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Processing Complex Events (During these, oh well, Complex Times) - Part I
The worn-out saying about how we learn new things every day applies to this blog topic too. Namely, my interest in Progress Software Corporation has long been

low latency messaging  response within an extremely low latency period. Events can be captured and preserved in time-order for a historical pattern analysis and root-cause analysis (RCA ). Given that algorithmic trading in capital markets was one of the first real-life applications of CEP, let’s translate the above general CEP principles into trading terms. The continuing digitization of financial market data and the advancement of electronic market access has created a market environment in which competitive differentiation Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » low latency messaging

SOA-based Applications and Infrastructure--The Next Frontier?
Leading enterprise applications vendors believe it is crucial to quickly complete the transition to a service oriented architecture (SOA) from monolithic client

low latency messaging  tight and at a low level. Later, the business-to-business (B2B) collaboration surge of the early 2000s inspired SAP to open up its applications even further. Its product suite, then temporarily called mySAP.com allowed non-SAP applications, such as Microsoft desktop productivity tools or Internet marketplaces, to be closely incorporated into the user experience, as though they were a part of mySAP.com . But again, this required hard-coding links and functions into each participating system. To put this Read More
Network Data Protection Playbook: Network Security Best Practice for Protecting Your Organization
Malicious hacking and illegal access are just a few of the reasons companies lose precious corporate data every year. As the number of network security breaches

low latency messaging  but this poses a low risk for data misuse. The fact is that only four percent of data records are lost due to loss of tapes and 50 percent of lost tapes have been recovered without any data being compromised. The Vulnerabilities Expected to be Exploited in the Coming Years Every major company has significant vulnerabilities in their networks. The SANS Institute, through a lot of good work from top security experts, assembles a list of key vulnerabilities that companies should be concerned about and Read More
Actionable Supply Chain Intelligence: Leveraging the Services Hub
There’s no doubt that competing in today’s global marketplace is tough. In order to survive, organizations must become more aware of what’s going on throughout

low latency messaging  supply chain information available: Low value - This is what you get from data validation, for example, reporting and scorecards. Basically, you are looking backward in time, meaning, you're monitoring activities and events that already have occurred. Furthermore, data validation typically relies on a single source of information or, at least it is very dependent on one source. Medium value - This is what you get from a visibility dashboard, for example. With the information presented there, you can Read More
The Definitive Guide to Successful Deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony-Chapter 1
As the era of traditional telephony draws to a close, the doors to the next generation in communications open. Chapter 1 of this 4-part e-book discusses

low latency messaging  to provide efficiency at low cost. What we have learned during the transitional VoIP period, however, is that it often does go without saying, but shouldn’t, as the “converged network is more efficient and lower cost” argument does not always work: problems and unforeseen costs scale up as well as savings in large networks and are magnified for larger organizations—and not always in direct proportion to the size of the network. For many organizations who have maintained a largely unchanged Read More
ERP: Is High ROI with low TCO Possible?
Total cost of ownership (TCO) remains a significant factor influencing enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategies and decisions. But focusing exclusively on

low latency messaging  Is High ROI with low TCO Possible? Total cost of ownership (TCO) remains a significant factor influencing enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategies and decisions. But focusing exclusively on TCO runs the risk of delaying necessary ERP projects. Companies should also consider return on investment (ROI) of such projects. Find out what the average company should expect to pay for ERP and how the business can benefit from a successful implementation. Read More
Analysis of Lexacom's and Mirapoint's Joint Wireless Messaging Solution
The need and demand for wireless messaging and calendaring is obvious, but Mirapoint and Lexacom are relatively unknown in the messaging arena.

low latency messaging  mobile internet,mobile platform development,mobile development,internal instant messaging,messaging solution,collaboration software,unified messaging solution,mobile application development,mobile web design,mobile learning,mobile security,mobile web browser,wireless messaging,ip telephony,mobile computing Read More
Mirapoint ~ ISP Messaging Solution in a Box?
The Mirapoint administration client allows you to also administer services directly. Mirapoint supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), NIS (Network

low latency messaging  and Mailboxes simpler by allowing automatic creation of the associated mailbox. Another complaint is there is no way to bulk user creations or deletions through the Graphical User Interface (GUI). However the task can be accomplished via a command line switch, an approach that does not appeal to non tech-savvy administrators. (Figure II) Figure II - User Configuration Screen Mirapoint has also included a Forwarding and Auto reply, server based component. Administration is simple, but once again bulk Read More
Second Generation IP Telephony
As much as 80 percent of day-to-day business activity is taken up by digitally-based messaging. Integrating telecommunications with your messaging environment

low latency messaging   Read More
MessageClick to Provide Unified Messaging to RCN’s Business Clients
RCN has teamed up with MessageClick to provide its business-based users a complete suite of Unified Messaging tools including point-to-point e-mail, fax, and

low latency messaging  messageclick,internet,voicemail,internet providers,internet phone,voip phone,internet provider,voice mail,free voip,internet call,internet calls,voip providers,unified messaging,voip provider,free internet call Read More
Active Voice Releases Unity 2.4
Release 2.4 of Active Voice’s Unity Unified Messaging solution has hit the streets touting software only support for Cisco’s Call Manager 3.01, unlimited usage

low latency messaging  agreement with Microsoft to allow telephone only users access to his/her inbox, without the need to purchase a Client Access License (CAL). Unity 2.4 also allows a user to redirect e-mails and their associated attachments with a common touch-tone telephone due to an enhanced fax module, which offers up to 24 ports of fax capacity. Unity Enterprise is recognized as one of the three leaders in the Unified Messaging field. They compete directly with AVT Corporation, Voixx, and Lucent's Octel Messenger. Read More
HighJump Grows in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function Products Part Three: Highjump SCE Solutions
Besides the highly functional WMS, HighJump provides a comprehensive and adaptable suite of other SCE solutions. Thus, the company’s continued expansion

low latency messaging  in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function Products Part Three: Highjump SCE Solutions Highjump SCE Solutions On February 10, HighJump Software ( www.highjump.com ), a privately-held provider of adaptable, Internet-based extended supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, announced that it has lately secured significant new customer wins and global partners in its ongoing efforts to become the industry leader in providing global SCE solutions. As noted in Part Two , besides the highly Read More
Mirapoint Adds Web-Mail Client to Messaging Appliance Line
Given that the SP can host well over 200,000 mailboxes, the cost of the WebMail Direct option is minimized to approximately .16 cents a mailbox (bringing the

low latency messaging  The WebMail Direct client allows a user to access his or her email from any web browser, regardless of whether or not the browser is Java enabled. Market Impact Well, what else is new, everyone else has a web mail client, so Mirapoint does too. But Mirapoint does it with a twist, the WebMail Direct Client will be accessible from any web browser, regardless of Java or frames support. The interface appears to be much like the majority of WebMail clients out there, but is clean, easily navigable and user Read More
IFS Aspires To Capture North American Market Against The Low Tide
IFS has been striving, and apparently succeeding, to shed its

low latency messaging  American Market Against The Low Tide IFS Aspires To Capture North American Market Against The Low Tide P.J. Jakovljevic - April 13, 2001 Event Summary On March 15, IFS Industrial & Financial Systems AB, a Swedish business applications vendor announced that it won a number of major contracts in the US during the first two months of 2001 despite the negative market sentiment after recent announcements of its major competitors. Also, the company touts that the utilization of its consulting organization, Read More

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