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Why Your Organization Needs Succession Planning
Succession planning is not a new concept—so why are so many companies not actively planning for the replacement of key positions, and risk losing valuable

managerial roles  extending it to the managerial, professional, and administrative roles. While having a succession plan for every role within a company is a “nice to have,” the replacement of key positions is generally the most demanding in terms of planning. Depending on the role you’re looking to fill, the process of planning and developing a successor (for example, replacing a retiring CEO), could actually take several years, so it’s best to have a succession plan in place to make the process of transitioning Read More...
Transportation Management Systems
Transportation management systems should provide the basic components of a shared information system to support collaboration, rates, routes, roles, transaction sets, documents, and information exc...
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Documents related to » managerial roles

Major Vendors Adapting to User Requirements
SAP and Microsoft have finally realized that their products will increasingly be evaluated by how well they interconnect, how flexible they are, and how

managerial roles  calendar, and then receive managerial approval or disapproval via Outlook mail. An organization management scenario , which incorporates administrative and planning tasks related to human resources (HR) into an Outlook Contact File. Based on authorizations established within mySAP HR, HR managers would then be able to perform self-service functions, such as viewing employee salary information or performance reviews, and suggesting proportional increases, all within Outlook. Pricing, integration Read More...
Advanced Front Office Lean with Business Modeler Software
When part of an enterprise software environment, business modeler software can reduce training costs, prevent errors, and minimize non-value added work. And if

managerial roles  people in administrative and managerial roles may ask each other, their managers, or even the people who work for them, how do we open a purchase order? or what is our process for an engineering change order? Conversations like this may take 10 to 15 minutes, and might happen dozens or even hundreds of times a day, depending on the organization. Various people in the organization may have been trained to undertake these processes in a variety of ways, and employees may wind up discussing the relative Read More...
PeopleSoft Keeps Truckin’ On A Potholed Road Ahead
In spite of the impression that currently PeopleSoft can do nothing wrong, many users of the older versions of its products might be bracing themselves for a

managerial roles  portfolio while exercising immaculate managerial execution and financial discipline. During these times of risk-averse customers, PeopleSoft's 'can-do attitude' and the general perception of how well it deploys its Internet-based products (cost cutting and increased productivity) commands attention both from its existing customer base and new prospects. PeopleSoft 8 contains well-integrated applications for almost every business function, from managing customer relationships and global corporate finances Read More...
Innovation and Change in Human Resources
Learning Review's Veronica Inoue interviewed two representatives of the Interamerican Federation of Human Resource Management Associations (Federación

managerial roles  somehow what is leading managerial sciences to focus more on intangibles and make leadership once again the underlying topic. Another important change is occurring, and that is that people management is no longer part of HR functional management; it now concerns the whole management process. Therefore we, as management professionals, have had to understand that our roles are different—that we are also facilitators, internal consultants, coaches, or internal staff managers. In this sense, we can say Read More...
4 Steps to Successful Succession Development Planning
So you’ve determined that you need to develop a succession planning strategy in anticipation of the retirement of key personnel. Now what? How do you identify

managerial roles  Steps to Successful Succession Development Planning To effectively undertake a succession planning initiative at your organization, you must first identify your company’s long-term goals. Often companies know what they would “like” to see happen over the next three to five years, but don’t necessarily know how to put their ideas into practice. As a company grows and its business strategy evolves, its leadership needs can change significantly. To meet these needs, companies must adjust their Read More...
Lean Principles for Implementing ERP in Midsize and Large Enterprises
Lean Consulting just makes sense. Elimination of nonvalue-add activities and personnel, along with streamlined processes and a roles-based implementation

managerial roles  
In Search of Clarity: Unraveling the Complexities of Executive Decision Making
Decision making is at the core of all business activity, as executives set strategy and manage operations by weighing a vast array of factors to arrive at the

managerial roles  Decision Making Programme | Managerial Decision Making | Security Decision Making | Traditional Decision Making | Data Based Decision Making | Informed Decision Making | Organizational Decision Making | Better Decision-making | Improve Decision Making | SAP Decision Making | SAP Decision Making Techniques | SAP Useful Decision Making | SAP Decision Making Skills | SAP Ethical Decision Making | SAP Strategic Decision Making | SAP Decision Making Online | SAP Decision Making Styles | SAP Decision Making Read More...
BI and BPM: It’s Not as Blurry as You Think
There seems to be a blurry line between business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) applications. Some software vendors offer solutions

managerial roles  set to establish a managerial methodology to monitor and improve business processes. 2. Reactive vs. Proactive It’s evident that BI tools are reactive, while BPM tools are proactive. Here’s why: BI is focused on bringing relevant information about daily operations so managers can react and make decisions based on a specific business opportunity or risk in the daily process. BI tools are often used to analyze historical data; however, nowadays this process is evolving due to the implementation of Read More...
Expert Tips for Recruitment and Onboarding
Stephen Johnston, senior partner from Korn Ferry, recommends the best way to assess cultural fit, values, and work ethics. He also explains how to optimize the

managerial roles  Oracle,Korn Ferry,human capital management,talent management,workforce management
The 5 Biggest Challenges When Implementing ERP for the First Time
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or similar IT packages have become widely used in businesses of all sizes and types. From my understanding, small and

managerial roles  reasons to launch a managerial information system implementation project. The very first question that managers will face is what type, size, and scope of the future system they actually require and how to choose the most suitable solution among the hundreds offered on the market. There is no single answer on how to find what you need; and the whole consulting and research industry is there to serve these needs. Our company tries to deliver the best value, as well presenting its core eBestMatch decision Read More...
Women in BI: Are You a “Data Geekette”?
Recently around the office we’ve been talking about the increasing role of women in most areas of information technology (IT). I’ve had the pleasure to know and

managerial roles  in BI: Are You a “Data Geekette”? Recently around the office we’ve been talking about the increasing role of women in most areas of information technology (IT). I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with excellent database administrators (DBAs) and application programmers, as well as IT managers and executives—both women and men. Of course, as a business intelligence (BI) analyst I quickly got hooked on the idea of developing a data-based perspective of the role women play in the BI space: Read More...
Three Ways ERP Can Help Manage Risk and Prevent Fraud
If enterprise resource planning (ERP) isn't properly implemented to manage risk, your organization may face loss due to fraud or other hazards. Take advantage

managerial roles  Ways ERP Can Help Manage Risk and Prevent Fraud Originally Published - March 5, 2008 Business is all about taking risks. But intelligent managers know how to manage risks, thus preventing accidental losses as well as other operational, financial, and strategic risks—including fraud. To manage business risks by using technology, we must first understand and prioritize the risks a specific business faces, and then understand how IT can help that business. Then we can come to understand how those Read More...
3 Things Business Decision-makers Need to Know about SOA
Anyone even peripherally exposed to business media that touch on enterprise application technology has seen the term service-oriented architecture (SOA) bandied

managerial roles  Manager Decision Making , Managerial Decison Making , Process Decision Making , Rational Decison Making , Strategic Decison Making , Team Decison Making . Anyone even peripherally exposed to business media that touch on enterprise application technology has seen the term service-oriented architecture (SOA) bandied about in advertisements and articles. Major enterprise applications vendors are using the term SOA as a marketing buzzword and are indeed moving their product offerings in directions that Read More...

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