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Is There a Smarter Way to Handle Excess Active and Obsolete Inventory?
Imagine the convenience of a 24x7 intranet marketplace where companies could sell off their inventory to the highest bidder. FreeFlow is one such business

list broker  on a liquidation sale list for FreeFlow. Material Valuation —Once FreeFlow receives the listing, a market analysis is conducted to determine a rough estimate of the remarketing opportunity for the particular lot of product. FreeFlow then initiates a PO in an amount of 10 percent (or other pre-negotiated ratio) of the estimated value and the inventory is sold and shipped to FreeFlow. The inventory is off the user company's books and out of the warehouse in a matter of days from the time it was returned. Read More

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting all data from every interaction, every customer makes with a company from all access points whether they a...
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Mercator Software Extends EAI Solutions for Insurance with XML
Mercator Software (which is changing its name from TSI International Software to reflect the name of its flagship product) has announced support within its

list broker  Software) on a short list of vendors. Since EAI solutions require such a high level of customization (and related consulting fees), any vendor efforts to reduce this time and expense and supply a proven vertical solution should be closely investigated. Customers should exercise caution when considering a new product release, and if vendor consulting assistance is being considered, should investigate the possibility of a fixed-price contract. Read More
IBM Moves into Enterprise Application Integration
International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM) has announced a new release of MQSeries Integrator that should help businesses integrate their applications and

list broker  2 on a short list of candidates. However, if UNIX platform support is required, they should delay the decision until the product comes into general availability. Support for the product on Windows NT is available now. Reference sites using the product in production should be contacted before any decision is made. Read More
Mercator Continues to Suffer Turmoil - Can They Stay on the Map?
What’s new at EAI vendor Mercator Software? TEC updates a report from August 2000. Mercator Software has found themselves on a long and rocky road, where the

list broker  Mercator on a long list of vendors to be considered. However, it would be wise to keep an eye on where their stock evaluation goes in the near to mid-term, since their capitalization will effect how they can fund research and development efforts going forward. Also, as mentioned above, their currently insufficient market capitalization can make Mercator subject to a buy-out by another software firm (which Mercator vows to resist), which could put their product development plans in turmoil. Editor's Note: Read More
Single Version of the Truth
Today's enterprise is no longer a single, vertically integrated organization. Globalization, outsourcing, and off-shoring have created an environment where end

list broker  is not an inclusive list but highlights the complexity of data that needs to be shared across the supply chain.) Supply Chain Process Type of Information Shared Information Contributors and Information Users Product design and request for information (RFI) exchange Product designs and computer-aided design (CAD) files Project plans (e.g. for construction projects with many players) Brand owner Retailer Suppliers Installers Design and marketing personnel Sourcing stage Planning data (forecasts and demand) Read More
Acumatica Unleashing Its Cloud ERP Potential
Acumatica held its Partner Summit recently, and TEC used the occasion to check in with this growing cloud-based ERP vendor. The list of cloud ERP vendors is

list broker  cloud-based ERP vendor. The list of cloud ERP vendors is growing, and Acumatica is staking its ambitious claim with a rapidly growing channel, a continuing stream of product development, and a strong focus on marketing and execution for the coming year. 2013 has been quite a year for Acumatica, with a headquarters move to the Seattle area (December 2012), 50 new channel partners, and projected revenue growth of 300% for 2013 (to provide some context, Acumatica is about 5 years old and currently has 90 Read More
Fortune Smiles on i2 Technologies
Texas-based i2 Technologies recently ranked 44th on FORTUNE magazine's list of the top 100 software vendors.

list broker  44th on FORTUNE magazine's list of the top 100 software vendors. Companies were judged according to a combination of earnings-per-share, revenue growth and total return. i2 credits their success to the customer growth made possible by their Intelligent eBusiness solutions. Market Impact i2 Technologies' success comes at a time when other supply chain management (SCM) vendors are struggling with declining sales and negative earnings. With a 48% average revenue growth over the last five years, i2 seems Read More
Top 10 Excuses For Not Securing Your Website or Network
With so many sites lacking security, we have put together a list of the leading reasons why businesses and organizations are unable to secure their network. Don

list broker  web security,network security,website security,web security systems,reason for web security,computer security,web application security,firewall,security implementation Read More
Encryption Made Easy: The Advantages of Identity-based Encryption
The growing list of regulations for protecting data in virtually every size organization and industry means enterprises are being pressed hard to find effective

list broker  Identity-based Encryption The growing list of regulations for protecting data in virtually every size organization and industry means enterprises are being pressed hard to find effective, affordable, encryption technologies. Identity-based encryption has a greater advantage over traditional approaches to public key cryptography. It ensures the security of encrypted e-mails while minimizing the burden on end users. Read More
Advertising Online - A Guide to Successful Market Penetration Part Two: Search Engine Strategies
Everything stems from your keywords since it is these words that will let you be visible to the billions of online searchers.

list broker  may not want to list the single keyword ECRM . You would receive a high amount of clickthroughs, but from traffic that may not be interested in purchasing, or from users that you would not logistically be able to supply. This is a waste of advertising dollars. If you were to list keyword phrases such as ECRM in the US or improve ECRM for US business you would receive more targeted traffic, given that the user typing in this keyword is probably looking for information on ECRM in the US. Since Read More
Build versus Buy - A Long Term Decision
With the software industry offering greater options and depth of function , we do not hear the idea of a company building their own software very often, but the

list broker  software always includes a list of functions that are not available in the packaged options. As discussed above, are these functions creating competitive advantage? Although it is seldom done, a list of the functions that the package options do provide and are required by the business should also be compiled. Examples of items on this list include integration to other systems (order management to accounts receivable, inventory, sales analysis, etc.) at the master file and transaction levels, basic Read More
PMG.net Inc.
PMG has successfully deployed Portal and Compliance solutions in a broad range of industries and company sizes. Our current client list pulls from the

list broker  sizes. Our current client list pulls from the following industries: Computer Hardware, Construction, Consumer Products, Government, Natural Products, Professional Services, Restaurants, Software, Telecom, and Travel. The annual revenue of these clients ranges from $300,000 to over $20 billion. Read More
CrownPeak Technology is a privately-held, Los Angeles, California-based (US) provider of web content manager and site search software as an on-demand service

list broker  Award, is on ASP.com's list of Top 20 ASPs Worldwide, and is a 2003 and 2004 SIIA Code Award finalist as Best Content Management Solution. Read More
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