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State of the MES Software Marketplace
Despite predictions that it would be subsumed by enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors encroaching from above and automation vendors encroaching from below

machine forging  plant floor and beyond. Machine utilization monitoring is getting more attention due to equipment complexity and energy costs. Energy is no longer a simple cost of doing business; it has a direct impact on the bottom line. On the plus side, it presents real opportunities to lean out energy use and purchase, and also creates competitive differentiators for environmentally and energy-conscious buyers. Manufacturers implementing leaner, greener operations are also reaping the benefits from a brand Read More
Outsourcing, Applications Software
This RFP is focused on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of application software. The typical types of activities that these outsource providers perform include...
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Documents related to » machine forging

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud: Software Overview
The need for enterprise IT organizations to provide next-generation cloud features such as elastic capacity while meeting performance and reliability

machine forging  about an integrated middleware machine. Read More
Creating Innovation Breakthroughs in Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Machine Assembly
Industrial equipment manufacturers have historically embraced shop floor improvements as a way of increasing efficiency and maintaining profitability. But in

machine forging  Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Machine Assembly Industrial equipment manufacturers have historically embraced shop floor improvements as a way of increasing efficiency and maintaining profitability. But in today’s radically altered industrial environment, there is a clear imperative to look beyond the shop floor. To hold down costs and compete against other low-cost companies, manufacturers must find areas of improvement in all aspects of business. Read More
Mattec MES
Epicor Mattec MES, production control software, provides instant monitoring and control for your production and process manufacturing. The production MES

machine forging  reduce scrap, waste and machine downtime, improve cycle times, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), plant productivity and automatic part qualification, and schedule production effectively. Production MES helps you become proactive in your manufacturing operations and helps anticipate and solve manufacturing problems before they occur. Helping you identify resource inefficiencies, Mattec MES lets you do more with your existing resources and find new capacity. Read More
6 Reasons Big Data Requires Rethinking Your Middleware
The proliferation of process automation, sensor networks, user-generated content, machine-to-machine connections, and mobile computing is driving the far

machine forging  sensor networks, user-generated content, machine-to-machine connections, and mobile computing is driving the far-reaching trend referred to as “big data.” It takes new tools and techniques to collect, process, and distribute this enormous amount of information. Download this white paper and know how to overcome six of the challenges you’ll face as you strive to capitalize on big data. Read More
Differing Plastics Flavors
There is no one process used when manufacturing plastic products, since manufacturing methods depend on the final product. Indeed, products range from injection

machine forging  labor and workstations rates, machine setup, tooling, sub-contracting, and warehousing, throughout their operation. To delve deeper into some intricacies, the software has to be able to handle multiple cavitations and family tools, where the vendor IQMS excels. In other words, plastic producers want and should be able to make more than one unique part per machine cycle. Although this might sound basic, generic ERP vendors typically use the concepts of by-product or co-product to handle this, which Read More
ATM Machines Hacked in Moscow
Recently Moscow's ATMs have fallen victim to cyberfraud. How does ATM hacking take place? Has it happened in the United States? What can you do to safeguard

machine forging  pay response until the machine is empty. This technique is known as jackpotting. Several years ago, ATM fraud occurred at a bank in New York in which a disgruntled ex-employee stole over $80,000. After shoulder surfing for customer PINs, he used discarded bank receipts to associate the PIN with an account number, and was able to later enter these numbers into the ATM, and use his own PIN to withdraw money. Presumably he did this by using a magnetic striper writer. Some bank ATMs can be hacked by Read More
Software as a Service for Customer Relationship Management and Sales
Major vendors are noting the growing demand for software as a service. However, smaller providers are forging new ground by offering services for inventory and

machine forging  available from Ascendus, Big Machines, CastIron, ClairMail, Comergent, D2Aligned, DreamFactory, Eloqua, Factiva, Forcelogix, GOT Corporation, Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, iAnywhere, InsideScoop, Intacct, Logotec Engineering, MarketSync, Message Secure, NetSales, NextMark, ObjectPublisher, OpenAir, Payment Processing Inc., the Payroll Company, Pervasive Software, Remend, Rigpa Technology, SalesCentrix, Select Selling, Sendia, ShareMethods, Skype, Spoke, SuccessFactors, studentforce, Talisma, USA.NET, Read More
TIBCO's tibbr 4 and Enterprise Social Graph API
Salesforce Chatter, Jive Software, Saba People Cloud, Microsoft Yammer, etc. are getting some company. TIBCO's tibbr is only 18 months old but already used by a

machine forging  a location (e.g., warehouse, machine center, airport gate, retail store, etc.), the location checks into you via contextual insights and offers. Ram Menon, president of social computing at TIBCO, was joined briefly on the stage by Hervé Coureil, CIO of Schneider Electric , and Jay Grant, Secretary General of InterPort Police , to talk about how they are using tibbr for social networking within and across organizations (for example, Secretary General Grant discussed some past ineffective practices, Read More
Plex Manufacturing Cloud
The Plex Manufacturing Cloud (formerly known as Plex Online) offers more than 350 functional modules that give manufacturers instant access to vital information

machine forging  as production scheduling and machine integration; and SCM functions such as supplier quality and traceability. Read More
Another Type Of Virus Hits The World (And Gets Microsoft No Less)
A number of anti-virus vendors, including Trend Micro and Computer Associates, have warned of a virus with a new approach. It is known variously as QAZ.TROJAN

machine forging  will spread to any machine it finds where the windows directory is shared. Interestingly, once the machine is infected, the virus attempts to send the infected computer's IP address to an e-mail address in China. You never know where these viruses will come from, Bulgaria used to be a very popular germination site. Market Impact This event simply underscores the importance of eternal vigilance on the part of system administrators and PC users. Education may prove to be the key, since many people do not Read More
PTC Embarks on Internet of Things Journey via ThingWorx Acquisition
PTC ended 2013 by announcing it had acquired ThingWorx, creators of a platform for building and running applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), for

machine forging  to—by themselves—figure out which machine will be the bottleneck and change production plans accordingly. And how about produced items being able to determine if they’ve been stolen or misplaced and act on it? As helpful as these scenarios sound, I don't think many people want to be “spied” on and I don't think these “big brother” or “conspiring machines” scenarios will truly emerge.   More realistically, according to a recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute , the IoT has the Read More
Getting Competitive Advantage from Power Protection Products
Power disturbances might be the cause of unexplained office equipment breakdowns and damage. The office products industry could save itself numerous headaches

machine forging  power grid and the machine with communications-enabled power manager devices. Read More
E = Excellent Value in the ETO Landscape: How Global Shop Solutions Excels for ETO Industry Challenges
The needs of the changing business, economic, and technology landscapes have given organizations that manufacture precision and complex products an added

machine forging  costs upwards through excessive machine set-up costs and improperly managed inventory among other things. Through the core principles which underlay the development of this software, the product struck an eager and responsive chord among its initial customers in the small to medium sized manufacturing space within the “custom job-shop” and engineer-to-order segments of the market. The initial market acceptance of these principles and a vendor that could deliver on the promise propelled the Read More

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