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Fostering a Culture of Adaptability
Having the right IT infrastructure is critical to consistent growth and profitability for midsize companies. Sadly, many business applications don’t support

make a construction proposal  are you’ll need to make a multitude of changes to your operations and to the technology that supports them to drive your initiatives. For example, a new-product initiative may involve acquiring a company, opening a new manufacturing plant in China, or implementing a completely new business model. If you’re expanding into a new international market, you must ensure that your operations can handle new currencies, languages, customs, and local regulations. Consider an example from the Wyman study of a ma Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » make a construction proposal

Sweet Spots and What-Nots: Enterprise Management Software Vendor Provides Notable Solutions
Deltek uses a wealth of standalone and bundled modules to target various markets, including professional services firms both domestically and internationally

make a construction proposal  II, L.P . would make a majority capital investment in the company. See Mountainous Investment Transforms Enterprise Management Software Vendor and Enterprise Management Software Vendor Welcomes Additions for more information about this investment and its implications. This move, while certainly enhancing Deltek's prospects in terms of strengthening its global position, should not deflect attention from its already impressive offering. Part Three of the series Mountainous Investment Transforms Enterprise M Read More
Deltek Remains the Master of Its Selected Few Domains Part Five: Deltek’s Major Product Lines
Within its marketing and proposal automation product, Deltek espouses an emerging CRM derivative known as client relationship management, which should help

make a construction proposal  to re-key information, or make redundant reviews of payroll and benefits information. Deltek eProcurement is a web-based solution that automates complex internal workflow processes and dynamically links via eXtensible Markup Language (XML) to any vendor catalog, buying exchange or customer-specific catalogs. By converting paper-based procurement practices to internet processes, controlling unauthorized purchasing and creating more efficient internal workflow processes, the product delivers operating effic Read More
Reducing the Cost of Systems Operations
Disintermediation is the process of removing redundant intermediaries from a systems management infrastructure. Once vital to systems monitoring, proprietary

make a construction proposal  that it does not make a good starting point for disintermediation. That is, you may risk biting off more than you can chew in the early stages of implementation. If you follow the steps suggested here, by the time you are ready for WMI, you have had had plenty of practice with database data collectors - agentless, native, or even WMI itself (with SQL Server). WMI is supplied as a component of Windows 2000 to provide management information and control in enterprise environments. It is also available for Wi Read More
Deltek's Second Bite at the IPO Cherry (Part I)
In the last decade or so of covering the enterprise applications market, I've witnessed so many products and vendors disappearing and reappearing under a

make a construction proposal  stifles the CEO to make bold and risky moves). Thus, why should anyone believe that this time the IPO will work much better than before, especially given the timing of poor stock performance across the board? Is there anything fundamentally different at Deltek now compared to 10 or five years ago? To answer that question, let's first go back to the beginnings of Deltek. Founded in 1983, Deltek started as a supplier of accounting systems to the US Federal government. The vendor has since certainly gained t Read More
Leveraging Technology to Maintain a Competitive Edge During Tough Economic Times -- A Panel Discussion Analyzed Part Six: Custom Development and Single-Vendor versus Multi-Vendor
As componentization and Web services mature, packaged software will be less rigid and easier to adjust to unique practices-- thereby gaining some of the benefit

make a construction proposal  Namely, it does not make business sense for thousands of companies to develop software to pay an invoice, for example because there are a number of common, best practices that are effective and standardized horizontally across industries. However, when enterprises are trying to do something unique, and there is no good packaged software, they will have to develop custom applications. One example to justify custom development is a TV shopping channel provider. With only a few other companies playing in Read More
Facing A Selection? Try A Knowledge-Based Matchmaker Part 3: Comparing Three ERP Vendors
This part illustrates how selecting the right ERP product depends on each client's requirements. Epicor, QAD, and Ramco Systems' rank can change with different

make a construction proposal  Selection? Try A Knowledge-Based Matchmaker Part 3: Comparing Three ERP Vendors Executive Summary Selecting a piece of enterprise application software has never been an exact science. Vendors' hype, consultants' conflict of interest, users' doubts, tediously long selection processes, and unclear decisions rationale are some of the unfortunate watchwords for most selection practices. It is daunting for corporate IT buyers to discern the true capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of a given enterprise Read More
A Delicate Dance of Supply & Demand, Part 1: A Primer on Dairy Industry Complexity
The dairy industry is grueling. For farmers, the past decade has been a roller coaster of soaring fuel and feed prices and plummeting dairy sales prices

make a construction proposal  Delicate Dance of Supply & Demand, Part 1: A Primer on Dairy Industry Complexity The dairy industry is grueling. For farmers, the past decade has been a roller coaster of soaring fuel and feed prices and plummeting dairy sales prices, crushing many industry veterans. This white paper is intended to provide a baseline understanding of the historic and present-day challenges players in the industry face that are largely the product of governmental involvement and outside their individual control. Read More
Ross Systems - A Bright Spot On A Difficult Enterprise Application Landscape
Ross is among a very small group of vendors who have decided to build product exclusively for the process market. The resultant financial success should buy it

make a construction proposal  Systems - A Bright Spot On A Difficult Enterprise Application Landscape Event Summary With the announcement of its second quarter results, Ross Systems , Inc. (NASDAQ: ROSS), a provider of ERP and e-business solutions for mid-market process manufacturers ( www.rossinc.com ), has shown a continued upward trend in a market where most companies have struggled to maintain the status quo. Ross had experienced serious financial difficulty in 2000 (see Ross Systems Ends Year On a Sour Note and Braces Itself Read More
A Very Helpful Tool When You’re Choosing a New Software Solution
If you've ever been involved in selecting a business software solution, you know how tricky it can be. Today’s software systems are quite complex, and it can be

make a construction proposal  would not only help make sure that no functionalities important to your organization are forgotten or overlooked, it would also help you eliminate those vendors who don't support, or only poorly support, the functionalities your organization requires. You would be taking a giant step toward making sure you don't end up with a software system that isn't designed to do what you want it to. Where can you get a complete list of software functions for all the major types of business solutions ( ERP , CRM , Read More
“It’s a Notebook!” “It’s a Paperweight!” “Wait - It’s Both!”
Some Toshiba notebook buyers got a nasty surprise when they found their Intel CPU had died. Will Toshiba switch from “Intel Inside” to “AMD Instead”?

make a construction proposal  also vowed that the chipmaker would continue to offer Toshiba assistance to address the problem. Market Impact Toshiba has been one of the leading notebook manufacturers for years. This embarrassment will not kill the product line, especially since the fault seems to lie with Intel. Although the foul-up will likely not cause Toshiba to reevaluate its relationship with Intel (euphemism for considering whether to dump Intel), we expect Toshiba (and any other vendors affected) will pay closer attention to Read More
Scala Shows Far More Than A Bit Of A Backbone Part 1
Scala seems to be telling any competitor that two can play the game in the global enterprise market. Employing offense as the best defense, the company is

make a construction proposal  work better, but to make a whole chain of companies work better together. Two and a half years ago, the company began re-designing its ERP software and building a new platform specifically for online collaboration. Scala has now packaged together the functionality required in one standard software system, which means a business can begin true collaboration with its subsidiaries, customers, partners, and suppliers. iScala 2.1 is the successor product to Scala 5.1; It contains all of the basic ERP Read More
Taking Innovation from a Buzzword to a Business Standard
Companies realize that innovation can mean the difference between effectively growing or transforming their business and falling behind. But for a company to

make a construction proposal  Innovation from a Buzzword to a Business Standard Companies realize that innovation can mean the difference between effectively growing or transforming their business and falling behind. But for a company to thrive in today’s environment, innovation has to be seen as more than a clichéd talking point. It has to be a key part of the company’s core business processes. Download this interview with Eric Verniaut, SAP’s head of North America services, to find out how innovation has helped services Read More
A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players - Part 4
Part 1 of this blog post series followed the genesis of Manhattan Associates from its inception in 1990 throughout the mid-2000s. During this time, Manhattan

make a construction proposal  a few swallows can make a summer.   At the end of the day, dear readers, your comments, thoughts, suggestions, or individual experiences with the aforementioned vendors and their SCM tools are more than welcome. What do you think about these vendors’ individual approaches and their chances to survive as independent best-of-breed SCM companies? Is the resurgence that some of these vendors are seeing (and eclipsing of the others) a lasting thing? Is their success proof that SAP and Oracle have not Read More
A How-to Guide for a Radio Frequency Identification Site Survey
As organizations prepare for a radio frequency identification (RFID) implementation, they often don't understand the preliminary work necessary to begin the

make a construction proposal  How-to Guide for a Radio Frequency Identification Site Survey A best practice approach to a radio frequency identification (RFID) implementation suggests that, as a preparatory task, a site survey be completed beforehand. A site survey will identify issues and hurdles to an RFID implementation, and suggest helpful, industry-proven techniques to solve these problems. The equipment, connection procedures, and methodology, as well as a list of tips for completing a site survey, are explored in this second Read More

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