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Best Practices in Extending ERP: A Buyer’s Guide to ERP versus Best-of-breed Decisions
The trade-off between best-of-breed functionality and ease of integration is no longer so simple. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software continues to

making hard decisions introduction  core ERP functionality and making decisions between ERP vendors and pure play or Best of Breed solutions. The trade-off between Best of Breed functionality and ease of integration is no longer as simple as it once was. Over the generations, Enterprise Resource Planning has continued to expand, blurring the boundaries of core ERP functionality. At the same time, the consolidation within the software industry is having a broader effect than just on ERP itself. ERP companies have also been gobbling up Read More...
Financial Packages
Financial packages encompass modules for bookkeeping and making sure that accounts are paid or received on time.
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Documents related to » making hard decisions introduction

Seven Steps to Flawless Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) capabilities transform vast amounts of data into relevant information that organizations rely on to make decisions and manage

making hard decisions introduction  information leads to people making poor decisions or acting contrary to strategic goals. More seriously, organizations that operate with multiple versions of the truth risk violating Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance legislation. The Gartner Cure Use compliance regulations, such as the Sarbanes- Oxley Act, as an opportunity to educate business users about the risks posed by the widespread use of spreadsheets, proliferating data silos and unclear ownership of performance data. Remind users that Read More...
Making Your Supply Chain a Competitive Advantage: Implementing S&OP
Improving the supply chain is essential for any company that wants to gain or maintain a competitive edge. To do this, companies are adopting sales and

making hard decisions introduction  : Supply Chain (Wikipedia) Making Your Supply Chain a Competitive Advantage: Implementing S&OP Supply Chain is also known as : Supply Chain , Supply Chain Solutions , Logistics Solutions , Manage Your Entire Supply Chain , Supply Chain Management , Supply Chain Visibility , Supply Chain Definition , Supply Chain Presentation , Supply Chain Changes , Resource for Supply Chain Management , Sales and Operations Planning , Control of Your Supply Chain , Value Chain , Supply Chain Presentation , Just in Time Read More...
Can You Add New Life To an Old ERP System?
Getting ERP transaction data into a summarized form that is useful to knowledge workers is one way to extend the value of your ERP system. This article

making hard decisions introduction  module at a time making it easier for IT to manage. One major advantage of using a data warehousing solution is that it can be done in a significantly shorter timeframe than if you have to buy an entire data warehousing tool set. If your old ERP system is not supported by a data warehousing solution product, you will need to build your own using a tool set provided by a data warehousing vendor. At Simplot, Clifford found there were advantages in defining the project by functional areas instead of Read More...
CIO Horror Stories and What They Mean For Vendors
Customers and vendors do not always see eye to eye as illustrated in the following horror stories about how customers have been treated by vendors. The vendors

making hard decisions introduction  The person who is making the decision is usually making the right decision given their position and rules, and escalation can often help. Remember, as the customer you have the ultimate decision-making power. As our CIO says, We decided to go with a vendor who thought we were more important. About the Author Olin Thompson is a principal of Process ERP Partners . He has over twenty-five years of experience as an executive in the software industry, and has been called the father of process ERP. He is a Read More...
An Introduction to Mediation-based Advanced Service Management
Personalized and higher-quality network services, such as customized or performance-sensitive services, can help you stand out from the competition. But can you

making hard decisions introduction  
Making the Most of Your Sales Opportunities
Discover proven approaches to sales success in Sales Performance Management: Maximize Profits with Comprehensive Sales Processes.

making hard decisions introduction  the Most of Your Sales Opportunities Sales is the lifeblood of every business. But how do you get maximum performance from your sales team? Discover proven approaches to sales success in Sales Performance Management: Maximize Profits with Comprehensive Sales Processes . You'll find out how to identify your most valuable accounts, determine key performance indicators, align your most productive resources, understand and evaluate your opportunities, and boost sales performance with customer Read More...
HSIA: From Problem to Profit-An Introduction to Internet Bandwidth Management for Hospitality Managers
High-speed Internet access (HSIA) has become a key technology asset for many hospitality providers around the world. But as a widely regarded bottom-line

making hard decisions introduction  
Strategic Partnership between TEC and PMOLink Drives Better Software Decisions
PMOLink Inc., a leading consultancy helping organizations manage project development and business process reengineering initiatives, has partnered with

making hard decisions introduction  
Making the Leap to CRM
Making the leap to customer relationship management (CRM) doesn’t have to be a difficult process. But many companies have difficulty knowing how to get their

making hard decisions introduction  Software Resources Related to Making the Leap to CRM : Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (Wikipedia) Making the Leap to CRM CRM Implementation is also known as : CRM Implementation Process , CRM Consulting Companies , CRM Implementation Best Practices , CRM Implementation Consultant , CRM Implementation Cost , CRM Implementation Costs , CRM Implementation Failure , CRM Implementation , CRM Implementation Guide , CRM Implementation Issues , CRM Implementation Methodology , CRM Implementation Plan , Read More...
Increasing the Value of Your Enterprise Through Improved Supply Chain Decisions Part 2: Financial Metrics
If the key financial metrics for creating corporate value relate to costs, capital charges and consumption, and profitability, then the corporate capabilities

making hard decisions introduction  Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain, (McGraw-Hill, 1979) Juran, Joseph, M., Juran on Leadership for Quality, (Free Press, 1988) Deming, W. Edwards, Out of the Crisis, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Advanced Engineering Study, 1986) 5 Identifying the ROI of an Application for Supply Chain Management , Mark Wells, TechnologyEvaluation.com, July 2001. Appendix An alternate financial accounting metric for overall corporate performance Return on Common Equity (ROCE) 6 , where, ROCE = Read More...
Introduction to Desktop Virtualization
This paper discusses the barriers of desktop virtualization adoption in the enterprise, the need for convergence in desktop virtualization approaches, and the

making hard decisions introduction  
What Is a PEO? An Introduction to the PEO Model and Its Benefits for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
You entered into business to sell a product or provide a service and generate revenue doing what you do best. But human resources (HR) management is a necessity

making hard decisions introduction  of your business and making it somebody else’s problem? This is what a professional employer organization (PEO) can provide and in this paper, you’ll learn about all the benefits partnering with one provides. Read More...
Business Analytics and the Path to Better Decisions
We live in an era of the “intelligent economy.” Organizations are recognizing the need for better intelligence about their business. But how far have we come

making hard decisions introduction  bring intelligence to decision making? This report considers the use of analytics and business intelligence for improving decision making, and the benefits of prebuilt analytic applications for achieving this. Read More...

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