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How to Choose an SMS Provider
For over 15 years, short message service (SMS) has been a quick and reliable way to receive and deliver information@anytime, anywhere. Today, SMS helps provide

make an account  guide, we aim to make this task more manageable by offering you a set of questions to ask yourself when choosing an SMS provider. After defining what types of SMS providers exist in the market, we will proceed to cover the most important factors that should be considered when selecting one, looking at factors such as coverage, quality of service, backup routes, customer service, among others. Definition An SMS service provider is a company which provides SMS messaging services, but is not in itself a Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Traffic Audits Make Strange Bedfellows: Part II - The Audit Process
With traffic being the lifeblood of an e-commerce site the Marketing crew knows that the traffic numbers are going to be audited. And they look to the CIO to

make an account  Audits Make Strange Bedfellows: Part II - The Audit Process This is Part II of a two part article. Part I : The Why's and What's of Auditing Part II : The Audit Process What's in an audit? The audit is a process for verification of the numbers that you report to your advertisers. Audits can be performed in a number of different ways. Server-based audits examine data that is available at the server, most importantly traffic logs and web logs. An auditing organization will prowl through the logs to ch Read More
Selecting ERP Software for Make-to-Order Companies
But here's a practical guide for selecting an ERP system for MTO, or engineer-to-order manufacturing environments that will give you all the funct...

make an account  Companies Make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers make common mistakes when selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—and many end up with software that won't do the job. But here's a practical guide for selecting an ERP system for MTO, or engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing environments that will give you all the functionality you need. It's a sensible four-step approach that takes into account the exacting needs and special challenges that MTO/ETO manufacturers face. And it ensures you Read More
Insights to Accelerate Services Growth: Account Management, Service Metrics, and Customer Dashboards
A service business should be managed and measured based on the maturity of the business and the specific requirements of its customers. To take this approach

make an account  retain control, request and make modifications with relative ease The importance of a robust Business Intelligence / analytics solution within the service organization is critical and validated by the Aberdeen Research Study3 highlighting that nearly 80% of service executives either have in place or plan within the next twelve months to implement a Business Intelligence (BI) / analytics solution for their service operation. Let your customers’ success begin! Oco provides a unique reporting, analytics Read More
Make Sure Metrics Don’t Kill Your Business
Measuring programming progress by lines of code islike measuring aircraft building progress by weight.—Bill GatesBusiness metrics—the quantifiable

make an account  performance in order to make it possible for an organization to improve business performance, make more sales, or increase customer satisfaction. But metrics when defined and managed improperly can not only give poor results but also mislead and create more problems than they solve. Why? In the important 1998 paper Metrics: You Are What You Measure!, it’s explained as follows : Every metric, whether it is used explicitly to influence behavior, to evaluate future strategies, or simply to take stock, Read More
Getting an Update from BigMachines at Dreamforce 2010
Many recent TEC articles have talked about quote-to-order (Q2O) or configure, price, quote (CPQ) solutions that facilitate business-to-consumer (B2C) and

make an account  at Dreamforce 2010 , makes the above points moot. For US$29 per user per month, BigMachines QuickConfig offers guided selling and product configuration capabilities. The offering is really targeted for customers who already use salesforce.com’s Real-Time Quotes & Opportunities tabs and want to add some product configuration, rather than just selecting simple line items. Guided selling picks the right products based on users answering a few questions, while the rules engine ensures valid product combina Read More
Malta, An Ideal Nearshore Location
Malta is developing as a nearshoring location. Malta's advantages include an educated workforce that is fluent in English, lower wages than Western Europe, and

make an account  the following areas to make it an ever more attractive location for service providers and companies considering outsourcing: Marketing advantages EU membership, proximity to North Africa and strong North African links Production advantages cost structure, local subcontractors, flexibility of work force, industrial culture and above all the availability of trained personnel at competitive rates Commercial and fiscal advantages The Business Promotion Act. This is the main legislation that promotes Read More
IAM in the Cloud: An overview of technology and value
Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and cloud computing systems are relatively new, and can interact in many ways. Here is an overview of key

make an account  in the Cloud: An overview of technology and value Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and cloud computing systems are relatively new, and can interact in many ways. Here is an overview of key concepts involved, assumptions that clarify their network topology and functionality, and a comprehensive list of architectural scenarios, with an analysis of costs, risks, and benefits for each scenario, to help architects evaluate the suitability of various solutions. Read More
An In-depth Look at ROI
As the economy turns sour, and IT budgets remain flat or get reduced, doing more with the infrastructure you have has never been more important. But investing

make an account  storage,roi,network storage,external storage,attached storage,storage attached,server storage,san storage,return on investment,blade server,nas storage,backup storage,server replication,server virtualization,virtualization server Read More
MCI WorldCom: “It’s not an age, it’s an attitude”
Staking its claim as the preeminent communications company for the digital generation, MCI WorldCom announced a major initiative to build upon its advanced

make an account  a reality? What will make their services better than those of smaller companies? Exactly how will they provide the soup to nuts solution, and will it be all things to all people? More details are needed. An additional consideration is the approval and execution of the Sprint merger. With services in more than 65 countries, it is not difficult to imagine the merger will require time, resources and mind-share to be successful. Perhaps with MCI's top down vision, coupled with strong marketing and an even Read More
An Integrated Maintenance and Logistics Solution for Defense
Today’s defense industry needs maintenance and logistics software that increases the self-sustainability of weapons systems and allows system operators to

make an account  maintainer perform further troubleshooting, make repairs, or directs the maintainer to the relevant RPSTL (Repair Parts Special Tool List) information. Diagnostics communications can be two-way if the IETM content supports intrusive diagnostics natively; otherwise, this functionality is accomplished with an off-board diagnostics application or test set. Ultimately, Enigma's integrated maintenance/logistics solution delivers a dynamic, Web-based product encyclopedia of maintenance and repair information Read More
Selecting an HRIS: Finding the Right HR System for Your Organization
Top organizations are turning to human resource information systems (HRIS) for all of their human resources (HR) needs. With an HRIS, companies can align HR

make an account  an HRIS: Finding the Right HR System for Your Organization Top organizations are turning to human resource information systems (HRIS) for all of their human resources (HR) needs. With an HRIS, companies can align HR strategy with business objectives to get the most out of their workforces and adapt quickly to market changes. Today’s best-in-class HRIS automate everything related to HR in a single Web-based software system This white paper was developed to help you select an HRIS. Read More
An Introduction to Mediation-based Advanced Service Management
Personalized and higher-quality network services, such as customized or performance-sensitive services, can help you stand out from the competition. But can you

make an account   Read More
Delving into the Facts Behind the ERP Vendor Market’s Self-Ascribed Answer for ‘Businesses Living IN Change’ ™ -An Interview with UNIT4’s Product Marketing Executive
Rather than pursuing the usual route of writing analyses of major market trends, I’ve decided to ask vendors about their opinions and approaches. UNIT4 has

make an account  one particular issue (and make an easier sell). We are now changing strategies. Control Manager is a fundamental part of the total concept (LINK architecture if you want) and will come with every CODA deal. This approach adds to the differentiation and is used best for addressing smaller challenges and requirements to keep an organization in control while implementing a best-of-breed strategy (i.e., corporate financials integrated to many other solutions). Control manager is the “control glue”—the Read More
An ERP Vendor Poised to Overtake the Services Market
Companies in the services industry need both asset and field services management, but current integrated asset and field services maintenance systems often fail

make an account  ERP Vendor Poised to Overtake the Services Market As the US and European markets continue to drive away from manufacturing toward a more services-centric model, the twin factors of workforce mobility and inherent “change” that are tied to people-based industries have spawned a host of new technologies, software applications, and support structures. Simple customer relationship management (CRM) strategies have birthed new wired and wireless field services management, remote asset management, and Read More

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