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Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as NAV and MFGPro.

Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as SAP and MFGPro.

Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as MFGPro and SAP.

Documents related to » mfgpro result

ERP Showdown—Round 2!Exact Macola ES vs. Infor SyteLine vs. QAD MFG/PRO
I'm Dylan Persaud, senior analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers. Due to the overwhelming response to our first ERP Showdown, we're pleased to present another head-to-head discrete enterprise resource planning (ERP) comparison. Here, then, is ERP Showdown, Round 2!—featuring Exact Macola ES vs. Infor SyteLine vs. QAD MFG/PRO.

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Case Study: BestShippers and BestInsight
As a result of exponential growth via acquisition, an international metals manufacturer realized it was trying to function with six disparate systems. Because of this lack of integration, transportation costs were skyrocketing. Learn about the solution that helped the company automate tendering processes, centralize core functions like carrier management, increase management’s visibility and control—and more.

2/17/2009 2:37:00 PM

BatchMaster Software, Inc.

MFGPRO RESULT: BatchMaster has been the preeminent provider of process manufacturing solutions for more than twenty years. Its focus on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) needs of small to mid-size process manufacturers has, since 1983, made it possible for those companies to have a technologically current solution wholly focused on the challenges of batch processing. Its success is clear: BatchMaster is being used by over 1,100 companies worldwide.From its early work on the best way to handle by-products, to its pioneering development of the SuperBatch, BatchMaster has been at the forefront of bringing affordable innovation to the process manufacturer. It has done so by maintaining a commitment to being responsive, so that its delivery of information to process manufacturers is the result of conversations with process manufacturers, the result of experience. Experience that has, moreover, led BatchMaster to focus upon being the complete solution for all phases of the batch processing operation.In the choice to manage all aspects of a process manufacturing, BatchMaster committed a paradigm of considerable depth. The BatchMaster application has been a sound and reliable choice for customers who manufacture foods and beverages, paints and coatings, cosmetics and other personal care products, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Manufacturers of specialty chemicals have been particularly pleased over the years with BatchMaster Enterprise products because the information flow from laboratory to formulation to costing scenario complements and models how they do business.This same legacy of knowing and understanding the process manufacturers requirements allowed BatchMaster to lead the way in providing small to mid-market process manufacturers with an affordable material requirements planning (MRP) package. The decision was not one that could have been made by a newcomer to the arena. The BatchMaster success with affordable MRP is, in no small part, the result of the companys heritage: only a firm with a wealth of informationinformation developed over timeabout the kinds of challenges process manufacturers can face as they strive to manage what they know about demand, what they know about production, and what they believe they should buy. When you select BatchMaster, you select a partner who understands that one of the best uses of the past is as a means to prepare for the future. BatchMaster Enterprise, a fifth generation ERP product, stands as a complete solution for all phases of the batch processing operation. Through the result of experience and quality, BatchMaster is at the forefront of bringing affordable innovation to the process manufacturer.

Avoiding the Hazards of IT Consolidation
Your ITconsolidation plans may actually result in deteriorating applicationperformance and lost productivity. Learn how to enjoy thecost benefits ...

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6/9/2011 10:00:00 AM

Vulnerability Management for GLBA Compliance
The security provisions of the US Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) are complex and process-intensive, and non-compliant financial institutions and their officers have suffered penalties as a result. With QualysGuard’s vulnerability management and policy compliance solution—including on-demand auditing capabilities—financial institutions can easily meet the key security guidelines that are detailed in the GLBA.

11/2/2007 11:50:00 AM


MFGPRO RESULT: Jobpartners helps Human Resource executives effectively attract, connect, develop and retain the quality people their organisations need to remain competitive in today’s global business environment. Traditional HR, talent management and ERP systems are designed as “one size fits all.” As a result, they are too generic for most HR professionals – and too complex for line managers.


MFGPRO RESULT: webCRM, which is part of Teamlink A/S, was founded in 2005. Within Teamlink, customer relationship management (CRM) was the focus for a few years. However, a clearer CRM profile was needed, which is why the idea for webCRM arose. Its CRM activities started with the aim of developing a solution which focused on the sales process. Throughout 2004 and 2005, customers as well as functionality have increased, but the system has been marketed and sold on a project basis. During spring of 2005, webCRM launched a significant marketing and development effort in order to standardize its solution. The result is that it can be sold and implemented as a pure Web-based solution, with limited need for a consultant to set up the system. Configuration can be handled by the user in order to optimize the system to work with with sales to the government, or to private organizations and businesses. The company is located in Virum (Denmark).

Performance Management Myths and Reality (Part Three of Three)
It has been estimated that two-thirds of all complex technology solutions, such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and performance management result in less than successful outcomes. Implementing a complex technology-enabled performance management solution is a worthwhile, but significant challenge. That’s why the implementation of technology must be a small part of a larger change effort.

4/18/2007 6:55:00 PM

Enterprise Pereformance Management
Monitoring, measuring, and reporting on the financial health of a company is a basic need that requires effective tools and processes to optimize the end result. Underpinning this is the requirement for planning capabilities, using scenario and what-if analysis with simulations and other forward-looking capabilities. The new primary research presented in this report shows that most organizations still have much to do.

4/17/2009 7:02:00 AM

How to Create Compelling Product Roadmaps
Product roadmaps can mean the difference between success and failure in product delivery. Done correctly, they can help win large customers, and guide strategic planning efforts. Unfortunately, most product roadmaps are created under pressure when company management makes a last-minute request. As a result, they don’t have the impact they should, and can be a source of product management misery.

12/28/2006 5:42:00 PM

Case Study: Staying on Top in the Fast-paced E-commerce Software Market
We all know the payoffs that can result from the “agile” methodology: highly effective self-managed teams, increased flexibility, real-time change management, tight quality control … and the list goes on. But what happens when you need to expand your agility to include an outsourcing partner 5,000 miles away? Learn what happened to Elastic Path, a Canadian company competing in the fast-paced market of e-commerce software.

9/2/2008 4:38:00 PM

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