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From CIO to CEO?
The step from Chief Information Officer to Chief Executive Officer seems like it should be simple, but few manage to take it. Sure you’ve managed a budget, engaged in strategic planning, and saved the company a bundle of money. Experience like that just gets you in the game – your ace-in-the-hole is something you didn’t train for.

LEARN SAP FROM GERMANY: wasting time. Rooke has learned to ask questions when he gives directions. He can check others understanding, or lack of it, before they fetch the rock. Checking for understanding creates real value. Doing this can save hours or weeks later. How often have you seen someone start down a road only to find it s the wrong road? It can cost a person precious time, and it can cost a company time and other resources to cover the loss. The value of listening is clear: You cannot succeed in running a company if y

Linux Laptops from Dell
Dell now has begun selling two models of its laptops with Linux preinstalled.

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IA-64 Linux From Red Hat
Red Hat announces the availability of the source code for IA-64 platforms, the first of which will be Intel’s “Itanium” processor, due later this year.

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New Updates from Peoplefluent » The TEC Blog
software selection starts here. Learn more about TEC s software selection process. --> May 28 Posted on 28-05-2013 --> New Updates from Peoplefluent Filed Under ( Talent Management Matters , Industry Observation ) by Raluca Druta  ( see bio )     Talent management professionals may be interested in Peoplefluent’s announcement today revealing newly released features that support talent development, training programs, and effective employee communication. The press release underlines a deeper integrati

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Moving Your Customers From TDM to IP
As the global marketplace continues to become more competitive, enterprises are struggling with how to retain their competitive edge. While many have transferred their databases to internet protocol (IP) to replace outdated systems, some have yet to upgrade their phone systems as part their strategy. Discover how migrating to voice over IP (VoIP) as part of an overall telecommunications strategy can help your business.

LEARN SAP FROM GERMANY: Source: Level 3 Communications Learn more about Level 3 Communications Readers who downloaded this white paper also read these popular documents! Talent Management for Small and Medium-size Businesses: Steer Your Business to Handle Change by Creating the Right Road Map for Your Talent Journey How to Use Projects to Master Asset Management TEC 2013 CRM Buyer s Guide for Medium and Large Enterprises Operational Intelligence: Aligning Plant and Corporate IT Quality Management Acronym-Related White Papers:
1/11/2008 4:25:00 PM

How to Profit from Human Capital Management
Now you can find out in the HR benchmarking report human capital management: how top organizations drive company profits efficiently.

LEARN SAP FROM GERMANY: long-term company success. You ll learn how to reduce HR costs and increase HR efficiencies, and how human capital management can create value for your company even as it optimizes your processes. You ll also discover the three main HR imperatives that drive the very top-performing companies. HR success is about striking a balance between increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and driving business results. Find out how the best in the field are making it work in Human Capital Management: How Top

Optum Gets a Hand From Categoric

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The Middle Kingdom - From Wired to Wireless
Confused about RFID middleware? RFID middleware has a critical role to play in cleaving together and clarifying the signals and intelligence, bidirectionally from the device layer to the business applications, or out to the communications infrastructure, to the web or satellites. This article explains it all.

LEARN SAP FROM GERMANY: scm, supply chain management.

Bigfoot CMMS, from the User Perspective

LEARN SAP FROM GERMANY: Source: Smartware Group Inc Learn more about Smartware Group Inc Readers who downloaded this brochure also read these popular documents! Best Practices for ERP Implementation TEC 2013 Supply Chain Management Buyer’s Guide TEC 2013 CRM Buyer s Guide for Medium and Large Enterprises TEC 2013 ERP Buyer s Guide for Process Manufacturing How to Grow a Family Business with ERP Software
9/25/2013 11:55:00 AM

SSA Acquires MAX Hoping To Leap From Its MIN
In order to return from oblivion SSA continues with more decisive moves to put itself back on the global enterprise applications map. Renaming itself as SSA Global Technologies (SSA GT) was one of the moves. It has recently acquired MAX International, a move to expand its offerings into the small and medium enterprise market. Will the market witness another Baan-like resurrection of a fallen ERP vendor?

LEARN SAP FROM GERMANY: chemical industries sweet spots. Learning about new eBPCS features would be beneficial, at least for information and leverage against other vendors. We also suggest evaluating the bells-and-whistles, price, reference sites within your industry, and corporate viability of other vendors before making a selection. For companies in the small to medium size range (under $100 million in revenues) European companies should place MAX on their long list. Companies not included in this group (larger or

Just One Hop Away From San Jose
Cisco Systems, Inc. has acquired a Manufacturing Facility in New Hampshire.

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