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TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 6)
Welcome to TurtleSpice ERP! We’re following one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with a twist: It’s up to you to make sure

manager vs executive  thanks to TEC project manager Nasser Tehrani for his input. Read More
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents related to » manager vs executive

Talent (Human Capital) Management and Sports? Sign Me Up, Please! - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series introduced and analyzed some mixed feelings and doubts that we might still have about the noble concepts of talent management and

manager vs executive  line of business (LoB) manager into a key constituent and decision maker. However, as Sherry Fox’ blog post depicts it so well , it is not easy to be an HR staffer these days. Let’s imagine the life of an HR manager, when early in the morning he/she learns about the resignation of the top few performers, and later in the morning he/she reads the report on declining retention numbers, and learns about some hiring managers rejecting many potentially good candidates. Of course, around lunch time, the Read More
Retained IT Staff: On e Size Doesn’t Fit All Models
Retaining good IT staff for clients is no easy task. They face issues regarding competitive rates, contracts, benefits, liabilities, and more. So how do

manager vs executive  own client side Project Manager or leveraging a 3rd party organization to act as a project auditor on behalf of the client organization. SLAs should be developed and agreed to by all parties during the contract or Statement of Work negotiations. There should be a time period of up to six months during which the management of the entity whose functions are outsourced should review the SLA metrics. This will help determine if what is being measured is meaningful and if it demonstrates realized benefits. Read More
The Advanced Sourcing and Negotiation Benchmark Report
The wave of e-sourcing that began a decade ago resembled a “crash diet:” it had an immediate and noticeable effect on enterprises. Today’s challenge is to

manager vs executive  business stakeholder and category manager can explain why their categories are not a good fit for e-sourcing. To be clear, they are wrong. However, it should also be clear that you need their buy-in for implementation. Executive sponsorship gets them engaged the first time, while execution with the right blend of advanced sourcing strategies keeps them coming back. The gradual erosion of savings rates from e-sourcing events that we have seen over the past few years will continue. The following Read More
Michael Treacy Focuses on Double Digit Growth
This new book, Double-Digit Growth was one of the most useful and optimistic books to come along in some time. Growth is the whole point of business. Yet many

manager vs executive  if you ask any manager to cut cost by 10%—they know exactly how to do it. Why? It's because they have a management discipline—a methodology. They have management information systems. They know what data to gather. They go out and create a project team, they meet monthly to review progress, and before long, the goal is achieved. If you ask the same team to grow by 10%, they give you a blank stare. Why? It's because they think it either requires luck, trial and error, or a growing economy. There is no Read More
Executive Decisions for Using IT Outsourcing, Hosted Systems, and Enterprise System Management
Information technology (IT) executives are beginning to seriously re-evaluate their highly hyped, service-oriented architectures (SOA) strategies—and

manager vs executive   Read More
David vs. Goliath? Talent Management Outlook in Midsized vs. Large Organizations
Many surveys address how the needs of human resources (HR) vary, but they often focus on the difference between small and large organizations with the

manager vs executive  talent management, workforce management, human resources technology, workforce management tools Read More
Teradata 2013 Partners Conference: Interview with Ed White, General Manager, Teradata Cloud Solutions
BI Analyst Jorge Garcia interviews Ed White, General Manager for Teradata Cloud Solutions, live on the show floor at the 2013 Teradata Partners Conference

manager vs executive  interviews Ed White, General Manager for Teradata Cloud Solutions, live on the show floor at the 2013 Teradata Partners Conference. Listen and find out about Teradata’s new cloud solution, how the company is rounding out its big data ecosystem with Aster and Hadoop, and how Teradata customers are managing their migration to the cloud. Read More
Process vs. Discrete
When researching the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your business, it is essential to realize there is a difference between process and

manager vs executive  process manufacturing requirements, process ERP, discrete ERP, process vs discrete, process ERP software, Read More
Chemical Industry ERP Showdown: Infor vs. JD Edwards vs. Lawson vs. SAP vs. SSI
Today’s Showdown is based on an industry-specific case study. Five enterprise resource planning vendors were selected for the evaluation. All the results were

manager vs executive  Infor,JD Edwards,Lawson,SSI,accounting software,accounting software comparison,applications erp,applications of erp,benefits of erp,best erp,best erp software,best erp system,best erp systems,best of breed erp,best of breed vs erp Read More
Process vs Discrete ERP
When researching the right manufacturing software for your business, it is important to realize there is a difference between process and discrete software. A

manager vs executive  vs Discrete ERP When researching the right manufacturing software for your business, it is important to realize there is a difference between process and discrete software. A discrete software solution for a process manufacturing company will inevitably fall short, but after you identify your manufacturing operation and requirements, what is the next step? Learn about what guidelines to follow when viewing manufacturing software to ensure your company needs are addressed. Read More
Executive Management Platform
Domo Executive Management Platform combines a powerful back end that sits on top of and connects into any existing system where data lives, including those

manager vs executive   Read More
The IT industry is constructed of three-letter acronyms (TLAs). However, the total number of possible three-letter abbreviations using the 26 letters of the

manager vs executive  next season, a marketing manager will probably need the following information: a sales analysis based on sales history data (structured data) a production plan based on manufacturing planning data (structured data) demographic information in the database or in a document (structured or unstructured data) a report from a marketing consulting firm in PDF format (unstructured data) sales and marketing meeting notes in Microsoft Word format (unstructured data) and so on… This list could go on and on, but Read More
Liberty Alliance vs. WS-I; J2EE vs. .NET; Overwhelmed .YET? Part 1: Latest Announcements
On one hand, some archrivals (e.g., Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle) are becoming strange bedfellows, while, on the other hand, the others (e.g., Microsoft and Sun

manager vs executive  application server,visual studio,sql server,Liberty Alliance,Web Services,Web Services Interoperability,ws-i,Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards,Sun Microsystems,Microsoft's .NET,Visual Studio application development suite,web development,Web-based applications,building Java applications,.NET application Read More

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