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The Importance of Mentoring in the Workplace
Oracle HCM luminary Row Henson along with Aaron Green tell the story of their mentor/mentee relationship. Pick up tips for structuring meaningful mentor

mentor  Importance of Mentoring in the Workplace Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Solve the Succession Crisis by Growing “Inside-outside” Leaders
Strong evidence supports the notion that a well-groomed insider is a key to sustained company performance. In an analysis of 1,800 successions, company

mentor  often than not, the mentor will be at least as skeptical as the old-timer. The trick is to give the young manager the time and leeway to turn a new idea into a great business without giving him the rope to hang himself. The mentor must make sure resources are adequate but not excessive, dole them out stage by stage, and then wait and see. The mentor, in other words, is a kind of venture capitalist, teaching potential leaders how to make new ideas work. It takes world-class quality and cost control for Read More
Accord LMS
Accord LMS provides e-learning management for training, compliance, and institutional knowledge transfer. Accord LMS is Web-based and sharable content object

mentor  file/assignment management, blogs, forums, mentor chats, and dynamic social networking features; fully customizable portals for company-specific branding, course catalogs, and Web content served to learners based on unique characteristics; LMS manager profiles that allow delivery of limited access to learner, learning events, and management features; bulk learner upload lists, manager enrollment, customizable bulk e-mails, auto-notifications based on course progress, and learner count limits for managing Read More
Chronus—A Development Approach to Talent Management
This post features Seattle-based software company Chronus, and discusses the vendor's unique approach and solutions to helping organizations deliver effective

mentor  corresponding attributes from the mentor pool. Next, the solution takes into account common predilections or shared experiences—e.g., if two people went to the same college or worked in the past for the same employer. Lastly, individual compatibility is also taken into account, which allows each mentee to choose a mentor of the same gender or same age range, for example.   Dashboard to view the health of mentoring/coaching programs Chronus Flexibility The solution is flexible, allowing employers to set Read More
ECAD/MCAD Collaboration Solutions: Integrating Mechanical and Electrical Product Design
Electro-mechanical design continues to gain importance, as the majority of today’s products have both electrical and mechanical components and systems

mentor  offerings from PTC and Mentor Graphics that help companies develop electro-mechanical designs regardless of industry sector. This paper provides an overall description of collaboration between the Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD) and Mechanical Computer-Aided Design (MCAD) disciplines and presents issues and benefits as well as CIMdata's assessment of the ECAD-MCAD collaboration solutions of PTC and Mentor Graphics. 1. Executive Summary PTC and Mentor Graphics have developed their own sets of Read More
Omnify Software
Designed to meet the needs of small to midsize original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the electronics, mechanical, medical, and defense industries

mentor   Read More
Razorfish Wants to Get its Name Out on Broadband
Razorfish is positioned to expand, but at what price? Razorfish faces challenges in organization, image, and perceived capabilities. How well Razorfish

mentor  them. Within the organization, mentor programs have been established, often across function lines. The mentor can accept or refuse a request, but generally can take on four or five 'interns'. Apprenticeship style learning means skills are learned through osmosis and on-the-job practice more than by any formal training program. However, Razorfish insists the quality of its people is high, and formal training programs are not necessary. Culturally, Razorfish is a work-hard / play-hard organization. It is Read More
Enterprise Incentive Management Leader's Challenges and Response
Enterprise incentive management is an emerging field, and a number of players have entered the market. Callidus recently expanded its service offerings by

mentor  First Command Financial , Mentor Graphics , and The Prudential Life Insurance Company of Korea . The recently released TrueAnalytics module has apparently demonstrated the EIM strategic value, and it was sold in over half of the second quarter 2006 new deals. The solution was demonstrated in all sales opportunities and was often a key differentiator versus both Centive, Incentive Technology Corp. ( ITC ), and Oracle. Callidus plans to pursue sales of new product modules to existing customers of the Read More
Dassault Systèmes-Expanding Product Development and the 3D Experience
The Dassault Systèmes vision is to enable everyone—from product designers, engineers, and suppliers to end users and their respective communities—to create

mentor  is competing fiercely with Mentor Graphics (which in 2010 acquired Valor , a leader in printed circuit board [PCB] design). Traditional pure-play MES players such as Rockwell and Emerson have multiple times more installs, but Siemens and Dassault Systèmes are the leading players when it comes to MES sold with PLM. SAP and Oracle’s MES offerings are mostly enterprise resource planning (ERP)–based, but they may potentially tackle the PLM space as well. ENOVIA The ENOVIA portfolio of applications Read More
The Best-kept Secret in the Product Lifecycle Management Mid-market
The name Omnify Software may hardly come to mind when one thinks of the product lifecycle management (PLM) leaders, but that might change down the track

mentor  provides direct connections to Mentor Graphics’ DXDataBook and Cadence’s OrCad Component Information System (CIS) for electrical engineering component search-and-selection tasks. For a long time, Omnify integrated with existing enterprise tools via a flexible, language neutral programming environment with triggering and reporting capabilities that came standard with the product. However, the latest product release features industry standard communication protocols, multitiered technology options and, Read More

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