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How to Cope When Your Service Provider is Acquired
Challenges are aplenty when a vendor is acquired. Financial health is no longer a safe indicator to gauge a vendor's future during this mega merger era. Knowing

mega loman  Oracle,PeopleSoft,JD Edwards,merger,SAP,acquisition,Project Fusion,enterprise infrastructure,enterprise software,Enterprise Services Architecture Project Greenindependent software vendorssoftware evaluation Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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QAD Pulling through, Patiently but Passionately Part Three: Market Impact
QAD deserves admiration for its protracted innovativeness and endurance as the only assets it could muster as to compensate for limited resources compared to

mega loman  (i.e., the market-leading over-evolved mega-suite vendors like SAP and Oracle) having humongous cash, R&D, sales and marketing resources, as well as global coverage and strong corporate-level financial and HR modules, but their implementations—due to complexity of overblown, spaghetti-like code—often come without benefits and with a risk (see What's Wrong With Application Software? Businesses Really Are Unique - One Size Can Never Fit All ). Another way to be all things to all people is to acquire a Read More...
How to Defend Against New Botnet Attacks
In 2008, botnets were responsible for 90 percent of spam. The ever-changing nature of botnets makes them hard to detect and even harder to defend against@and

mega loman  and a Network | Mega D | Data Internet Security 2008 | Hypervisor Technology | Sophisticated Attack Technique | Widespread and Profitable Botnets | Damage Brand Reputation | Identity Theft | Volume | Analyzing the Risks that Botnets Represent | Risks to Business from Botnets | Internet Security Software | Symantec Security Check | Main Distribution Technology for Spam | Best Security Solution for a Business | Changing Addresses of Web Proxies | Botnet Video Attack | Effective Layered-Defense | Risks to Read More...
Demystifying the EPC Global Network: An explanation of ONS, EPC-IS, and EPC-DS
As goods traverse the supply chain, various parties need to exchange information about these goods. This requires interoperability across the global network

mega loman  contained in some centralized mega-database, but rather it is contained in individual EPC-IS instances. Who better to manage the public interface (EPC-IS) to this type of data about products, shipments, etc. than the manufacturer or other similar party that is already doing all the work of creating and managing that data in their systems? [1] The EPC number here is represented in hex or base 16. The letters A, B, C, D, and E therefore represent the numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 respectively, so eve Read More...
PeopleSoft Gathers Manufacturing and SCM Wherewithal Part Two: Market Impact
The PeopleSoft-J.D. Edwards merger was, in great part, about retaining the big five (or big four, or big three) seat and the need to be bigger within shrinking

mega loman  looking positively at PeopleSoft's mega acquisition of J.D. Edwards since its announcement in June albeit not overly enthusiastically due to its inevitable challenges down the track. True, the PeopleSoft-J.D. Edwards merger was in great part about retaining the big five (or big four, or big three) seat and about the need to be bigger within shrinking market opportunities. It was no big secret that PeopleSoft had long been looking to expand its reach through acquisitions (see PeopleSoft's Buying Momentum G Read More...
IFS Bucking the Trends - Part 1
IFS is a public business software company (listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange) founded in 1983 with headquarters in Linkoping, Sweden and with US$362

mega loman  with than the large, mega vendors ( SAP and Oracle ). In addition, more and more organizations in IFS’ target market space have international operations, which drives them to adopt solutions that allow them to operate their entire business on a single platform, independent of geography. These companies need to execute quickly internationally, and the vendor can demonstrate that the IFS Applications suite is well placed to serve that need.  Add to that a reputation for service excellence, and no wonder Read More...
Delving into the Facts Behind the ERP Vendor Market’s Self-Ascribed Answer for ‘Businesses Living IN Change’ ™ -An Interview with UNIT4’s Product Marketing Executive
Rather than pursuing the usual route of writing analyses of major market trends, I’ve decided to ask vendors about their opinions and approaches. UNIT4 has

mega loman  a project (e.g., the mega development project of the Dubai Palm Islands . So, it is about sharing of drawings, contracts, instructions, and what have you, all in a secure way, between organizations that all run their own part of the project. Q4 . There seems to be a variety of product flavors for education: QL Student (from former Distinction Systems ) in the UK and then also an Agresso-based product in North America. What's the difference (in terms of who uses them and for what)? TD (UNIT4) : Indeed. Agr Read More...
TEC Research Analyst Round Table: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Software-as-a-service (SaaS): friend or foe? SaaS—also known as on-demand or hosted applications—is becoming more and more popular in a number of enterprise

mega loman  part blog series entitled Mega-vendors Warming Up to the Cloud   or To SaaS or Not, Is That a Question? – SaaSy Discussions . The technology industry is abuzz with SaaS, but while SaaS certainly has its benefits, it has its challenges as well. Like any software selection project, it’s important to understand what is right for your business not only in terms of the software you choose, but the way in which it is offered and implemented. Let us know what you think about SaaS. In an upcoming blog, TEC� Read More...
Improving Human Performance by Identifying the Gaps
Mariano Bernárdez, expert in performance improvement, was interviewed in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by Learning Review's Verónica Inoue. Inoue asked Bernardez

mega loman  internationally renowned expert in mega planning. He is the principal of the International Institute for Social and Organizational Performance Improvement. Bernárdez has dedicated his professional life to the development of new organizations in emerging markets. He is currently in charge of creating fourteen new organizations in emerging markets that aim to export to the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and Korea. He is president of the Global Network for Performance Improvement and director of the I Read More...
The Modelling Approach to Post-implementation Agility in Enterprise Systems
Change happens, and it will always happen in virtually every business environment. The underlying enterprise system should thus be an aid to changing the

mega loman  complex architecture. Such large, mega implementations might be another opportunity for the consulting giants like IBM that hope to make a small fortune on SOA projects, which rekindles a sense of dj vu with respect to the pre-year-2000 (Y2K) salad days. Considering the probable expensive and disruptive upgrades with unproven benefits (and the fact that vendor hype is forging ahead of actual SOA capabilities), many prospective customers might at this stage see these projects as yet another exercise in IT Read More...
Vendors Strive for Segment Pack Leader Status; Does Retalix Measure Up?
Software vendors strive to be leaders in their areas of expertise and Retalix seems to be no exception. But how do we recognize a segment pack leader and what

mega loman  But neither of these mega- enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors has significant traction in food-related retail, in relative terms, compared to their other varied segments. For mid-market vendors, far too often solution providers espouse vertical initiatives or capabilities driven by opportunistic means. In other words, they signed up a client or two that happen to fall into a market segment that they didn't necessarily target. Many retail software solution providers today are heavily steeped into Read More...
The Grape Escape 2011 Roundup
Although this year Judith Rothrock could not attend herself, she’s the driving force behind the annual JRocket Marketing Grape Escape® industry analyst event

mega loman  business initiatives to manage mega construction projects in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Offering a cloud-based deployment option for Prolog, its construction project management software, is another logical step. This option is called Prolog Sky and is available for both the Prolog Manager and Prolog Converge variations of the product. Software packages and deployment options bring lots of innovation to a market that is historically highly conservative and slow to adopt new technology. Read More...
CRM: Big is Not Always the Best
Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can range from simple contact managers (for a few hundred dollars) to multimillion-dollar enterprise

mega loman  the small business to mega CRM systems that cost millions of dollars that focus on the largest of companies – there is something out there for just about every company. We suggest you perform extremely diligent research to ensure the CRM system your company needs is properly evaluated to fit the unique needs of your company. W67 N222 Evergreen Blvd., Suite 212 Cedarburg, WI 53012 800.886.0866 www.oncontact.com ©2005 Oncontact Software Searches related to CRM: Big is Not Always the Best : CRM Systems | Read More...
SAP NetWeaver Background, Direction, and User Recommendations
SAP is using NetWeaver to reach to the shop floor by aggregating and presenting information to users, thus empowering them to improve manufacturing performance.

mega loman  comprised of a few mega-brokers , along with customers, partners, and independent software vendors (ISV), that are engaged in dynamic working relationships to spark and foster innovation by leveraging the unique value of each participant (including SAP) and to ensure usage continuity. SAP NetWeaver projects are now reportedly generating approximately $1 billion (USD) per quarter in new services revenue for SAP and its partners, and there are currently 5,000 to 6,000 NetWeaver projects completed or underw Read More...
Early Adopters Show Massive Advantages with Mobile
As the key technology that defines consumerization of technology, mobility has proven its qualitative benefits. However, the ROI on mobility remains elusive at

mega loman  both front-office and back-office mega processes, and how to gain the benefits of mobility for your organization. Read More...

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