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Intentia’s Intents To Be More Fashionable
Intentia remains solid, with both a new product portfolio and an increase in license revenue. The company, which is unimpeded by the current economic slump

mapics versiones  like J.D. Edwards and MAPICS . Although Intentia has been platform independent since 1999, it still has one more myth to debunk on top of its otherwise low brand recognition in Americas. Therefore, the company's big challenge remains its still nascent toehold in North America, without which no vendor can have a strong global competitive position. Recent alliances like the ones with Sun Microsystems, IBM and MRO.COM marketplace, might promote Intentia's visibility and give it a quantum leap. The company

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side'' Part Four: Market Impact Summary and User Recommendations

SSA GT has many times surprised even the biggest skeptics by turning around seemingly non-viable vantage products (which iBaan and Ironside certainly are not) and/or ailing vendors (which Baan has been, and Ironworks will have likely become).

mapics versiones  Systems , Geac , MAPICS and even Microsoft Business Solutions (coming from the lower end), most of which offer more unified solutions and that have strong vertical presence, may therefore give Baan/SSA GT's prospects a value proposition that can be difficult to decline. This will make the task of concurrent organizational restructuring and product development much more difficult for SSA GT/Baan. On the other hand, SSA GT with Mike Greenough at the helm has many times surprised even the biggest skeptics Read More

MAPICS Moving On Pragmatically

While the existing loyal client base and seasoned affiliate channel remains MAPICS’ trump card in these difficult times, the recent moves of a unified product branding combined with addressing issues of its world-class aspiring manufacturing customers should be the way to more effectively sell to and beyond the current prevailing IBM iSeries client base, which is the must for the long-term viability.

mapics versiones  months. On October 30, MAPICS reported net income according to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) for the fourth fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2002, of $4.0 million, including a gain of $2.3 million from the settlement of a royalty obligation, versus a hefty loss of $26.3 million, in the year-earlier period (see Figure 1). Figure 1. * Primarily represents a goodwill write down of the PivotPoint acquisition However, the Company reported adjusted earnings for the fourth quarter of $2.7 Read More

Infor Strikes Again (at Long Last): Getting “Soft” while Flexing its Muscles? - Part 1

Just when I had begun to think that Ned Lilly’s ERP Graveyard blog might go out of business soon (or at least change its name and charter), here came his new blog entry in early June 2009. The blog post’s cause was the official press release (PR) entitled “SoftBrands Enters Into Definitive Agreement To Be Acquired By Affiliate Of Golden Gate Capital And Infor.” Now, the acquisition was

mapics versiones  Infor ERP XA (formerly Mapics XA ), and so on  and so forth. Even with Fourth Shift’s solid mixed-mode manufacturing ERP  capabilities, it is difficult to find a defendable niche in light of the Infor ERP LX (formerly SSA BPCS ) product. True, Fourth Shift was one of the first ERP products to penetrate the Chinese market and be certified by the local authorities. Thus, Infor might try to leverage that strength (although its own products like SyteLine have been making good strides in China lately). Read More

ROI Systems - A Little ERP Fellow That Gets By

ROI Systems continues its disciplined new technology adoption. The moderation component of its strategy has been paying off, which proves crucial these days when many of its peers that have traditionally had more exciting and flashy products are facing the crunch.

mapics versiones  e.g. Lawson Software , MAPICS or Microsoft Great Plains that are renowned for a good customer service, let alone the Tier 1 vendors, which customers still run on several generations old product releases. ROI may continue to be successful even in the current economic slowdown should it successfully address the concerns of smaller manufacturers, who are often intimidated by the perceived complexity of enterprise applications. These smaller manufacturers still have a need to get on board with fundamental Read More

Marcam Solutions: Shifting its Focus to MES

The envisioned integration with Wonderware's FactorySuite 2000 will allow Protean users to solve shop floor problems with all production data collected and made instantly available. We believe that within the next 4 years Marcam will gradually shift its focus to plant integration and operations applications, while de-emphasizing its financial and order management components and relying on interfaces with other ERP vendors.

mapics versiones  companies, Marcam Solutions and MAPICS Inc. Marcam revenues in fiscal 1998 were $124.5 million. Paul Margolis and John Campbell founded Marcam (a name derived from their surnames) in 1980 to provide MAPICS installation and customization services. In 1983 Marcam began developing its own planning and control software for process manufacturing companies such as food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The result was PRISM, first licensed in 1987. Marcam went public in 1990 and acquired ShawWare (maintenance Read More

MAPICS Moving On Pragmatically Part 4: Competition and User Recommendations

Production management remains MAPICS’ strongest spot, and, therefore, it has often been implemented only in manufacturing divisions of large global organizations that use a Tier 1 ERP product for corporate financials and/or HR applications. Therefore, executing the ambitious initiatives with its modest albeit solid resources compared to the above competitors will be a notable challenge.

mapics versiones  that it would take MAPICS significantly longer, given its much more modest resources and a task of deploying onto multiple platforms. The technological foundation disparity of the products will likely take its toll by multiplying the development expenses and in delivering products integration. This also complicates the tracking of third-party partnerships to compensate the products' different weak areas. The positive news is that using the applications such as portals, PLM, or EAM (and supplier Read More

SYSPRO - Awaiting Positive IMPACT From Its Brand Unification Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations

SYSPRO remains a stalwart vendor within the mid-market accounting, manufacturing, and distribution software markets. The current market trend is towards vendors that can provide comprehensive solutions for small and medium-sized companies with a justifiable return on investment (ROI), and SYSPRO seems to have a fair shot. Moreover, with its global coverage, multi-national product’s capabilities, suitability to diverse manufacturing environments, as well as with its cross-platform support and excellent service & support track, the vendor seems poised to give run for the money to almost any contender.

mapics versiones  Epicor, J.D.Edwards, ROI Systems, MAPICS and SoftBrands , to name but a few, to the Tier 1 vendors storming down the market. In the pure WMS mid-market, there is an army of recently bullish players like RedPrairie , Manhattan Associates , HighJump , and Provia , with superior WMS/TMS functionality such as multi-modal transportation, labor management or supply chain event management (SCEM). Further, the Tier 2 ERP vendors like Adonix , SSA GT , Lilly Software , ACCPAC , MBS Axapta and MBS Navision , which Read More

The Enterprise Applications 'Arms Race' To Be Number Three

Although their consolidation appetite is not diminishing by any means, some major acquisition protagonists like SSA Global and Infor seem to be showing signs of more deliberation and even restraint, rather than jumping the gun to indiscriminately gain market share.

mapics versiones  former Lilly VISUAL and MAPICS SyteLine product development teams in the discrete manufacturing unit. Consequently, VISUAL WMS is being offered to Infor SyteLine customers, initially as a service offering, whereas the VISUAL Quality Management module is to be offered to both Infor SyteLine and Infor XPPS (formerly Brain XPPS ) customers. As an independent entity, MAPICS had already linked the SyteLine CRM product to Infor XA (formerly MAPICS XA) , well before its acquisition by Infor; this product will Read More

The Essential Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management (SCM) once viewed as a way to obtain a competitive advantage, is now perceived as a logical and necessary extension of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The reasons: First, traditional ERP systems lack the advanced planning tools necessary for companies to respond to an increasingly competitive business environment. Second, advances in computing power and data transmission enable disparate entities to communicate efficiently and at a low cost. Finally, vendors have observed the complementary nature of SCM and ERP and are engaged in consolidation of their product suites.

mapics versiones  Symix Systems 7/99 - Mapics Solutions, Inc. Embedded License Symix Systems 7/98 - Oracle Corporation Embedded License i2 Technologies 11/97 - SAP AG Investment OKEF-techILOGCatalyst International 6/98 7/98 9/99 51% 5% 10% Oracle Corporation JMA Industri-Matematik 1/97 (and informal earlier) - i2 Technologies Interface EXE Technologies 4/99 - Great Plains Software Embedded License Logility 7/00 - Key : Acquisition : One company taking over controlling interest in another company Investment: Equity Read More

Infor Means Business with its Partners: The IPN Unveiled

One of the reasons why Infor, despite its over 70,000 large customer base, hasn’t been regarded as a serious enterprise applications contender has been the company’s spotty relationship with its channel partners. Partners currently contribute only about 25 percent of Infor’s license revenue (except for Latin America, where that ratio is 50 percent). Infor

mapics versiones  Systems Union , or MAPICS ), but many more acquisitions were companies with a primarily direct sales approach and culture. A few years back, I was made aware of some Infor partners’ displeasure with the vendor’s ambivalent approach to its channel, and many former Lilly Software partners in North America have since jumped ship and begun to represent enterprise resource planning (ERP)  products from, say, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, IFS , etc. Indeed, without compelling incentives, selling tools, Read More

MAPICS Moving On Pragmatically Part 2: Market Impact

For the last several months, MAPICS, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAPX), a global provider of extended ERP applications for world-class mid-sized manufacturers, has embarked on a painstaking process of producing a strategy going forward that would pragmatically blend the company’s traditional values and success factors with new approaches to stay in tune with market trends.

mapics versiones  customer satisfaction, and dependability, MAPICS has for last several years additionally pursued in-house development and additional partnering arrangements intended to help manufacturers move into a collaborative e-business realm prudently and less painfully. The company has lately focused on opening and extending its applications so that all customers' data and business processes remain in place as they embark onto e-business collaborative expansion of their back-office investments. In fact, MAPICS had Read More

Competitive Challenges for Vanguard

Vanguard's challenge is to continue to be nimble and responsive to the needs of its target market and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners.

mapics versiones  Agilisys Process and now MAPICS , while SSA Global recently purchased Marcam (see The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA Global ). These consolidators will try to standardize the BI solutions across their ERP product lines, which is a threat to Vanguard's favored position. This is particularly coming from Cognos —which has meanwhile become the standard BI solution across all SSA Global product lines—and within MAPICS—prior to the acquisition by Infor. In addition to Read More

Does NavisionDamgaard Merger Mark Further Mid-Market Consolidation?

While the higher end of ERP market has (surprisingly) experienced only limited merger & acquisition activity during 2000 (mainly seen in ERP losers been devoured by ERP outsiders), the mid-market has seen more significant intra-market activity. The latest one was the merger between Navision Software and Damgaard.

mapics versiones  QAD, IFS, Great Plains, MAPICS, and Intentia to name but a few, but also increasingly by Tier 1 vendors that are looking for additional revenue and market share growth (for more information, see SAP Claims Big Gains In The Low-End Battleground ). This is a marriage of convenience, with both companies contributing and benefiting. Navision enters the marriage with a strong international presence, proven execution and a profitable business model. Damgaard, on the other hand, offers a more scalable product, Read More

One Product for Large and Small Manufacturers: Challenges and User Recommendations

A solid product aside, good may be just too good for IQMS. Potential customers may shy away because its well-rounded solution may seem more appropriate for the upper-end of the market. This, combined with IQMS' reliance on Oracle, and its well-integrated product will pose challenges to the vendor's growth.

mapics versiones  Infor Global Solutions , MAPICS , Intuitive Manufacturing Systems , Microsoft Business Solutions , Epicor , and SSA Global . IQMS' total reliance on the Oracle database and its exclusion of all other databases presents prospects with another dilemma. Typically, discerning customers expect and like comparative choices. Likewise some companies of IQMS' target market will have already made a significant investment in Microsoft technology and will be reluctant to bring in a new database design. Although IQMS Read More