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Service-oriented Architecture-Savior or Nemesis?
Managed well, service-oriented architecture (SOA) offers a tremendous opportunity to make positive changes and lay a foundation that will allow IT to become

lose bomb  are more opportunities to lose control of your IT environment and lose visibility of who is responsible for maintaining and supporting the critical services that make up your mission critical applications. Effective IT governance that defines and enforces the rules and policies for managing, securing, and using services is essential. As well as ensuring simplicity, interoperability, and scalability based on open standards, effective governance will also reduce the likelihood of issues in the future. But, Read More
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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UNIT4 Living in Change: Acquisition With a Human Face?
Yesterday it was widely announced that a private equity firm, Advent International, has reached an agreement with UNIT4 to buy out all UNIT4 shares and take the

lose bomb  bar high and doesn't lose its uniqueness and value while pursuing growth and greater market share. Read More
ROI In Your Warehouse! (REAL or IMAGINED)
How can someone legitimately evaluate new software, improvements to a process, or

lose bomb  why we seem to lose people in a down economy? With all of the companies that have layoffs why do we still lose people when everyone is affected by the economic downturn and laying people off? It seems ironic that individuals find jobs elsewhere. The First Step In the Solution So, what do we do? How do we know whether ROI when being discussed with a training company, a 3PL or a WMS (Barcode) vendor is Real or Imagined . You must begin by analyzing your current processes and creating realistic goals for Read More
Advertising Revenues Grow and Grow but Slower and Slower
Internet advertising revenues grew again in the first quarter of 1999, to $693 million.

lose bomb  Although formal mathematical analyses lose accuracy with so few data points, these charts give support to the frequently quoted hyperbole that ad revenue growth is exponential. However, there are all kinds of exponential growth rates. Figure 3 shows the ratios for corresponding quarters; that is, the ratio of the values in each quarter with the corresponding quarter for the previous year. Even given the paucity of data for such an analysis, a trend appears. Fig. 3 The rates of growth for all four Read More
PKI and Biometrics Ready for Take-Off
Expect the new e-signature law to bolster both the PKI and biometric markets. This new law allows documents signed through digital signatures to have the same

lose bomb  administration. People do not lose their fingerprints, and no two fingerprints are alike. The above listed PKI and Biometric vendors will be particularly interesting to follow in light of the new cyberlaw. If you know of any other PKI or Biometric vendors that should be on our PKI/Biometric vendor and trend list, please write and tell us why: security@technologyevaluation.com . Read More
Frankie Does ERP, Part 2
[Editor’s note: Frank is not a composite character. He is a real person, employed at a real company. I’ve changed certain identifying particulars at his request

lose bomb  the room before I lose what little is left of my composure. * The next morning I spend three hours at my desk, locked onto Web sites that focus on ERP selection. By the time Theodore calls me into his office, I haven’t got a timeline and plan of action so much as some high-level items I want to work into mano-a-mano viability discussions. In other words, I want to piss him off enough that I stand a chance of getting some clear direction. I launch right into it: 1. Timeline : A minimum of 18 months, fact Read More
American Car Makers and Bad Management
In the news, and in a few publications, the Detroit (US) car makers have been blamed for

lose bomb  are not going to lose their uncertainties. What is required is to give incentives to consumers to purchase or lease a new car. Car manufacturers need customers, not handouts. References Detroit has been given a brief reprieve, but the threat of bankruptcy still looms Spinning out of control: Auto industry bailout may be too little, too late . Discussion about quality Are the Unions to Blame? Union agreements are pension benefits. Auto Industry Crisis US auto rescue - a society health check Your Opinion Read More
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 7)
Welcome to Week 7 of TurtleSpice ERP! We’re following one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with a twist: It’s up to you to make sure

lose bomb  going to let BigGun lose the contract if he can help it. If you were in Mike’s shoes, what would you do? Most vendors have returned their RFIs, although there are still a few vendors of interest who haven’t. Bear this in mind: Although Wade Sharkey’s shenanigans are a big reason Big Gun is still on the list of ERP vendors, that doesn’t mean Big Gun isn’t suitable for TurtleSpice. Or does it? I want to know what you think. Vote carefully—and leave your comment below! Note: Voting has closed for Read More
Social Media and Collaboration: Not for “Serious” Manufacturers? Think Again.
Many people consider social media as a set of tools for communicating with others and/or entertaining themselves and collaboration as a characteristic of

lose bomb  that you’re going to lose control over what’s being said about your company, you should know that this has already happened, or it will happen soon—and there is nothing you can do about it! The idea is not to control people, but to give them the environment and the tools to work better as a team and contribute to the growth of your company. If you’re a medium or large manufacturer, I’d like to know what you think. Take the short poll below. {democracy:63} Read More
Can Technology Make CFO's and Controller’s Jobs More Strategic? - Part 1
While setting down the thoughts for my recent “SaaSy discussion” blog series To SaaS or Not: Is that a Question?, something else related to software as a

lose bomb  about being able to... Lose the headaches of long and painful on-premise ERP/accounting systems deployments? Lose the ongoing technology maintenance and upgrade fees? Lose dealing with ongoing staff (hiring, training, and technology-enabling) issues for non-strategic, routine activities? Lose paying the exorbitant Big Four consulting rates for technical expertise on complex accounting issues? On the other hand, CFOs and controllers could... Gain the ability to obtain quarterly/annual financial reports Read More
eBay Looking For Sun Block?
The now-infamous 1999 shutdowns of the eBay website has led them to consider alternatives to their current Sun infrastructure.

lose bomb  eBay and continues to lose big-name accounts, are they doomed? (We don't think so, but it's not an impossibility.) If Sun loses, will they make fundamental changes to their product structuring, such as reducing prices or making their systems bullet proof ? (E10000 transaction unit costs are presently around double those of an IBM RS/6000 S80. Reliability is often relative, the SunTone program is long on goals but we'd prefer more specifics like uptime guarantees.) Can IBM or Compaq gain credibility as Read More
3 DSS Myths Exploded
Making a decision related to your own business or the company you work for is not simple: modern business models have too much information to be analyzed by one

lose bomb  Myth #1: I will lose control of the decision-making process if I use a DSS . Truth : The important thing to remember is that a DSS will not make a decision “for you.” It will simply provide you with the information and structure required for you to make a decision. Myth #2: A DSS might be able to help make a “logical” decision, but just because a decision is logical  doesn’t mean it’s the right one for us humans! Truth: People sometimes have a hard time accepting that a DSS can help when it Read More
To BI or not to BI
Nowadays a company should not even question whether it needs business intelligence (BI) or not. Those who do not have it yet should include it in their future

lose bomb  it disappear, if you lose control over it. And BI is what you will sooner or later need, so you'd better start thinking about it now. Later might be too late. A BI tool can help you control growth by creating forecasting and patterns that give you valuable information about how your company is doing and about the major obstacles it might have to face in the future. You Have It but You Don't Really Know How to Use It Efficiently I really wanted to talk about this because I have seen companies that had a Read More
How to Alienate Your Reader: Jargon, Buzzwords, Lingo, and Gobbledygook
This Is For All Us Writers Out There: Oh, and All Us Readers Too!Do you ever feel like you need a jargon buster just to understand what some companies are

lose bomb  not alienate them.You can lose a reader almost instantly when you start writing like the example paragraph above. I mean would anyone find the above paragraph interesting? Not likely. Read More
Can You Afford Not to Invest in Usability?
I’m in the productivity business. At some level, we all are. We’d like to think that whatever solution we’re selling or service we’re providing will offer a

lose bomb  inefficiencies, you will likely lose commitment from your staff because the message is that their time doesn’t matter. Furthermore, when you don’t fix these things, you create incentives for people to short-cut the procedures so they can “get their work done”, further reducing employee productivity. I have even noticed that as a business owner, I will short-circuit my own processes because they're cumbersome. If anyone should be motivated to follow the processes, it should be me; I designed them, Read More

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