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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...

 mdm tecnologia

Six Steps to Manage Data Quality with SQL Server Integration Services
Without data that is reliable, accurate, and updated, organizations can’t confidently distribute that data across the enterprise, leading to bad business

mdm tecnologia  to creating a successful MDM application is the difficulty in integrating data from a variety of internal data sources, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) , business intelligence (BI) and legacy systems, as well as external data from partners, suppliers, and/or syndicators. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help organizations overcome the complex and expensive challenges associated with MDM — a solution that can handle a variety of data quality issues including data deduplication; while

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Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning (Discrete ERP) RFI / RFP Template

Financials, Human Resources, Manufacturing Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Sales Management, Product Technology Get this template

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...

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How One Vendor Supplies Agility to Post-implementation Enterprise Systems

Agresso's information warehouse, business process, and reporting and analytics information delivery models are inextricably linked in a virtual cycle. A change in any of these core competencies automatically informs a change in the others without instilling business disruption.

mdm tecnologia  applications—see SAP Bolsters NetWeaver's MDM Capabilities ). This is particularly true for the large competitive offerings where broad application sets have been enlarged through acquisition rather than organic in-house development. It should now be clearer how the Agresso's information warehouse, business process, and reporting and analytics information delivery models are inextricably linked in a virtual cycle. A change in any of these three core competencies automatically informs a change in the Read More

Customer Data Integration: A Primer

Customer data integration (CDI) involves consolidation of customer information for a centralized view of the customer experience. Implementing CDI within a customer relationship management initiative can help provide organizations with a successful framework to manage data on a continuous basis.

mdm tecnologia  Master Data Management ( MDM ) suite of products, and integrates with IBM Information Integration and Entity Analytics products. Initiate Systems provides CDI solutions to organizations to help control customer interactions related to sales, service, and customer relations. The Initiate Identity Hub software system focuses on CDI, enterprise master person index (EMPI), and entity resolution. It also leverages customer data in real time and enables organizations to find any data set, account, or Read More

A Road Map to Data Migration Success

Many significant business initiatives and large IT projects depend upon a successful data migration. But when migrated data is transformed for new uses, project teams encounter some very specific management and technical challenges. Minimizing the risk of these tricky migrations requires effective planning and scoping. Read up on the issues unique to data migration projects, and find out how to best approach them.

mdm tecnologia  is part of an MDM project will be distinct from other kinds of migrations, with a focus on dependency management, data quality, and data governance. An MDM implementation requires initial data migrations, but also ongoing integration and reconciliation. The business rules, matching criteria, and governance processes that are established for migration will be propagated to support the live application. Also, mergers and acquisitions require data consolidation, with a focus on reference data and business Read More

Enterprise Resource Planning: Bridging the Gap between Product Vision and Execution

Why has Infor been successful at tacitly nurturing and growing acquired companies when many more noisy competitors have not?

mdm tecnologia  on the importance of MDM and product information management (PIM), see SAP Bolsters NetWeaver's MDM Capabilities and The Role of PIM and PLM in the Product Information Supply Chain: Where is Your Link? . On the other hand, all brand new solutions, the so-called Corestone-enabled applications, are being written in J2EE or .NET. Therefore, although Corestone may have many similarities with the SAP NetWeaver or Oracle Fusion platforms. The major difference is that these appli-structure platforms that are Read More

Madness? Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

One of the riskiest moves company stakeholders can make is to acquire and merge with another company or to divest themselves of company assets. Despite the best of intentions, many mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures produce results far below expectations. Learn why failure happens, and how to prevent it by following the overriding best practice in successful acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures: preparedness.

mdm tecnologia  , Master Data Management MDM , post merger integration comprehensive MDM , merger acquisition integration MDM . CONTENT Executive Summary In the Name of Growth Risky Business A Common Path to Success Premerger Assessment Phase The Role of IT Gain the Insight You Need Postmerger Integration Phase The Pitfalls of Postmerger Integration Bridging the Gaps Solutions for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures Solutions for the Premerger Assessment Phase Strategy Management Business Planning and Consolidation Read More

SAP Weaves Microsoft .NET And IBM WebSphere Into Its ESA Tapestry

While SAP’s determination to become service-oriented architecture applications Lingua Franca evangelist should be of vital importance to its customers and for the general market direction, one should in the short-term expect tremors rather than tectonic moves and a speedy extinction of many pre-historic looking application species.

mdm tecnologia  Master Data Management ( MDM ) services, which is SAP's first standardized offering designed to solve the widespread challenges of data integration from multiple systems, physical locations, and diverse vendors. MDM should ensure information integrity across the business network by allowing companies to consolidate, harmonize, and centrally master data in heterogeneous IT environments. In addition to these new capabilities, SAP NetWeaver is comprised of the following: Multi-channel access with both Web Read More

Advanced Meter Infrastructure: Composite Technologies to Meet New Demands in Sales and Customer Service

Traditionally, utilities have leveraged robust meter, network, and customer service infrastructures. These technologies served the needs of largely regulated energy and utility markets characterized by price regulations, easy access to energy resources, and sufficient infrastructure capacity. There are few examples of "old" technologies that make such a compelling argument against replacement. All that’s about to change.

mdm tecnologia  (MDM) 4. Data Processing MDM 5. Information Storage/Persistency MDM 6. Information Delivery/Presentment Portals, Web Services, MDM, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Source: Gartner Figure 1: Process Steps and Supporting Technologies of AMI All involved processes and systems ' both within and beyond company boundaries ' can be linked through composite application technologies that consume enterprise services exposed by a process-centric data-exchange infrastructure. This, in turn, enables two-way Read More

Oracle Gets into the BYOD Game

Without much fanfare Oracle recently quietly acquired Bitzer Mobile, a provider of mobile applications management solutions that allow organizations to provide their employees access to corporate data and applications from their mobile devices. Oracle hereby intends to address the growing security needs created by the burgeoning “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend. Bitzer Mobile will augment

mdm tecnologia  MaaS360 mobile device management (MDM), app management, and security software. It will be interesting to watch whether salesforce.com will follow suit, given that mobility and connectivity to all devices has been the main theme of the Dreamforce 2013 conference. Read More

Does Android Dream of Enterprise Adoption?

Android is here to stay, especially as BYOD programs gain popularity. To remain secure and compliant with industry standards, enterprises need a way to protect and manage the wide range of available devices, versions, and idiosyncrasies of the world’s most popular mobile operating system. See how mobile device management (MDM) platforms can provide a stable universe for Android devices to be securely deployed in your workforce.

mdm tecnologia  how mobile device management (MDM) platforms can provide a stable universe for Android devices to be securely deployed in your workforce. Read More

SAP Bolsters NetWeaver's MDM Capabilities Part One: Event Summary

SAP's determination to become a service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications lingua franca evangelist through SAP NetWeaver might have been further shown by its recent willingness to acquire catalog and product content management (PCM) vendor A2i, knowing its inclination to acquire little when it comes to technology vendors. Apparently, there should be some compelling time-to-market urge to add PCM value within the master data management (MDM) realm.

mdm tecnologia  Bolsters NetWeaver's MDM Capabilities Part One: Event Summary Event Summary To anyone even remotely following SAP AG (NYSE: SAP), the leading provider of enterprise applications and the market's bellwether, it should be crystal clear that, for the last couple of years, SAP's aggressively promoted application and integration platform, SAP NetWeaver , has become the main pillar of the vendor's strategy to remake itself into a platform vendor too. In addition to its broadest suite of enterprise Read More

Red Hat Feeds on Mobile

Red Hat announced its intent to acquire FeedHenry, an Irish enterprise mobile application platform provider, for €63.5 million (US$81.9 million) in cash. The acquisition enables Red Hat to support mobile application development in public and private cloud environments.

mdm tecnologia  about mobile device management (MDM) as with SAP Afaria and WMware AirWatch .   Red Hat has done some work in this area organically, and wanted to go broader, faster. FeedHenry complements Red Hat's strengths and culture, as its platform covers developer collaboration, app security, and deployment on cloud app platforms, among other capabilities. Red Hat considers it an important addition to its existing enterprise cloud app development tools, which rely on its JBoss middleware and OpenShift cloud app Read More

Flexible Customer Data Integration Solution Adapts to Your Business Needs

Siperian's master data management and customer data integration (CDI) solutions allow organizations to consolidate, manage, and customize customer-related data. The type of CDI hub implemented depends on the CDI environment's maturity, requirements, and alignment with an organization's internal processes.

mdm tecnologia  within their CDI or MDM environments. Siperian's product offerings reflect the business needs of organizations, and provide businesses with the ability to reduce operational costs and improve compliance when implemented in alignment with the organizations' business processes. This occurs through the management of customer-related data by creating a singular view of the customer across the organization, and by providing the appropriate views of that data to business units across the organization, based on Read More

Agresso + CODA, VITA + Link (+ CODA 2go): What's the Sum? (Part 1)

Over the last few years I have produced a number of articles and blog entries on two once-independent and occasionally competing products: Agresso Business World (ABW) and CODA Financials. Since early 2008, these two products and their related owner companies have become siblings within the Unit 4 Agresso parent. Unit 4 Agresso is a Netherlands-based business software company that has grown

mdm tecnologia  do to alleviate the MDM and SOA governance conundrum when it comes to BLINC plug-ins? To that end, Part 2 of this blog series will focus on the CODA Link architecture that espouses superior interconnectivity. Your comments and opinions about post-implementation agility and Agresso’ bifurcated strategy are welcome in the meantime. To be more precise, how crucial are a system’s inherent agility and interoperability in your evaluation efforts? Read More

Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Four: SOA and Web Services

The battle for the dominance in service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services has nonetheless so far largely been a war of words without the clear winner yet (and not any time soon), as many underlying Internet-based standards have emerged only recently.

mdm tecnologia  (see SAP Bolsters NetWeaver's MDM Capabilities ). Incidentally, both SAP MDM and Oracle data hubs are about creating a unified, reconciled single source of the truth amid conflicting applications and systems that have different names and versions of the same information. The reality of heterogeneous environments has recently caused Oracle to expand its vision for the realm of enterprise applications. Starting with CRM, it will be more inclusive of other application providers, such as SAP, Siebel, and Read More