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Understanding the PCI Data Security Standard
The payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) defines a comprehensive set of requirements to enhance and enforce payment account data security in a

list 5 major security concerns  the council maintains a list of validated payment applications that comply with PA-DSS. At this writing, 184 vendors and 358 payment applications appear on this list including credit management, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and public-sector—specific applications. The PCI Security Standards Council has also created a formal infrastructure around this program where Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) can establish their competence and become credentialed to assess payment applications for security Read More
Information Security Selection
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Documents related to » list 5 major security concerns

Made2Manage Systems, Inc.: M2M From A2Z For SMEs?
Made2Manage, grasping the requirements of its SME target market, has been completing its evolution from a vendor of traditional MRP software to a provider of

list 5 major security concerns  Made2Manage in the long list of vendors considered for an enterprise application selection by the lower-end of mid-market companies. These companies generally have a limited IT budget, a conservative IT strategy, and less complex discrete job shop manufacturing, CRM and B2B e-commerce collaboration requirements. The industries that would most likely benefit from using its products are electronics, instrumentation, machinery, fabricated products, and transportation equipment. Multi-national, fast growing, Read More
TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of August 27, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONSMid-sized refractory products manufacturer selects EnterpriseIQ ERP from IQMSIndustry tags: manufacturing

list 5 major security concerns  Medicine to the expansive list of customers using its products. — Ted Rohm, TEC Analyst PRODUCT LAUNCHES & DEVELOPMENTS Rackspace releases Rackspace Private Cloud Industry tags: cloud computing, cross-industry Rackspace is releasing a new product, Rackspace Private Cloud Software , enabling users to deploy private cloud environments. Powered by OpenStack, users will have another option for deploying multi-node private cloud environments. According to Rackspace, the product combines the capabilities Read More
5 Keys to Automated Data Interchange
The number of mid-market manufacturers and other businesses using electronic data interchange (EDI) is expanding—and with it, the need to integrate EDI data

list 5 major security concerns  top of the priority list if there are any problems? Are you going to get access to the best resources the vendor has available? Select a data integration vendor that focuses on small and mid-market companies and you are much more likely to get the kind of service that will mean the difference between success and failure for you. Q3 Will you have access to professional services? Even if you have in-house resources, or if you have hired consultants to do most of the EDI integration work, it's still Read More
Flexibility, Ease of Use Top Priorities for Companies Seeking Financials Software
In order to better understand the current state of the accounting and financial software market and determine the major trends and issues organizations are

list 5 major security concerns  the bottom of the list of concerns: only 4 percent of respondents consider the excessive cost of cloud applications over the long term to be an issue. Fig.4 Major obstacles in cloud accounting and financial software adoption. Finally, we asked readers about their general criteria for evaluating accounting and financial software, and what the most important factor is from their point of view (see Fig.5). Fig.5 Accounting and financial system’s importance criteria. What we found from respondents’ Read More
Network Security Management
In the converging network and security infrastructure, relating what is reported from security products to what is observed on the network is critical. Q1 Labs’

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HIPAA-Watch for Security Speeds Up Compliance Part One: Vendor and Product Information
HIPAA-Watch for Security is a tool designed to guide organizations through the risk analysis required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

list 5 major security concerns  an up to date list of all vendors and support personnel who are authorized to enter your building or facility? Access to system log data is restricted to approved personnel? When you are setting up the survey questions, it is possible to reference the actual HIPAA control standards with the individual sections cited by their Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) number, depicted in figure 3. Figure 3. US HIPAA Code is referenced in control standards. Question sets can be prepared for the first time, or Read More
End-to-end Encryption Security Requirements
The Secure POS Vendors Alliance (SPVA) commissioned the End-to-end Security workgroup to provide clear guidelines on the application of encryption technology to

list 5 major security concerns   Read More
Network Security Best Practices: Competitive Analysis
When it comes to security architecture, choosing a system that’s scalable and applicable to a broad set of security needs is a wise move. New security services

list 5 major security concerns  Solutions , Network Security Specialist . Introduction The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide background about the present state of key distribution technologies and in particular: Recent RFCs from the IETF MSec Working Group (RFCs); in particular RFC 3547, Group Domain of Interpretation (GDOI) and RFC 4335, Group Secure Association Group Management (GSAKMP) ; Cisco’s Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) , with the additional requirement of Multipoint GRE (mGRE) and Next Hop Read More
Data Security Is Less Expensive than Your Next Liability Lawsuit: Best Practices in Application Data Security
Insecure data. Heavy fines due to non-compliance. Loss of customers and reputation. It adds up to a nightmare scenario that businesses want to avoid at all

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Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft Create New PC Security Alliance
Five key vendors, Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft have allied together to develop a new hardware and software specification for personal computer security

list 5 major security concerns  well-known Bugtraq security mailing list says, The alliance is a good idea and has potential. There is a great need to build security features into the basic structure of the computer and the operating system. Only when these features become universal will application writers start making use of them benefiting the end user. Although it is still too early to tell what the exact deliverables are that the alliance hopes to produce, it is encouraging to see these important companies at least attempting to Read More
Spire Security
Founded in 2008, Spire Security is an analyst firm that provides research and analysis in the information security field. A specialty of Spire is enterprise

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5 DNS Security Risks That Keep You Up At Night (And How To Get Back To Sleep)
DDoS, cache poisoning, footprinting, oh my! Who knew that there were so many ways to threaten the security of your DNS? Read this white paper to find out all of

list 5 major security concerns  DDoS, cache poisoning, footprinting, DNS security, DDoS attack, distributed denial-of-service, network attack, IT attack, Dyn, managed DNS, Dyn white paper Read More
Index Data Security in Microsoft Windows Environments
X1 Enterprise Edition lets users search enterprise data with desktop, mobile, or browser clients. Thus, when integrating X1 Enterprise Edition security with an

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