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Improving Intercompany Reconciliation for a Faster Close: Driving Financial Excellence
Are you moving beyond the need to comply with legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), to focus instead on driving sustainability and control in your

legislation and ev  need to comply with legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and are focusing instead on driving sustainability and control into their corporate processes. Of the various initiatives supporting this shift, the fast close ' a concept used to describe a company's ability to complete its accounting cycles and close its books quickly ' is perhaps one of the best documented. Predating the compliance revolution, the fast close forms a finance transformation project that has a clear structure and well-defined Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » legislation and ev

Epicor's Mid-Market Pitch Becomes Higher For (One) Scala Part Two: How Scala Complements Epicor
The merger looks like a positive move for both companies and their customers, since Epicor obtains a foothold in some complementary geographic regions, and in

legislation and ev  of how complex the legislation requirements. iScala Business Intelligence (BI) Server , which provides a broad set of BI and analytics tools to give users access to information they need when they need it to make the right decisions quickly. Designed to make operational and management reporting easier, the product enables users to relatively quickly perform drill-down enquiries and comparative analysis to find out exactly how the business is doing and where improvements are needed. iScala Developer , Read More...
Off-loading Some Green Compliance Burdens: Can Enterprise Applications Meet the Challenge?
The European Union’s WEEE Directive requires electronics manufacturers of member states to manage and pay for electrical and electronics waste recycling. Yet

legislation and ev  a pause while the legislation evolves and the EU market matures, especially across the greater EU (let alone other, less environmentally friendly global regions). This is but a small reprieve for affected manufacturers and importers to catch their breath. They should definitely start to devise strategies on how to comply at the end of the day, since it is only a matter of (not too long a) time before the WEEE legislation resolves any kinks it may currently have. Read More...
Cloud ERP for Manufacturing: 6 Considerations
There is no shortage of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offerings nowadays, for almost any vertical manufacturing market segment. But

legislation and ev  server power. Certain compliance legislation may even require information storage and processing to be internal. Security concerns. Despite the tremendous efforts of cloud providers to minimize security concerns, this remains one of the strongest impediments to the adoption of cloud-based ERP systems. Cloud application vendors argue that the security level of SaaS is even higher than for on-premise systems—the cloud service providers’ staff is highly trained and more experienced with preparing for and Read More...
Prepackaged SAP Best Practices-Are They for You?
SAP Best Practices are a series of fixed-scope, pre-defined packages of software and services solutions designed to address the demands of midsize enterprises

legislation and ev  compliant with new traceability legislation enacted in the European Union and the United States in 2005 and supports adoption of radio-frequency identification-based (RFID) technology for tracking and tracing. Recommendations The prepackaged SAP Best Practices solutions should be of interest to midmarket companies in the targeted industries. Before you make a decision, we suggest you examine a few of the following issues: Without the packaged solution, is SAP the best product for your business? Rapid inst Read More...
Compliance Exposures in ERP Systems Part 1
This paper examines key issues for CFOs and CEOs in managing ERP systems in the new world of SOX, IFRS, Basle II. While most IT management attention seems to be

legislation and ev  as required by the legislation Advising the CEO and CFO on opportunities to cut costs, improve productivity, cut risks and really measure ERP operations Comparing the performance of the enterprise with others, particularly peers in the same industry sector, and using this information to direct improvements The final area for consideration in this white paper concerns the internal control exposures created by over-dependence on custom code -issues like documentation, training, and skill retention have a Read More...
ADP and Kronos Help Customers Adapt to the Affordable Care Act
In an effort to help organizations tackle the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), ADP has launched a Health Care Reform section on ADP.com while

legislation and ev  financials professionals with new legislation may have two benefits. The obvious one is for customers who may struggle to understand and to comply with laws of ACA's magnitude. Vendors may also benefit from this, as they can develop new functionality that responds to ACA's exigencies, in collaboration with their clients. This is a learning process for both parties. Read More...
Sarbanes-Oxley and MAS 90
The Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002 (also known as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 0f 2002) was passed by US lawmakers to reinforce

legislation and ev  As with any far-reaching legislation of this magnitude, there is plenty of hype that has emerged in connection with this law. This document is designed to help large and small companies navigate some of the “hype” that sometimes blurs the line between fact and fiction. Read More...
What Is SPAM And How To Stop It
From a user perspective there is no user-friendly SPAM blocking solution.

legislation and ev  4 pending pieces of legislation addressing SPAM. Most involve monetary fines, which are virtually impossible to address, as the vast majority of SPAM is forged. E-mail forgery masks the true address of the sender, making tracking virtually impossible and in turn, making the law unenforceable. This leaves the responsibility of stopping SPAM squarely on the shoulders of end-users, ISPs and Corporate Administrators. A Users' Guide to Stopping SPAM The single most important thing an end-user can do to avoid Read More...
Cloud Assets: A Guide for SMBs-Part 2
The advent of cloud computing has brought with it many considerations and challenges for organizations looking to implement cloud services, which may be

legislation and ev  your local data privacy legislation, which falls under your legal obligations. Clauses to that effect should be included in the contract. The appropriate penalties to be incurred for failing to comply with these expectations also need to be included in the SLA, as such failure can have a significant direct impact on your business. When it comes to SLAs, I recommend that you contact other customers for an appraisal of the vendor’s performance. It might help you identify some of the vendor’s weaknesses Read More...
How Green Is Your Technology Landscape?
Introducing “Green” to ProjectsThere is a growing trend in IT organizations to reduce the environmental footprints that are typically generated from large

legislation and ev  environmental concerns have grown, legislation such as the Basel Convention is being enacted globally to ensure that as much as 70 percent of PC components are recyclable. How Do Green Practices Relate to IT Project Management? In most IT projects’ charters, there is no area that deals specifically with environmental concerns. However, this does not mean that the astute and business-savvy project manager shouldn’t consider introducing the following green initiatives: 1. When upgrading infrastructure, Read More...
Congress Acknowledges Outdated Banking Laws
Following a previous TEC News Analysis on the security of financial transactions, Congress and the White House have agreed to put into place new legislation for

legislation and ev  yet disclosed. The new legislation hopes to replace banking laws written during the Depression era, with up-to-date Year 2000 era banking laws Currently, FDIC policy only encourages banks to perform information security audits. If a bank does decide to do an information security audit, the independent security auditor is hired by the bank which can create a conflict of interest. As well, today's banks are not qualified to decide which Information Technology consultants perform quality audits. Just Read More...
How Software Development Tools Can Improve Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets have boosted the productivity of the financial reporting supply chain for nearly two decades. But in the current age of compliance and legislation,

legislation and ev  age of compliance and legislation, it’s necessary to create controls around the sharing of information—and so spreadsheets can be a liability. How can you control formal, important documents while allowing them to be easily changed and shared? Treat spreadsheets as a software product. Find out how. Read More...
Anti-Spam Software: An Effective Way to Fight Spam.
Spam is unsolicited junk mail sent to you or your mail server. People who indulge in such activities are called spammers. These are sent by commercial

legislation and ev  laws | anti spam legislation | anti spam list | anti spam products | anti spam program | anti spam programs | anti spam regulations | anti spam removal | anti spam review | anti spam reviews | anti spam security | anti spam server | anti spam server software | anti spam service | anti spam software | anti spam software for | anti spam software for exchange | anti spam software review | anti spam software reviews | anti spam solution | anti spam solutions | anti spam technology | anti spam tool | anti spam Read More...
Aras and Minerva Win Another PLM Deal
Aras, the leading enterprise-class open source product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution provider, recently announced that ABB Epyon, a provider of

legislation and ev  and Minerva Win Another PLM Deal Aras , the leading enterprise-class open source product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution provider, recently announced that ABB Epyon , a provider of Internet-based charging infrastructure for all electronic vehicle (EV) charging standards, has selected Aras Innovator and the Electronic PLM solution from Minerva . ABB Epyon offers a total solution that includes broad charger portfolio supporting all charging standards, specific solutions for all location Read More...

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