ERP provider, Relevant Business System , has recently developed a BI software tool, the Business Wizard with Predictive Analytics , which can sift through large amounts of data from an ERP system and aid decision makers in choosing between difficult to compare alternatives in a near real-time mode. The main component Read More
Maintenance Connection Onsite/Online: CMMS – EAM Competitor Analysis Report
The EAM knowledge base is geared toward groups that need to analyze requirements for a system, which supports maintenance management tasks. Asset management

learn hyperion online   Read More
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Expands to New Markets
Microsoft has announced the expansion of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to 17 new markets. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online expanding to several Latin American

learn hyperion online  industry watch, Microsoft Dynamics, cloud CRM, Latin America, customer relationship management, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Read More
SAP Student Academy Introduces Online Training Program for University Students
SAP has announced that it now offers online training for university students. Upon completion of training programs, students may obtain SAP certifications. The

learn hyperion online  have access to various learning resources to complete the training: e-learning courses other supporting learning elements, such as simulations, demonstrations, and exercises a training server to practice their acquired knowledge in an SAP solution training environment remote, asynchronous tutor support from SAP Education an extensive e-learning subscription library According to the press release SAP is offering the e-learning content at reduced rates for university students. Read More
How to Build a Business Case for Lighthouse System’s Shopfloor-Online
Making a robust business case to convince management how a software solution can make a valuable contribution to your business isn’t easy. To build a successful

learn hyperion online   Read More
Property Developer Builds Online Sales Success
Peet Limited is Australia’s largest specialist residential land developer, managing around 70 company-owned, syndicated, and joint-venture projects. Peet has

learn hyperion online  property development CRM, CRM solution, online CRM, customer relationship management software Read More
Buying FOSS Development Labor Online
I received an e-mail notice today about Cofundos, a

learn hyperion online   Read More
Plex Online for Discrete Manufacturing ERP Certification Report (2012)
Plex Online is TEC Certified for online evaluation of discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in the ERP Evaluation Center. The

learn hyperion online  discrete ERP,discrete manufacturing,discrete manufacturing ERP,Plex Online,Plex Systems,ERP software for discrete manufacturing,discrete ERP software Read More
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

learn hyperion online   Read More
BBVA Seamlessly Monitors and Improves its Online Reputation
BBVA needed an online tool to detect possible risks to its reputation in order to increase positive feedback and customer satisfaction. IBM Cognos Consumer

learn hyperion online  BBVA, IBM Cognos, social media, social media analytics, reputation monitoring, banking, bank reputation, bank analytics, financial services, reputation, brand perception Read More
Maintenance Connection Onsite/Online for CMMS-EAM Certification Report
Maintenance Connection Onsite/Online (v. 5.0) is TEC Certified for online evaluation of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)–enterprise asset

learn hyperion online  computerized maintenance management system,asset management software,cmms,software asset management software,computerized maintenance management system software,it asset management software,fixed asset management software,best asset management software,asset liability management software,enterprise asset management software,computer asset management software,web based asset management software,cmms system,open source asset management software,cmms systems Read More
How to Use Lotus Domino to Publish Policies and Procedures Online
Does your company have a simple way to publish and maintain internal documentation? If people are using workarounds instead of reading documents on the

learn hyperion online   Read More

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