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Enterprise Applications Vendor Reverses Fortunes - But Will Perseverance and Agility Be Enough?
With seven consecutive profitable quarters, a feat unprecedented in the company's recent past, IFS enters a new phase of sustained profitable growth, along with

mike mcguire  original founder of EMS (Mike Dunham), who subsequently renamed the company WorkWise. Over 500 companies continue to use TCM to manage their businesses (see A User Centric WorkWise Customer Conference ). IFS initially also expanded into the customer relationship management (CRM) arena by acquiring former Israel-based CRM vendor Exactium for its product configuration module in the late 1990s. The subsequent sell-off move to Pivotal in 2000 (see What is IFS up to in the CRM Arena?! ) represented IFS Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » mike mcguire

Customer Relationship Management Strategies Part Four: Strategies and Case Study
Creating specific CRM strategies means developing measurable goals and calculating your ROI to achieve them. These in addition to a technical framework, sales

mike mcguire  edge. About the Authors Mike Holland is president of Management Advisory Systems Corporation, which he founded in 1993 with a group of former Big Six managers and industry experts. He has managed and participated in hundreds of business-based technology projects over the past twenty years including projects for Arthur Andersen and PriceWaterhouse/Coopers. Holland is also the co-author of the Guide to PC-Based Software for the Manufacturing Industry and Requirements Analyst . In addition, he has Read More
5 Tips for Energizing Your Sales Organization and Realizing Enterprise-wide Value with On-demand CRM
Increasingly, midsize companies are looking to customer relationship management (CRM) to energize their sales organizations and make the entire sales ecosystem

mike mcguire  Engagement Manager, CD Group Mike Hoskin, Director of CRM Consulting, CD Group Stephen Frizzola, CRM Practice Director, BizTech Author: Jim Lein, Marketing Director, Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies, jim.lein@oracle.com Searches related to 5 Tips for Energizing Your Sales Organization and Realizing Enterprise-wide Value with On-demand CRM : On-demand CRM | On-demand Customer Relationship Management | CRM Stategy | Customer Relationship Management Strategies | CRM Benefits | On-demand CRM | CRM Read More
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 7)
Welcome to Week 7 of TurtleSpice ERP! We’re following one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with a twist: It’s up to you to make sure

mike mcguire  to make sure comptroller Mike Chelonia stays on track and selects the right ERP system for the company. Cast your vote at the bottom of this post , and next week I’ll move the scenario forward based on the winning answer. The story so far : Mike Chelonia, TurtleSpice’s comptroller, has been tasked to select an ERP system by his CFO. Facing pressure from his VP Wade Sharkey to short-circuit the selection process and select Big Gun Software, Mike gets a reprieve when Wade Sharkey is over-ruled by the Read More
How One Distributor Played Wal-Mart's Distribution Game-And Won
As a supplier to Wal-Mart, appliance manufacturer Haier America was required to implement a radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging system. To satisfy

mike mcguire  of thousands of dollars. Mike Moser, Director of IT for Haier, summarized the problem, To implement the technology successfully, yet remain cost effective, we needed a software solution that we could integrate seamlessly and securely with our existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) package. Solution In January 2007, Haier chose VAI to design and install an RFID software solution. This decision reflected three key factors: (1) VAI's posture as an industry leader in developing ERP software for Read More
Outsourcing Best Practices-A Primer on Outsourcing Governance
The cardinal sin of outsourcing governance is to focus entirely on the mechanics and the price. If you do that, you’ll squander the true potential of the

mike mcguire  FOREWORD As described by Mike Atwood, Principal of the Everest Group in his article The Art of Governance: “An outsourcing relationship is like a marriage. The romance of the courtship or the airtight codicils of the prenuptial agreement do not contribute to the ongoing strength of the relationship.” And when it comes to the vitality and longevity of today’s successful outsourcing relationship — based on a mutual governance framework — it is wise to fi rst look back on the evolution of Read More
Logility Connections 2014—Enabling Supply Chain at Your Fingertips
The recently held Logility Connections 2014 conference exuded the supply chain vendor’s habitual optimism and customarily upbeat and stable financial results

mike mcguire  1 – Logility CEO Mike Edenfield at Logility Connections 2014     Tackling Integrated Business Planning   In addition to the aforementioned GA product release, attendees at Connections 2014 were treated to a sneak peak of Logility Voyager Integrated Business Planning , a next generation S&OP solution. As its name suggests, Voyager Integrated Business Planning provides a holistic view of planning across the business, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, sales marketing, suppliers, and Read More
Summarizing PTC’s Decades of Fervent In-House Innovation (and Acquisitions) - Part 1
Needham, Massachusetts (US)-based Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC, NASDAQ: PMTC) is an over USD 1 billion large software company that develops

mike mcguire  useful YouTube video of Mike Campbell, PTC’s divisional vice president of design and visualization products , talking about how the two modeling approaches will work together in Creo to enable people to choose the right modeling mode for the job within one environment. With Creo, PTC will have one design software suite with applications for both modeling approaches that share the  user interface (UI)  and file formats so that users can move between both modeling modes and design models with Read More
PowerCerv Facing Another Stormy Season
PowerCerv, a Tampa, FL based mid-market enterprise applications vendor, has been going through its second major attempt to revitalize itself. In August it

mike mcguire  announced the resignation of Mike Simmons, president and CEO, effective immediately. Marc Fratello, PowerCerv founder and chairman of the board, became president and CEO. In addition, PowerCerv announced that it has reduced its work force by approximately 37 people as part of a company wide cost- cutting program. Market Impact PowerCerv has been going through its second major attempt to revitalize itself. The first one had happened throughout 1996/97 (See Figure 2) when the company did away with the Read More
Interview with Michael McGrath, CEO, i2 Technologies
The former CEO and co-founder of PRTM is a keen observer of management cycles and philosophies. As he takes over the helm at i2, Michael McGrath talks about how

mike mcguire  Thanks for your time, Mike. http://www.i2.com/ This article is from Parallax View, ChainLink Research's on-line magazine, read by over 150,000 supply chain and IT professionals each month. Thought-provoking and actionable articles from ChainLink's analysts, top industry executives, researchers, and fellow practitioners. To view the entire magazine, click here . ChainLink Research is a bold new supply chain research organization dedicated to helping executives improve business performance and Read More
Come See the Softer Side of Linux?
Three hardware manufacturers, trying to upgrade the scalability and manageability of Linux servers, announced major Linux server initiatives at LinuxWorld in

mike mcguire  a business environment, said Mike Tar, senior product manager. One I-Node acts as the primary scheduler for a cluster on an Internet Protocol network. It monitors activities on other nodes and routes traffic to them. In the event of a node failure, it reroutes work in progress to other nodes. The goal, Ockman said, was to build the most reliable Linux system. Market Impact The Linux Gang (TLG) continues to take the game to Microsoft. Assuming all these products work as well in practice as in theory, Read More
RedPrairie and JDA Software Merger, Part One: What’s (Not) to Like?
My blog series in 2009 entitled “A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players” talked at great length about RedPrairie Corporation, JDA Software, and Manhattan

mike mcguire  the analyst call was Mike Mayoras, RedPrairie’s outgoing CEO, revealing that NMC had been the catalyst driving the deal and that there weren't any direct talks between the management teams of both companies until the deal was announced today. So it appears that NMC wanted to do this deal fairly quickly, which raises a question about who else was talking to JDA. Given the rushed “shotgun wedding” nature of the merger, there are lots of questions, but few details were divulged during the call. In the Read More
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 1)
Welcome to TurtleSpice ERP, our new series on software selection!We’ll follow one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with your help

mike mcguire  TurtleSpice. Except that today, Mike Chelonia, TurtleSpice’s comptroller , is struggling to wrap his head around the latest action item to hit his desk. He knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Mike’s CFO has mandated him to select an ERP system for TurtleSpice in order to overcome its current lack of manufacturing and reporting abilities, to enhance the overall operational efficiency of the company, and to better handle compliance issues. In fact, compliance is becoming nearly Read More
PeopleSoft Delivers Oxymoron In 'Supply Chain in a Box'
Users would do well to take PeopleSoft’s claims with a vein of salt and maintain realistic expectations regarding the challenges they will face in integrating

mike mcguire  orders on-line. According to Mike Frandsen, Vice President and General Manager of PeopleSoft's Supply Chain Division, PeopleSoft Supply Chain in a Box is a completely new way of implementing an end-to-end supply chain solution. This pre-assembled solution can begin paying back a customer's investment immediately. Though the software may enable the stated functions, the proposition that it can deliver them in a pre-assembled, pre-packaged and pre-configured manner stretches the limits of imagination. Read More
What All Sales Organizations Need to Know: An Up-close-and-personal Discussion with Blackboard and Salesforce.com
Salesforce.com and Blackboard have joined forces to offer cloud-based sales training for their customers. And according to TEC Research Analysts, if you’re

mike mcguire  and I spoke with Mike Rosenbaum, Vice President of Operations for Force.com, and Tim Hill, President of Blackboard Professional Education (ProEd), to learn about the strategies behind Blackboard Learn for Sales and how the Salesforce.com and Blackboard partnership came to be. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation. TEC: Did Blackboard’s product development team ever think about developing a sales-driven learning application in the cloud (an organically grown application), or was it Read More

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