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Mobilizing Change Part Two: The Case for Action Method
The case for action is intended as a living document, to be updated and referenced by the business and the project team. It should be referenced during the

method statement  The Case for Action Method Featured Author - Bronwyn Evans - October 2, 2003 The Approach The best way to develop the projected benefits is to workshop these, then to prepare your case for action document and have it reviewed by the contributors. Some people conduct interviews and analyses of operations. The problem with this approach is that it takes a lot of effort and generally results in conflicting opinions in some areas. This approach also involves looking at what is done now and the analyst then Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » method statement

Quote-to-Order: An Overlooked Software Application
Last year, I met an analyst from another firm, and asked him what he thought about quote-to-order (Q2O) solutions, given the relevance between Q2O and the

method statement  and ERP) is a method to address the above mentioned issues. However, there is a small group of software applications (titled Q2O or configure, price, quote [CPQ] solutions) taking a more focused approach (click here to see the list of Q2O solutions). Q2O solutions use the Q2O process as a main thread to integrate all relevant activities and needed information in one place. In addition, some solutions also provide functionality such as quotation documentation, product information management (PIM) (also Read More
The Three Cs of Successful Positioning
There is a method to take you through the positioning process, where success depends on understanding three Cs--your Customer, your Competition, and your

method statement  But there is a method to take you through the positioning process to the desired result. Throughout the process, success depends on gaining a thorough understanding of the three Cs—your C ustomer, your C ompetition, and your C hannel. But what information do you need, and what's the best way to find it? This series of articles will explain how to use the three Cs to gather intelligence, challenge assumptions, and test your positioning. The Three C's of Successful Positioning Effective positioning of Read More
Remember The Story About The Secret Cookie Recipe? Looks Like It’s Been Patented
A patent has been issued on a technique for sharing cookie information between different domains. Why?

method statement  the user visits. The method of the patent is for goldflutes.com to cause the user's browser to access the silverflutes.com site; including a link of some kind in the page can do this; this would not be a link that the user clicks but, for example, an image link that retrieves an empty image. Figure 2 shows this. Whatever the exact form of the link that causes the user's browser to send a request to silverflutes.com Figure 3 shows that the request would contain the identification number as data. Finally, Read More
Finance Transformation and Routine Accounting: Enabling the Corporate Controller’s Role as a Strategic Contributor
The first role of the corporate controller has been to ensure corporate financial controls and@as a distant second@make strategic business contributions. But

method statement  Accounting Information | Accounting Method | Accounting News | Accounting Notes | Accounting Now | Accounting Package | Accounting Paper | Accounting Problems | Accounting Profit | Accounting Questions | Accounting Regulations | Accounting Reports | Accounting Resources | Accounting Sales | Accounting Service | Accounting Software | Accounting Solutions | Accounting Standards | Accounting Statement | Accounting Supplies | Accounting Systems | Accounting Test | Accounting Tips | Accounting Today | Read More
Cloud Intelligence: CIA Turns to Amazon
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has entered into a contract with Amazon, reportedly worth up to $600 million over 10 years. According to FCW:Amazon Web

method statement  Intelligence: CIA Turns to Amazon The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has entered into a contract with Amazon, reportedly worth up to $600 million over 10 years. According to FCW : Amazon Web Services will help the intelligence agency build a private cloud infrastructure that helps the agency keep up with emerging technologies like big data in a cost-effective manner not possible under the CIA's previous cloud efforts. While the CIA has been using small and highly specific private clouds for some Read More
Take the Direct Road to Success with Seamless DSD
The future, they say, is demand-driven. Not having the data you need to forecast your supply and demand processes means you’re in the slow lane toward a

method statement  Store Delivery Network , Method Selling Distributing , Store Delivery Working , Store Delivery Group , Store Delivery Variances , Store Delivery Losses , Store Delivery Application , Store Delivery Supplier . As CPG and retailing move rapidly toward a demand-driven future, it’s vital to keep in mind that accurate forecasting will be your key to superior performance –– and that the data driving your forecast and your response starts at the store. DSD companies can gain a clear edge with a seamless Read More
3C Software
3C Software, founded in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia (US), has taken a comprehensive approach to developing cost management solutions for process and complex

method statement  comparable with any accounting method and integrative with other enterprise and manufacturing systems. Read More
Three Cs of Successful Positioning: The Competition
Learn how to avoid the most deadly sin of all marketing—using the same position or a similar one as your competitor, and not knowing it.

method statement  Cs of Successful Positioning: The Competition Keep Positioning Simple: Hit It Where They Ain't. Long before marketers discovered positioning, early baseball great Wee Willie Keeler (lifetime batting average .345) summed up how to score on the competition: Hit it where they ain't. In positioning your B2B software, that means making a unique claim that sets you apart from the competition. Of course, like a well-placed hit, it's even better if it makes the other guys look like they are playing out Read More
Sales and Operations Planning Part One: Identifying and Forecasting Demand
An effective sales and operations planning game plan results in fewer stock-outs, shorter delivery lead-times, higher on-time shipping percentages, a manageable

method statement  Logic An order-point replenishment method provides an alternative to forecasts when anticipating demand for a location's stocked material. Time-phased order point logic suggests replenishment when an SKU's projected available balance falls below its reorder point. The reorder point quantity represents estimated demand over the SKU's lead-time. This means planning calculations suggest an SKU's replenishment orders based on sales orders with future shipment dates. A time-phased order point approach does Read More
Managing Product Recalls to Reduce Risk and Minimize Cost
Food and beverage producers need to effectively address the impact of industry-specific requirements and legal mandates on their businesses. Since 2002, the

method statement  Managing Product Variety | Method and System for Managing Product Output | Focus Product Development Process | Process Managing in Supply Chain | Managing Product Information in Supplier Networks | Product Managing Receiver Platforms | Compare Managing New Product | Sage Managing Product | Sage New Product Development | Sage Managing Existing Products | Sage Manage Products | Sage Managing Existing Products Managing | Sage Product Life Cycle | Sage Managing Product Development | Sage Product Development Read More
Market Impact of Lawson-Intentia Merger
The Lawson and Intentia merger might create a much-needed, strong statement for the market, and provide the mid-market with more options. It may also decrease

method statement  what might produce some method to the madness of Intentia-Lawson merger. Their union somewhat resembles a personal relationship where opposites attract, and while their coupling may not have been love at first sight, it might still become a successful marriage of convenience. The force-joining deal might bring about a much needed, stronger statement for the market, and reverse Lawson's and Intentia's negative momentum, where both companies struggled in the frenzied and rapidly consolidating enterprise Read More
The Customer Relationship Management Vision: It Starts with Relationships
An alarming number of companies get on the wrong track when creating a customer relationship management (CRM) vision. Outlined here are four steps that take the

method statement  Customer Relationship Management Vision: It Starts with Relationships Originally published - December 19, 2007 When it comes to the creation of a customer relationship management (CRM) vision that truly serves to enhance the customer experience, so many organizational leaders are trapped within their own understanding of what that vision entails. Consider the following statistic: of all CRM programs initiated, roughly 70 percent involve a great solution but a bad implementation plan, resulting in poor Read More
11 Reasons to Choose QLogic iSCSI HBAs over Software Initiators and TOE
Storage area network (SAN) administrators are under constant pressure to reduce costs, particularly in the area of storage systems. iSCSI technology offers an

method statement  (HBA) is the best method. Read More

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