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Way To Go, Ross Systems!
Although Ross Systems today is merely a shadow of a once solid profitable vendor, its embattled management deserves accolades for tenacity and pulling off a

long term debt to equity  2. Although Ross has long scored top marks on functionality and service within its three target mid-market process industry markets - continuous, batch and mixed mode - abreast of or even ahead of SCT Corporation , SAP , Oracle , Baan/Marcam , J.D. Edwards , Intentia , Aspen Technology , SSA GT , Geac/JBA, Ramco Systems , etc., it has concurrently suffered from poor financial performance, which has in turn cast a shadow on its product enhancements capability. Ross' iRenaissance suite covers an entire Read More

ERP for the Oil and Gas Industry (Upstream)
The model of ERP systems for the upstream oil and gas sector addresses the particularly specialized business model of this industry. It is common practice for companies, individuals, and government...
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Documents related to » long term debt to equity

Consona’s CEO Clearing the Air (about Compiere) - Part 1
In early June Consona Corporation’s analyst relationship (AR) contact forewarned me about the company’s upcoming acquisition of a “leading open-source and

long term debt to equity  acquired products in the long term. But this is where the similarity ends, starting with these vendors’ different sizes. Infor is at least 15 times larger in estimated revenues, which translates to being much more leveraged (and under much more pressure to pay back the debt). Moreover, Consona is not active in the best-of-breed  supply chain management (SCM)  space, despite Battery Ventures also owning HighJump Software . Neither is Consona in active pursuit of the public sector, enterprise asset Read More
Baan Sinks Deeper into Red Quicksand
On May 3, analysts suggested that Dutch business applications maker Baan faces a takeover bid or a break-up, after the latest tumble in the troubled firm's

long term debt to equity  status quo in the long term. It has all but stopped selling its products due to customers' depleted confidence in the company's future. The irony of life is that this dry season comes at the time when Baan's product and service & support capabilities have reached their desired maturity level. We also believe that Baan should expedite a sell off or spin off of each of its remaining acquired businesses, particularly Aurum, in order to regain more financial stability and sharpen the company focus. We do not Read More
Times are Tough - RIR Might Leave More Cash on Your Balance Sheet
For residents and tourists of Paris (France), using RER or Paris Metro is certainly a way to save on commuting costs (and parking frustrations) compared to

long term debt to equity  recent series on shortening long tails of supply chains , where ToolsGroup was also the protagonist. The idea behind RIR is to promptly reduce a ToolsGroup customer's working capital needs and thus ease the impact of the credit crunch. In this era of tight credit and higher cost of capital, cash is king. According to the United States (US) Federal Reserve's most recent quarterly survey of senior bank loan officers, 58 percent say that they have tightened lending standards to large and medium-sized Read More
The Renewed Finance Function: Extending Performance Management Beyond Finance
The role of the finance team has changed recently, due to increased oversight from regulators, more active investors, and company-specific changes in business

long term debt to equity  devel- oped over the long term. (See Figure 6.) Says Cathy Cranston of the Bank of Montreal, I think the onus is on the finance group to earn the right to be at the table. You do that by being good by bringing useful, actionable information to the table, by being a devil's advocate, by bringing information forward that sometimes people simply don't want to hear. She says finance executives should work to become trusted advisors, and in some cases, finance people have earned that position. They've Read More
Using ERP to Deliver E-commerce for Engineer-to-order Companies
Engineer-to-order (ETO) companies can use e-commerce strategies in order to improve customer service, reduce waste, and increase profits through a lean approach

long term debt to equity  collaborative e-commerce is no longer wasting time posting the current revision of a document to make it available for viewing and revision under very strict control parameters. You encounter less difficulty and a lot less waste if you know you are looking at the current version of a document. Consider for a moment the complexity of a situation where you have two or three or more engineers collaborating on a design, working on different assemblies or different phases of a capital project. Lacking an Read More
SAP Invited to White House to Showcase Consumer Innovation in Advancing Public Safety
The White House invited SAP to demonstrate the capabilities of Recall Plus, a product designed to

long term debt to equity   Read More
Do You Want Your App to Talk Back to You (as a Chatterbox)? - Part 3
In Part 1 of this blog series I admitted to being a late adopter of a sort, in part for not immediately jumping onto the social media bandwagon. In particular

long term debt to equity  missed opportunities within my long tenure at TEC , I could see how Chatter can be addictive and help promote internal collaboration. For example, say I put a status: I will be presenting to this client/prospect, has anyone done something similar in the past, and are there any slides and templates to use, etc.? It wouldn't really work if I just blasted an e-mail to almost everyone in TEC, and then some of my colleagues would keep responding, with some huge attachments (whereby e-mails just get bounced Read More
The Prescription to Buying an EMR Solution to Improve Patient Care and Staff Productivity
Purchasing an electronic medical record (EMR) system is a daunting task, as there are many software vendors who cater to this niche industry. That’s why it’s

long term debt to equity   Read More
How to Reshape Your Supply Chain Network (and Why You Need to Do It Now)
The landscape of the supply chain has changed drastically over the past five years. It went from local to global in manufacturing, procurement, sourcing

long term debt to equity  interface, it will take longer to process a transaction because more time is spent understanding the application than actually processing a transaction. Organizations with an integrated supply chain reap the benefits of faster development cycles for a product and handle changes in the market place without creating a fiasco for the parties involved. With the help of an e-commerce enabled supply chain, companies are able to expand their business into emerging and existing markets and can streamline their Read More
Lynx to Donate Advanced Messaging to Linux Open-Source Community
Through the release of Lynx’s Messenger Technology code to the ‘Open-Source’ community they hope to gain a strong foothold in Linux messaging as the operating

long term debt to equity  dedicated linux server,ipam software,dns appliance,blue cat networks,ip address management tool,dhcp appliance,ip address management,ipam winconnect,ipam tool,dns appliances,proteus ipam,network ip management,blue cat network,ipam solution,ip address management software Read More
6 Reasons to Switch to Cloud-based Expense Management
Many businesses have begun to realize the extent of the benefits offered to them by automated expense management. These programs—which allow expense information

long term debt to equity  T&E, travel and expense management, T&E solution, T&E management, cloud-based expense management, on-demand analytics, T&E policy Read More
Do You Want Your App to Talk Back to You (as a Chatterbox)? - Part 2
In Part 1 of this blog series I admitted to being a late adopter of a sort, in part for not immediately jumping onto the social media bandwagon. In particular

long term debt to equity  delivery -- are no longer enough in this day and age. “Cloud 2” complements these traits with real-time collaboration and new devices that handle social data, social documents, social applications, and social platforms. In his guest blog post on TechCrunch , entitled  “Hello iPad, Hello Cloud 2,”  Benioff states the following: “…The future of our industry now looks totally different than the past. It looks like a sheet of paper, and it’s called the iPad. It’s not about typing or Read More
Accelerating Lead to Cash to Rekindle Profitable Growth New Economic Order Drives Need for Discipline and Integration
Solutions are now available to integrate the lead-to-cash process with the supply chain, back-office accounting, and more. The companies that succeed in the new

long term debt to equity  SAP,marketing planning,business plan free,sales plan,sales strategy,business plan write,write a business plan,business plan software,writing business plan,business plan example,sales planning,marketing objectives,sample marketing plan,how to write business plan,marketing plan template Read More
Hewlett-Packard’s NetServer Division - #3 to Get Ready, or #4 to Go?
Hewlett-Packard is one of the leading computer companies in the world, but they have fallen to fourth place in the Intel-based server market. Will they move

long term debt to equity  internally, we question the long-term viability of this strategy. HP might consider weakening the bonds, as Dell claims it has. Mixed message on performance As with price/performance, HP is paradoxical. HP talks a lot about performance, but the published results (prior to the release of the LH 6000) indicate this is not one of their key strengths. In addition to a spotty submission record to benchmark groups such as the TPCC (no Intel-based server submission between January, 1999 and March, 2000), the Read More
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