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Intel Reorganization
Intel Corporation has announced a major reorganization, in an attempt to address some of the problems that have plagued it in the past year.

lots verbs  have this problem (vs. lots of supply and no demand), Intel's reputation and business has suffered because they apparently just didn't plan well enough to have a contingency plan ready to roll. We expect undercapacity to be an issue for a few months longer, and the reorganization will exacerbate this. This means the bigger customers will probably pull strings to get their needs met, and so smaller customers will get squeezed. Customers may want to verify that Intel's capacity problems will not affect Read More

Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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To SaaS or Not, Is That a Question? - SaaSy Discussions (Part IIc)
The first part (Part II) of this blog series described the opportunities for software as a service (SaaS) or on-demand applications, especially in the current

lots verbs  Indeed, if there are lots of new feature requests, you either have a poor training documentation and/or product’s intuitiveness, or your product ultimately does not do what the customer expected. If your professional services organization needs to be heavily involved even after a customer goes live, this is typically a red flag that your software is not very well designed to keep up with the ever-changing customer requirements. As a CEO of Webcom, I am all too familiar with the above issues. We offer Read More
ERP Traceability: Beyond the Hype
Tracing the flow of lots and components used in manufacturing operations is vital to industries that must comply with strict quality mandates and governmental

lots verbs  Tracing the flow of lots and components used in manufacturing operations is vital to industries that must comply with strict quality mandates and governmental regulations. Comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions offer value when they are specifically geared to high-precision manufacturers. Know the ERP traceability features needed to continuously improve quality and maintain compliance with mandates. Read More
xTuple xChange, Add on to Your ERP
In a call yesterday with xTuple's Ned Lilly, we had a chance to catch up on the open source ERP vendor's current business. I wanted to say a word about the

lots verbs  modular way to enable lots of people to easily innovate and add functionality without necessarily touching the core of the application. This makes it possible to update releases while minimizing compatibility issues that may arise from customizations. The xTuple xChange store seems to promote this model in a commercial environment. I don't believe I've seen much from other ERP vendors to promote similar opportunities. The xChange store enables not only xTuple's partners but also participants in its Read More
Nimble Releases New Social CRM Platform
Yesterday Nimble released the public beta of its social CRM platform at the Demo Spring 2011 event. In a future blog post, I will share my thoughts on the

lots verbs  CRM. Today, we have lots of helpful tools, with one major disadvantage: they can rarely be used together. If you can use a tool for communication, it probably does not help much with collaboration. And if it addresses both communication and collaboration, then it will probably not address contact management or help you manage your appointments. By way of an example, Jon challenged me to share with him my list of tools for the activities mentioned above. Here’s my list: Contact management: mostly with Read More
frontpath Announces Mobile Internet Appliance
Continuing the onslaught of 'Internet appliances', S3 subsidiary frontpath announced its first product, called ProGear. Unlike most current appliances, this

lots verbs  The ProGear certainly has lots of high-end features: lots of RAM (64 or 128MB), optional hard drive, high-resolution display. But will people really pay the extra $1000 (over portable devices such as a Palm VII or Psion's revo Plus ) for a portable Web surfer? frontpath's targeted applications will help it make a case for the extra cost, but they will need to provide a significant number of targeted apps to get broader market appeal. We do not see this as a complete offering yet. frontpath has tied its Read More
Up Close and Personal: Martin Schneider, Senior Director of Communications at SugarCRM
Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Martin Schneider, Senior Director of Communications at SugarCRM where he provided information about the company

lots verbs  around open source. Secondly, lots of the other projects out there did one or all of the following: a lot of people used the Sugar code to become the harvester when we were the creator, and they were always behind the curve and the community would rather go to the source and be part of the larger inclusive community of Sugar than a sub-set community with something like vtiger ; or, they decided to build an open source version of CRM on other technologies than the ones we used (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP). Read More
SuiteWorld 2014: NetSuite’s Cloud Ebullience Goes On
“NetSuite is the real deal in the enterprise applications space”—the main message of the recent SuiteWorld 2014 conference—was proven by CEO Zach Nelson during

lots verbs  be able to do lots of creative things here. NetSuite is also developing three new pluggable application programming interfaces (APIs): Tax, Payment, and Shipping. The API route is the right way for the vendor to tackle globalization, since local partners will help address global requirements.   Last year, I noted that NetSuite’s user interface (UI) looked a bit dated, but that has been fixed . Regarding platform as a service (PaaS) and app store plays, as opposed to salesforce.com ’s Salesforce1 Read More
Epicor HCM Going Mobile and More International
The human capital management (HCM) space is apparently becoming attractive and important to even upper mid-market vendors that have traditionally focused on

lots verbs  industries. One should imagine lots of “arable land” in Epicor’s vast install ERP base, including former Activant and Solarsoft customers. Read More
Ross ERP (V 7.0.3) Is TEC Certified for Process Manufacturing ERP
TEC is pleased to announce that Ross ERP (V 7.0.3) by Aptean is now TEC Certified for process manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP). Ross ERP aims to

lots verbs  automatic mixing of multiple lots into a tank, recalculating properties like pH and percent of solids in the newly created lot of material. Ross ERP had long supported the ability to backflush non-lot-controlled products and now supports backflushing for lot-controlled products.   I am currently writing the full Ross ERP certification report, with more on the solution’s background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses. The report will be available in a few weeks Read More
Global Trade Applications in Global Credit Crunch - Part I
I have done blog posts lately on how some supply chain management (SCM) applications could fare in a down economy. One was about pricing optimization solutions

lots verbs  post  that “...there are lots of cost pressures on businesses right now, but at least in the area of cash-flow and credit costs, by utilizing third-party financing buyers have a solid tool to lower costs in their supply chains. And I’d say lowering costs beats raising prices…especially when it gives you a competitive advantage in challenging economic times.” Indeed, I would concur that applications that do the value-add stuff around spend management and supplier performance (scorecards, metrics, Read More
Seismic Shifts in SAP’s Cloud?
On the heels of SAPPHIRENOW 2013, SAP issued the announcement that it would simplify its organizational structure and create a single research and development

lots verbs  Howlett of Diginomica provide lots of great insights (based in great part on their close contacts with SAP’s top echelon) and voice both some optimism and concerns (especially in terms of SAP's track record in the Talent Management realm). It is not uncommon for a CEO of an acquired company to leave either immediately or after some transitional period. There are also indications of Dalgaard having family health issues, which is certainly a valid reason for leaving a hands-on job. Still, the cynic in Read More
PROS Acquires Cameleon Software for Richer Sales Big Data
PROS Holdings, Inc., a provider of sales effectiveness big data solutions, and Cameleon Software, a provider of multichannel, multi-device product configurator,

lots verbs  , which should mean lots of upsell and cross-sell opportunity after the deal is done. PROS intends to retain the Cameleon team under the leadership of Cameleon founder, president, and CEO Jacques Soumeillan, who would lead the Cameleon CPQ product line. It also intends to retain the Cameleon brand. Read More
SAP Delivers Commercial Project Management Solution
While a high percentage of project profitability is determined at the bid stage, around half of all projects are not delivered to plan, according to SAP. In

lots verbs  organizations, they have lost lots of institutional knowledge and project staffing elasticity. As projects get broader and each department is challenged by lost institutional knowledge or the lack of experienced bodies, the risk becomes logarithmically compounded. Many companies have experts in risk and project management, and with the use of software such as this by SAP (or by Deltek, Oracle , etc.) they can detail risk and status. But they will have very limited ability to effect change if they cannot Read More
Why I Like Vanilla
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software packages can be highly flexible, but custom configurations may cause more trouble than they’re worth when it comes

lots verbs  as possible. They did lots of configuration, to the extent that it was permitted by the underlying structure of the software, but very, very few changes to the software. Why did they take this approach? Well, they described the history of their organization’s ERP system. An earlier version had been heavily customized. Then, with budget constraints (don’t we all have them?), they deferred upgrading the software as new versions came out, because of the cost of upgrading the customized portions and the Read More

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