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Accelerating (and Fast-Starting) the SME Business at Oracle (and SAP) - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Oracle’s recent (and seemingly genuine) change of heart and approach towards partnering and catering enterprise applications

migrated statute  new implementation to be migrated to a larger SAP product. As mentioned in Part 1 , Oracle touts its Accelerate program as “set for life” for the customer, since the source code and functional scope is same for both large and small customers of, e.g., Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) or Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne . The same (i.e., set for life ) is true for SAP Business All-in-One, which will be the focus of Part 4. SAP Business ByDesign Chugging Along SAP offers SAP Business ByDesign  as another Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Rules, Tools, Policies, and Best Practices for Compliance in the United States
A strategic compliance program can help employers in the United States (US) reduce the likelihood of litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches

migrated statute  comprehensive compliance,comprehensive compliance program,effectively manage compliance costs,comprehensive compliance tips,comprehensive compliance tools,effectively manage comprehensive compliance costs,comprehensive compliance strategy,cost effective,comprehensive compliance management,comprehensive compliance examinations,comprehensive compliance firm,comprehensive compliance controls,management comprehensive compliance,compliance rules Read More...
The Middle Kingdom - From Wired to Wireless
Confused about RFID middleware? RFID middleware has a critical role to play in cleaving together and clarifying the signals and intelligence, bidirectionally

migrated statute  As the market interest migrated to EPCglobal standards, Savi (also a member of the MIT Auto ID Center) embedded the EPC components. So, whether your solutions are active or passive, four walls or on the ocean, you can get through the world. Savi is also most progressive on the security layers required in the various layers. This is a huge challenge, which only the tough can tackle. But with Savi's market (port and container security) they have the most interest. Savi also has been addressing the security Read More...
Marketing Automation: Coming of Age Slowly
Marketing is possibly the only remaining major business function yet to revise its core processes to take advantage of IT that can cut time, costs, and improve

migrated statute  given it has already migrated approximately 15 percent of Xchange's customer base to Affinium, and the vendor touts that regardless of which company has taken ultimate ownership of Xchange's remaining assets, converting to Affinium will be the most attractive solution for Xchange customers. The CRM market as well as its marketing automation sub-segment remains both the land of opportunity albeit with many sinister patches of quicksand traps for those with small footprint breadth in the field. While the Read More...
Nine Telltale Signs You Should Replace Your Current WMS
You rely on a warehouse management system (WMS) to maintain ongoing operations, support changing customer requirements, keep up with industry regulations, and

migrated statute  legacy systems can be migrated to SOA, but this may have little positive benefit other than chasing a technology story or market requirement. A true SOA is actually capable of manipulating the behavior of the system itself. Because of this capability, it will allow you to embrace the changes your business will face over the long term. You won't have to change your business practices to fit your software. 9. The user interface in your current WMS is difficult to use. Many WMS have outdated user interfaces Read More...
IBM Netfinity Server Division
IBM’s Intel-based Netfinity servers currently hold third place in the server wars with Dell and Compaq. What are their chances for improving their position?

migrated statute  This R&D work has migrated higher-end features down to the lower-end products. In addition, Netfinity products were the first Intel servers to have PCI hot-add capability under a Windows NT environment - at a time when most of the competition could not even provide hot-swap for PCI. IBM has also focused on providing diagnostic capability so that the user can isolate numerous problems quickly. Finally, IBM is the US patent leader, highlighting its strong commitment to basic R&D. Service and Support Read More...
Fast-track ERP Implementation: Advice from the Field
The common perception is that top-tier enterprise software takes years to implement. This is true for more complex solutions. But other applications, when

migrated statute  acquisition. Amazingly, Colfax has migrated newly-acquired companies onto IFS Applications in as little as nine weeks! Colfax Corporation is a world leader in the development, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, service and support of pumping and fluid handling systems. Specializing in positive displacement and centrifugal technologies, the company now owns product lines that target a wide range of industries including power generation, oil & gas, commercial and navy marine and industrial Read More...
Demand at the Fount of Open Source Part Two: A Primer Based in Demand Trends
Organizations globally, are contributing to increased demand for Free and open source software but vendors may not yet be meeting this demand. This article

migrated statute  cannot be used or migrated from one version of Windows to the next). It is the very fact that no-one company or person can prohibit access to the source code of the FOSS application that allows it to consistently be made compatible with the many various offshoots of itself. Why Would a Company Want to Develop Open Source Software? A significant point from the perspective of a company with a business based on Free and open source software is that it cannot expect to sell the software based on the exact Read More...
Onyx/Pivotal Rivalry Through Thin Rather Than Thick
The last few years have been harsh on most vendors within the CRM market segment, particularly on Onyx and Pivotal. The economic downturn and the standstill in

migrated statute  far, few customers have migrated to Pivotal's latest web architecture, version 5.0, since its release in April 2003; however, Onyx did it mid-2002 with Onyx Enterprise 4.0 release, when it web-enabled even its legacy client/server product Onyx Customer Center . Meanwhile, I has released another version, Onyx Enterprise 4.5 , and the solution also shares critical information among employees, customers, and partners through three role-specific, web services-based portals. This has resulted in approximately Read More...
Enterprise Applications Vendor Reverses Fortunes - But Will Perseverance and Agility Be Enough?
With seven consecutive profitable quarters, a feat unprecedented in the company's recent past, IFS enters a new phase of sustained profitable growth, along with

migrated statute  some of its customers migrated to the IFS product. IFS had hoped to convert its customer base from the maturing TCM product to its own modern enterprise applications, and consequently gain a quick US beachhead. However, customer satisfaction with TCM was very high, and customer loyalty therefore made it difficult to move customers away from it. With the majority of the TCM customers reluctant to make the transition, IFS then heavy-heartedly agreed to sell the TCM product line in November 2001, when IFS so Read More...
Best Software Delivers More Insights To Its Partners (As Well As To The Market) Part Three: Market Impact
With Best having already captured a lion's share of the market estimated to consist of several millions of small enterprises or ~$14 billion in revenue

migrated statute  MAS 90 customers have migrated from Peachtree and, even surprisingly, 14% of all new MAS 500 customers have leaped' from Peachtree, while 4% of all SalesLogix customers have formerly used ACT! and 19% of new MIP Fund Accounting Pro customers have migrated from Peachtree), more than 285,000 customers maintain support contracts, providing a stable recurring revenue stream to the vendor in these days of reduced activity in the market. Best Software, therefore, has almost all the ingredients of the recipe Read More...
Comparing the Total Cost of Ownership of Business Intelligence Solutions
For many companies, traditional business intelligence (BI) software is costly and resource-intensive. So are open source alternatives that require significant

migrated statute  individual items can be migrated from development to production in an automated way, making development to production management dramatically simpler. New Report/Dashboard Design The ultimate deliverable of a BI solution is some form of data presented for individual consumption. There are three primary modes of information distribution that have evolved over the years: Reports - Reporting is the core of BI and the dominant mode of information consumption. Reports are intended to broadly disseminate Read More...
Web Application Security: The Truth about White Box Testing versus Black Box Testing
Information security managers, quality assurance staff, and developers are faced with the enormous responsibility of keeping Web applications secure from the

migrated statute  all the data is migrated instantly with the product.   Cenzic, Inc. Cenzic provides automatic black box testing solutions that quickly and accurately find more real application vulnerabilities in both legacy Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 applications. Cenzic provides companies a security solution from remote, Software as Service (ClickToSecure®), for testing one or more applications, to a full enterprise-wide solution (Cenzic Hailstorm® Enterprise ARC) for effectively managing application security risks Read More...
Should interBiz Mean Intelligence And Prediction Beyond ERP?
Although interBiz has spouted an interesting value proposition to many enterprise applications users, the company still has to address some potential stumbling

migrated statute  their modifications will be migrated as well, at no additional cost. Additionally, customers that opt for the Migration Support Plan can have interBiz patches checked for compatibility with modifications (and any affected modifications that need to be adapted) before they install the patch on their system. The Maintenance Support Plan provides business level and technical support for modifications. Maintenance Support Plan customers can place support calls on modifications through the ISO 9000 certified, Read More...
A Road Map to Data Migration Success
Many significant business initiatives and large IT projects depend upon a successful data migration. But when migrated data is transformed for new uses, project

migrated statute  organization. In cases where migrated data is transformed for new uses, your project team encounters some very specific management and technical challenges. For example, a team that has been writing extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) code for a data warehouse faces a new set of challenges when migrating data to a live, operational system. Although a 2% error rate may be acceptable for aggregate reporting, it is not acceptable for customer contact data—in this example, we would fail to recognize Read More...

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