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Information Security Firewalls Market Report Part One: Market Overview and Technology Background
The firewall market is a mature and competitive segment of the information security market. With numerous vendors and firewalls in all price ranges choose from,

market share security  will likely gain more market share in the years ahead. Today Juniper has offices in the Pacific Rim, Europe, and the Americas. Juniper yields a $26,000 (USD) profit per employee, a year. Figure 3. Juniper Networks Stock Performance Over the Last Year Symantec Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) has grown to be a security monolith showing a profit of $370 million (USD) on revenues of $1.8 billion (USD) in 2004, which is about $74,000 (USD) profit per employee, a year. Five years ago Symantec had annual revenues of Read More...
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Documents related to » market share security

Information Security Firewalls Market Report Part Two: Current Market Trends and User Recommendations
Numerous firewall solutions exist in the market. However, decision makers can wade through the thousands of product criteria to find the right solution by

market share security  be worried about losing market share and start innovating other technologies to remain competitive. Recommendations to Enterprise Firewall Customers There is significant value to be gained from one-stop-shopping. You can leverage better pricing and decrease administrative complexities. For these reasons, organizations that already have a significant investment in any of these vendor's products, and are, for the most part, satisfied with the products and service, should consider sticking with their Read More...
BI State of the Market Report
IT departments rarely know as much about a business as the business people themselves. But business users still depend on IT to deliver answers related to the

market share security  entrants into the BI market are paying the most attention to BI 2.0. Some vendors, such as Good Data, have it as a central component of their solution offerings. The following are key capabilities of BI 2.0: Collaboration Business users are able to share information within the user community and create discussion threads relating to the information. Identification of useful information Business users can flag information that is likely to be of use to others within the community. Enriching of information Read More...
Security Information Market Heading for Growth
The growth of security vulnerabilities is creating a new market for security information. With link sharing and cooperation among sites, it is not clear that

market share security  the online security information market does not seem to be a predatory or prey market. In fact, many security information sites work together to share links in order to expand the content of their own sites. Some sites are supported by advertising, click-throughs, and publishing vendor contact information which can be included in a favorable product review; while others maintain the independence and objectivity of the information provided and the product reviews. Further, being a content aggregator helps Read More...
State of the Market: HR
More than ever, executives are looking to transform human resources (HR) from a seemingly low-priority function into a strategic part of the business. This

market share security  in their quest for market dominance. For instance, by implementing a holistic employee performance management process across the enterprise, corporate strategy can be aligned (and properly communicated) with individual goals and objectives, whereby actual performance against those goals can have ramifications for individual compensation and rewards. This should drive behavior and attitude toward executing on the corporate strategy, with improved employee satisfaction and loyalty as a result. This certainl Read More...
Integrated Security: A New Network Approach
The challenge is to ensure that the right people gain access and the wrong people do not, making the role of information security even more critical to enabling

market share security  even rendering the company's market position untenable. According to the 2002 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, the most serious financial losses due to security breaches included theft of proprietary information (26 respondents reported total losses over $170,000,000). Damage to Brand Equity . Damage to a company's brand may assume various forms, each of them capable of degrading a company's position in the marketplace. For example, companies that have had customer data (such as credit card Read More...
Enabling Security in the Software Development Life Cycle
When companies discover new security vulnerabilities, they must retrofit the affected software with an appropriate patch and fend off the wrath of customers

market share security  critical, the time to market (or deployment time) must be counterbalanced by the risk that an application might need to be overhauled immediately after the discovery of a security vulnerability. These engineers are at the gateway between development and production and therefore must be fast yet complete (under plenty of pressure) in their final testing. While other types of bugs can lead to the faulty functioning of an application, a security vulnerability can lead to stolen intellectual property. The Read More...
TCO & Security of Enterprise Grade Mobility
While mobility has been a key factor behind the consumerization of IT in the enterprise, it has created a new set of security challenges in the workplace. Read

market share security  consumerization of IT,mobile device management,byod,mobile entreprise solution assessment,mobile enterprise platform,enterprise mobility solution,Strategy Analytics,Integrate.com,BlackBerry,iOS,OS,Symbian,Windows Phone Read More...
Spire Security
Founded in 2008, Spire Security is an analyst firm that provides research and analysis in the information security field. A specialty of Spire is enterprise

market share security  
IT Security- What You Don't Know Can Cost You Big
In the white paper 7 essential steps to security risk reduction, you'll learn about a program that quantifies your security system's ability to han...

market share security  security know cost big,security,know,cost,big,know cost big,security cost big,security know big,security know cost. Read More...
Market Report: Mobile HCM
TEC recently asked end users all about their mobile HCM needs, usage, and challenges, and then asked vendors about their mobile HCM offerings and target markets

market share security  Read TEC's mobile HCM market report to find out more results of the survey and get HCM analyst Raluca Druta's take on mobile employees and how mobility fits in with HR practices. Read More...
Managing SSL Security
Secure sockets layer (SSL), an essential security protocol, has allowed the Internet to extend to e-business. At the heart SSL is the certificate. As

market share security  
Standard & Poor's Exposes Customers' Security
Due to security vulnerabilities in Standard & Poor's Comstock product, their customer sites throughout the world have been exposed to extensive security holes.

market share security  news on dedicated circuits. Market Impact Standard & Poor's was notified of this problem in January, and did little to reconcile the many security holes. The problem was first reported to S&P by customer Kevin Kadow, Network Security Analyst for MSG.net, and has been further verified and researched by Stephen Friedl. According to inside sources, as of March, S&P was still shipping out insecure boxes that had been changed only by cosmetic differences. Once bad guys get into the box by using one of the many Read More...

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