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viastore sytems GmbH
Headquartered in Stuttgart (Germany), viastore systems is an international company specializing in automated material handling, including unit-load, mini

mini juego  material handling, including unit-load, mini-load, and man-aboard stacker cranes for automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS), material flow control (MFC), and warehouse management systems (WMS) software. Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » mini juego

CDC Software + Consona = Aptean (Or: New Bottles for Old Wines)
August 2012 started with the announcement of the merger of Consona Corporation and CDC Software under the name Aptean. The new brand, announced on August 7

mini juego  merger looks like a mini Infor (reminiscent of Infor’s aggressive consolidation days) or a mini Sage . After finally getting out from under the delinquent and bankrupt former parent company, CDC Software needed to be part of a bigger company. On the other hand, Battery Ventures and other investors have put so much cash into Consona over the years that unloading it was the only way out in this economy (some might even be wondering whether they broke even on the deal). Somewhat ironically, Onyx and Read More
APICS 2009 Convention: Day 3
Today’s general session showcased people from around the world (Mexico, China, Italy, South Africa, Poland, India, Egypt, US, etc.) and their stories about what

mini juego  we attended two different mini workshop sections: despite the fact that I’m a business analyst and supposed to preach about eliminating spreadsheets, I attended the Excel workshop for better inventory management, while my colleague Gabriel wanted to understand what SCREAM (Supply Chain Risk Evaluation and Management ) was all about. I was very intrigued by the description of the session: “Microsoft Excel can bring order to the chaos when your enterprise resource software can’t get the job done.” Read More
Social Media and Customer Experience Feedback
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs are just a few Internet services that make up the new growing digital world called social media. Many companies have seen

mini juego  or operations. Employing data mining techniques can help  at the strategic level. But still you are left with a dearth of actionable information. The way to overcome this weakness is to add structure to data flowing in from social media networks. (See our tactical recommendation on how to do this, below.) Relationships and Relevance – Not Advertising Although organizations may be tempted to use SM sites to promote their products or services, SM communities will not accept them as one of their own if Read More
Pacifica Research
Pacifica Research is a software publishing company is based in Southern California, and offers a line of real time accounting solutions that serve large and

mini juego  integrated accounting software for mini or micro computers and a pioneer in developing memory management and programming techniques which are now industry standards. The firm aims to deliver innovative business tools required by the clerk, CFO, and CEO. Read More
OS SmackDown!
In the latest escalation in the battle between Windows and Linux, directions on how to replace each with the other have been published on the Web by their

mini juego  are actually following this mini soap opera: (1) Who cares? ; (2) Boy, I'm so angry at their tactics, I'm going to show them by picking the other OS , or (3) amused disinterest . We think Scenario #3 is far more likely than #1 or #2 - people just aren't getting as upset at Microsoft's tactics of this type as they did in the past. However, from a corporate standpoint, this indicates that Microsoft is taking the Linux threat even more seriously. Although MS has not ignored Linux, this is viewed as yet Read More
The Three Cs of Successful Positioning Part Two: The Channel
One of the most effective and efficient ways to develop a successful marketing position for B2B software is to begin with the sales channel, especially if you

mini juego  the digital equipment corporation's mini-computers. The company excelled at accommodating very complex financial and management reporting requirements. I knew I had a good prospect when the decision maker said the organization had sophisticated financial reporting requirements, and the ability to meet them was an important factor in the final decision. When prospects asked me about my company, I'd provide a little company history about our heritage in public accounting, and then say, Most of our clients Read More
When Customer Relationships Meets Business Intelligence Marketing Analysis and User Recommendations
For many reasons, SAS's alliance with Amdocs and partnership with Aprimo might be some of a few vendor partnerships where customers and the vendors benefit.

mini juego  modules with SAS' data mining and predictive analytics tools to improve customer intimacy (such as up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in the contact center). For more user recommendations, specific to Amdocs, see the Amdocs Amdocs Overhauls Its Marketing series , Part Three. Ultimately, organizations seeking BI and analytic tools should look at their processes carefully, and not presume that generic tools will give them the complete functionality they are seeking. The implementation of new tools should Read More
Trend Virus Control System - A Centralized Approach to Protection
Trend Virus Control System (TVCS) utilizes a web based management console, which allows for administration, configuration and policy enforcement from a central

mini juego  of TVCS to include Mini and Mainframe systems by the 4th quarter of 2000 (Probability 85%). We also expect that Trend will move away from a proprietary Database, to a SQL Database coupled with redundancy and load balancing by the 4th Quarter of 2000 (Probability 90%). The product is priced at $3000 (USD) per 1000 users. Product Strengths The most appealing parts of the product are its cross-platform HTML based administration capabilities and its backward compatibility with previous revisions of Read More
What's Wrong with Application Software? It's the Economics
Enterprise architecture is a technology problem, not the business problem. The business problem is time, money, and quality. Focusing on modifications as an

mini juego  survived to move to mini-computers? How many mini-computer vendors (i.e. - ASK, SSA) are still leaders today? The answer is that some, but very few, software vendors make it from one generation to the next. Can a vendor evolve from their current architecture to next? Evolving means a slower process where incremental changes are made to the existing architecture such that it eventually meets the demands of the next. Again, if history helps us predict the future, most existing vendors will not be able to Read More
IBM PC Line Redrawn
IBM has decided to combine its entire desktop PC line under one name. The NetVista brand, until last week the name for IBM’s thin clients and appliance desktops

mini juego  including desktop, micro-tower and mini-tower. The majority of enterprise customers use custom software, which has to be re-qualified with every new systems deployment, an expensive process that can take 60 - 90 days. With one platform offered across a choice of design styles, the NetVista A40 models help eliminate the need for software re-qualification. IBM also announced several new beyond-the-box NetVista capabilities, including IBM Backup and Restore, a data protection and recovery solution; IBM Read More
Reaching the Peak of CMMI: How Fast Can You Climb?
Implementing Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) at Maturity Level 5 enables an organization to optimize its performance. Learn about the critical

mini juego  a series of weekly mini life cycles. This repetitive cycle made it very easy to perform Generic Practices 2.8 (Monitor and Control the Process) and 2.10 (Review Status with Higher Level Management), as well as collect ample data. By weekly collecting and analyzing the project and process data, LG Insurance Sector was able to quantitatively manage the processes and statistically manage its selected subprocesses. Over the course of two months it was easy for the organization to collect and analyze enough Read More
Customer Life Cycle Solutions: Strategic Alliances, Challenges, & User Recommendations
Collaboration between Amdocs and SAS, if truly committed to by both, should make it possible to collect and analyze information stored in these Amdocs' systems,

mini juego  integration with superb data mining, and support from a viable vendor (while Amdocs' financial viability is not questionable, the vendor has shown that that MA and analytics are not its native core competencies). Companies that have both SAS and Amdocs solutions in-house today might want to explore leveraging the pre-built integration if the applications in use are not already integrated, since SAS' data mining and predictive analytics tools should be able to amplify Amdocs' modules to improve customer Read More
Can High Flying NetGravity Maintain Its Position?
NetGravity's ad serving software remains a leader, and its merger with DoubleClick should have the company celebrating, but CMGI is massing troops on the border

mini juego  see banner positions becoming mini-entertainment centers, serving up sound, full-scale animation, and video. NetGravity expects that its customers will soon be able to offer their advertisers transaction-enabled banners, which will make it possible for users to complete transactions through the banner. Nothing that happens here should be a key differentiator between different products. Whatever capability one company announces another company should - and must - be able to announce soon after. The Read More

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