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A SaaS Start-up Cautionary Tale: The Makana Experience (Or: How You Can Create a Great Product and Still Hit the Wall)
Great products and a growing customer base are not enough to succeed in the SaaS ICM marketplace. Find out why Makana, a startup SaaS vendor, found it difficult

liz cobb  what that’s worth. Ex-CEO Liz Cobb (who was also the founder and president of Makana Solutions), had founded two companies in the field already: the ViComp Management compensation consultancy in 1991; and Incentive Systems in 1997. Incentive Systems is now Centive (see On-demand Delivery Compels a Compensation Management Vendor ). Funny old world, isn’t it? It gets better: Makana’s direct competitor Xactly Corporation acquired Centive in January 2009—the open secret being that Xactly bought Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » liz cobb

Vendor Profile: PTC's Offering for Retail, Footwear, and Apparel
This IDC Vendor Profile focuses on PTC’s FlexPLM product for the retail, footwear, and apparel (RFA) industry—a product that leverages the product lifecycle

liz cobb  companies such as Nike, Liz Claiborne, and Nordstrom for continuing product development. Read More...
GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce for More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part Three: Market Impact
There is renewed interest to provide GXS' trading services from other surviving Internet exchange providers to leverage GXS' huge expertise and investment in a

liz cobb  include J.C. Penney , Liz Claiborne , Tweeter , Woolworth's , Eastman Kodak , FedEx , and DaimlerChrysler . For these aforementioned reasons, many ill-fated Internet upstarts will have had a rude awakening when they realize that B2B e-commerce is very complex and requires an enormous labor investment. The building of a trading community is a difficult and time-consuming process hung up on organizational, behavioral, and technical issues. The trouble with many now defunct exchanges lay in their aggressive Read More...
LiquidPlanner 4.3 Adds Checklists and Improved Social Collaboration
LiquidPlanner, a provider of project and portfolio management solutions, continues to improve on the LiquidPlanner offering. The company announced the addition

liz cobb  According to LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce, “Checklists are the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for project teams.” These checklists are a great feature that can be used by any project member, but are extremely useful to project managers. For example, instead of trying to decide whether to add five more non-project tasks to your schedule, or file in a task note field, a project manager can create and assign a checklist to a task in the plan and assign it to the appropriate team member. The other change Read More...
Confronting International Regulatory Compliance: Web-based GTM Solution
TradeBeam offers a hosted GTM solution. Its ongoing acquisitions will eventually create an end-to-end solution linking physical and financial supply chains

liz cobb  as Neiman Marcus , Liz Claiborne , General Motors Holden , Delphi Automotive Solutions , and Stryker Instruments . In an effort to expand its product footprint, TradeBeam announced the acquisition of Open Harbor, a leading provider of international trade logistics (ITL) solutions. The terms of the 2004 deal were not disclosed. Part Two of the TradeBeam Keeps on Rounding Out Its GTM Set series. With a forecast for positive cash flow in 2005 and no current debt, TradeBeam has the funds to expand sales, Read More...
Inovis Delves into PIM by Snatching QRS Part Three: QRS Background
As Inovis and QRS now review the prospects for their combined business, they might acknowledge expecting continued decline in the existing EDI-VAN component of

liz cobb  (USD). The current CEO, Liz Fetter, has since turned the company, in a great part by divesting the products outside the company's core competency, and by increasing efficiency. As for its genesis, QRS was founded in 1988 and it went public in 1995, with currently over 470 employees and $123.3 million (USD) revenues in 2003. Its historical focus has been on providing products and services to the GMA segment of the retail industry, which remains QRS' largest and most important segment within this industry. Read More...
Lifting a Veil of Mystery Off Jesta I.S.
Even after nearly 15 years as an enterprise analyst, I still find myself coming across a vendor that has been around for more than 40 years but one that I am

liz cobb  Apparel Group, Inc. , Liz Claiborne Inc. , Guess , and many more. Jesta’s History Perhaps the reason for Jesta’s lower brand recognition, in addition to its relatively smaller size, is due to having been acquired twice over the last decade and a half. The company was founded in 1968 as Richter Systems . Richter was then acquired by a private equity firm, General Atlantic Partners ( GAP ), in 1996 and rebranded as Essentus . In 2003, Essentus was purchased by a diversified holding company, the Jesta Read More...
What Does Having a Paperless Office Really Mean?
Establishing a paperless office may appear to be a daunting task, but if you understand your operational goals, and if you know what to expect from a paperless

liz cobb  Does Having a Paperless Office Really Mean? What Does Having a Paperless Office Really Mean? N'Gai Cobb - November 14, 2007 Like anything else, making the change from a paper-oriented office environment to a paperless office has both advantages and disadvantages (please see the first part of this series So, You're Considering a Paperless Office? ). However, if armed with a thorough understanding of its operations and a solid implementation plan, an organization can make the switch to a paperless Read More...
iCIMS is a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business platforms for the mid-market. As an Inc. 500 honoree and 2009 Software Satisfaction

liz cobb  Airlines, eHarmony, eSurance, Hershey's, Liz Claiborne, and Whole Foods, iCIMS' premier Talent Platform allows organizations to control their entire talent lifecycle through a single platform. Candidate management features include: Applicant Tracking, Reporting, Form Automation, Hourly & Salary Hiring, Multi-Lingual Online Career Centers, Screening, Searching, Sourcing, CRM, Compliance, Onboarding, and more. Employee management features include: Employee Data Management, Internal Job Transfers, Employee Read More...
So, You’re Considering a Paperless Office?
The concept of the paperless office has been around for many years, but only recently has this concept been turned into reality. This article analyzes the

liz cobb  outside the office and realized that you forgot an important file? Sure, you can have the information faxed to you, but is that really an optimal solution? In most cases, the answer is no. To determine if the paperless office is right for your organization, you need to understand the benefits and the risks. The Disadvantages of a Paperless Office We have all heard of the paperless office, so why hasn't it caught on? Well, there are several reasons for businesses to not adopt it so quickly: The technology Read More...
Why and How Outsourcing Management and Governance is Critical to Outsourcing Success
Organizations undertaking information technology and business process outsourcing typically are very focused on

liz cobb  opportunities discussed, please contact Liz Campbell, Mike Beals or Stan Lepeak. Liz Campbell, Managing Director, Outsourcing Management, liz.campbell@equaterra.com ; 312 953 4891 Mike Beals, Managing Director, Outsourcing Management Technologies, mike.beals@equaterra.com ; 404 915 4022 Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Research, stan.lepeak@equaterra.com ; 203 458 0677 For additional information on EquaTerra, please contact Lee Ann Moore at leeann.moore@equaterra.com or 713 669 9292. by Stan Lepeak, Read More...
Book review: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the Environment: Business Imperatives. ed. Ruth Hillary, Greenleaf Publications. February 2000
The role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in society cannot be underestimated—indeed, many think SMEs are the most important sector of a nation’s

liz cobb  action is introduced by Liz Walley in her article “The Environmental Champion: Making a Start.” The author introduces the concept of an environmental champion as a driver for the implementation of green strategies. The article seeks to orchestrate a specific framework with a high degree of potential success, which involves starting small, working with the context, networking, having a sense of audience, greenjacking, sustaining the emerging culture, and most of all, creating an environmental Read More...
Not Just Words: Enforce Your E-mail and Web Acceptable Usage Policies
Unmanaged employee use of e-mail and the Web can subject your organization to costly risks including litigation, regulatory investigations, and public

liz cobb  New York, AMACOM, 2008. Liz Chong, Two More Morgan Stanley Staff Quit Over Leaked E-Mail, TimesOnline (October 14, 2006), http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industrysectors/bankingandfinancial/articl . Liz Chong, Two More Morgan Stanley Staff Quit Over Leaked E-Mail, TimesOnline (October 14, 2006), http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industrysectors/bankingandfinancial/articl . See also Sundeep Tucker, 'Morgan Star Quits After E-Mail Blast, The Australian News (October 5, Read More...

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