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6 Steps for Linking Corporate Strategy to the Budget
Ask any three people in an organization why they budget and you’ll get three different answers. But no one says they budget in order to direct the way in which

logiq book  strategy. Measures can be logical (e.g., yes or no) or value based (e.g., a number, a percentage, a monetary value). When setting up these measures (Figure 9), the system user must tell the program how a measure is to be formatted (e.g., percent), the desired direction (e.g., increasing sales), and how results are to be accumulated over time and department (e.g., summed). Multiple targets can be set for each measure. For example, the organization can define expected and best case measures for a Read More
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
A warehouse management system (WMS) should provide database and user-level tools in order for a company to optimize its storage facilities while at the same time providing user level task direction...
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Documents related to » logiq book

Version 12 of Maximizer CRM
Maximizer Software has launched a new version of its customer relationship management (CRM) solution, now offering various deployment options: on premises

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My PLM Video Playlist on YouTube
A little heads-up: We’re going to start having videos on TEC’s Web site. We'll produce videos in the future but the first step we’ll start with is a library of

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3 Ways You Will Overpay for Your Mobile Workforce Management Solution and 3 Strategies to Avoid It
The benefits of mobile workforce management solutions are well documented. So are the costs and risks. The goal of this e-book is to help service organizations

logiq book  mobile workforce,mobile workforce management,mobile device management,MDM,mobile workforce management strategy,field service strategy,ViryaNet,mobile workforce management solution,mobile workforce management solution benefits,mobile workforce management solution risks,mobile workforce management solution deployment,mobile workforce management solution risk drivers Read More
Data Mining: The Brains Behind eCRM
Data mining has emerged from obscure beginnings in artificial intelligence to become a viable and increasingly popular tool for putting data to work. Data

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ADP and Kronos Help Customers Adapt to the Affordable Care Act
In an effort to help organizations tackle the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), ADP has launched a Health Care Reform section on ADP.com while

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Let Your Hard Drives Tell You Where they Are!
Dogs, books, dolphins, and khakis are all being tracked. What about those hard drives at Los Alamos?

logiq book  purportedly secure and sophisticated technological labs could misplace some hard drives containing nuclear secrets. Given the fact that we are humans, let's say that we decide to lower our expectations of security enough to expect the fact that such mishaps are bound to occur. How do we recover and ensure that these sorts of errors will not lead to devastating results? Market Impact It's year 2000, and folks cannot get out of their public libraries if they haven't checked a book or video out through Read More
Trends Affecting Manufacturers and ERP Part Three: Four More Trends
The evolution of ERP systems has been driven by the emergence of new business practices and information technologies. These have been supported by the growing

logiq book  ERP systems employ MRP logic as the primary engine for coordinating supply chain activities. Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) logic represents a major change from traditional MRP logic for scheduling purposes. To explain the differences, it helps to understand the starting points of MRP logic and APS logic. MRP logic uses backward infinite scheduling to explode demands for make items through the bills and generate production schedules. It assumes infinite resource capacity and no material Read More
PeopleSoft's CEO Steps Down
On September 21, PeopleSoft founder David Duffield stepped down as chief executive of the struggling business software maker. The 12-year-old company announced

logiq book  david duffield,peoplesoft,peoplesoft application designer,peoplesoft eperformance,peoplesoft epm,peoplesoft erp,peoplesoft erp software,peoplesoft erp system,peoplesoft hrms,peoplesoft integration broker,peoplesoft products,peoplesoft project plan,peoplesoft security,peoplesoft software,what is peoplesoft erp Read More
The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) Conference in San Diego: The Agile Approach to Business Intelligence (BI)
Next month a TDWI World Conference will be taking place in San Diego, California. What’s so special about this conference anyway? The answer is simple:  the

logiq book  that is based on logical waterfalls and divided in micro tasks. The agile development software methodology tries to address the software development process in an iterative manner and find new methods to improve existing ones such as •    speeding up the development process and enable continuous delivery of totally functional products by enabling an iterative development process; •    enabling continuous follow-up on quality during the development process. •    closing the communication Read More
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Axapta: A Book ExcerptPart One: Sales and Operations Planning
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Axapta provides an overall understanding of how the system fits together to run a manufacturing or distribution

logiq book  S&OP game plan. The logic underlying planning calculations and demand-pull philosophies is built on chasing demands. Independent demands typically consist of sales orders or forecasts or a combination of both. Since the nature of an item's S&OP game plan depends on the environment, several common scenarios are used to illustrate considerations about demand and how to formulate a game plan. The scenarios included here represent several types of distribution and manufacturing environments. An effective Read More
Sales and Operations Planning Part Two: Common Scenarios
The nature of an S&OP game plan depends on several factors, such as the need to anticipate demand and the item's primary source of supply. Consideration of

logiq book  based on available-to-promise (ATP) logic consider inventory and scheduled receipts, whereas capable-to-promise (CTP) logic considers the item's lead-time for out-of-stock conditions. Scenario #2: S&OP for a Make-to-Stock Manufactured Product The S&OP approach for a make-to-stock manufactured product is almost exactly the same as a distribution item, since it requires inventory to anticipate actual demand. As shown in Figure 4.2, demands consist of sales orders and sales forecasts by location. Sales order Read More
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
This is a reprint of the summary chapter from the book Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision by Dr. Scott Hamilton.

logiq book  through the subset. Filtering logic includes equal to, different from, greater than, less than, intervals, and wild cards. Drill-Down Analysis . The system supports several drill-down approaches, such as drill-down to the source transactions and drill-down to the details comprising a summarized value. Design Factors Related to Customization Capabilities Customizations range from the simple to the complex. Complex customizations typically entail significant changes to system functionality and logic. Simple Read More
SAP HANA Going “Moneyball”
After recently acquiring a sports ticketing and entertainment software solution, SAP has announced the launch of the SAP Scouting solution, an enterprise

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Case Study: United Southern Industries
United Southern company sought an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would facilitate its new, open-book management philosophy. Automation

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