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Taming the SOA Beast - Part 1
Certainly, I admit to not being a programmer or a techie expert (not to use somewhat derogatory words like “geek” or “nerd”) per se. Still, my engineering

modified verbs  (composite application), gets significantly modified or even goes out of commission? To that end, companies should have the option of restricting the service’s possibly negative influence in the chain (process) until a signaling mechanism is in place, which can highlight changes that may compromise the ultimate composite application. Functional testing in such environments is a challenge because, by nature, Web services are not visual like conventional, user-facing software applications. In place of a Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » modified verbs

Accounting Software Selection Challenge #3: Microsoft vs. Infor (Difficulty = Basic)
I just want to make a quick point to address a popular software selection misconception. Here’s the misconception:  “The best accounting package for my business

modified verbs  the second graphic, I modified the priorities to reflect some hypothetical business considerations. Note that successful software selections are not based on features and functionality alone. Other factors include (but are certainly not limited to) implementation strategy, vertical expertise, and of course, pricing. These factors are not reflected in the graphs above. Now, here’s your accounting software selection challenge: Can you tell me why modifying your priorities changes the overall accounting Read More...
Epicor HCM Express Allows Companies to Go From Bare Bones to Full Functionality
Epicor HCM Express is an interesting option for small businesses that are taking their first steps toward adopting a human resources information system (HRIS

modified verbs  can be changed or modified, or enhanced with extra functionality to get more detailed routings and alerts.   The integration module Link, allowing users to predefine integrations with payroll and with Epicor ERP. For ERP customers, the Link module comes at no additional cost, while for customers handling payroll with third-party providers such as ADP, an additional cost has to be considered.   Custom reporting and analysis with the Microsoft report builder (on top of the standard reports that are Read More...
What’s Up with Computer Associates?
In a series of radical moves, Computer Associates appears to be trying to re-direct its gargantuan operations. After missing its numbers in the first calendar

modified verbs  This article has been modified from its original form since the original publication date. Read More...
HIPAA-Watch for Security Speeds Up Compliance Part One: Vendor and Product Information
HIPAA-Watch for Security is a tool designed to guide organizations through the risk analysis required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

modified verbs  defaults, and can be modified according to how your medical establishment is setup. You may need to add new functional areas such as oncology or pediatrics and HIPAA-Watch allows you to do that. Figure 2. Identifying the Respondents Once a respondent has been designated for each functional area, appropriate audit questions are assigned to each respondent. The survey of questions is extensive. Sample questions include the following: Does your organization retain HIPAA security documentation for six years Read More...
Best of Breed Versus Fully Integrated Software: The Pro's and Con's
After dealing with the over-hype of Y2K, companies have started to reconsider the best of breed as a viable solution to satisfy their software needs. This comes

modified verbs  implementation but also a modified big bang to lessen the risk. The big bang method is where you go live with all components at the same time. Unlike the explanations for the start of the universe, we can debunk the big bang theory fairly easily. First, modified or otherwise, the big bang method is not as foolhardy of an approach as you might be led to believe. The value of a FIS solution is its integration. Trying to decouple modules to facilitate a phased implementation is tantamount to Read More...
What's Wrong With Application Software? Businesses Really Are Unique - One Size Can Never Fit All
Does your company do things exactly like your competitor? Does your company do things like another company who is a totally different business? For some

modified verbs  of ERP customers have modified their systems Quite a lot . Why do these companies modify their systems? The only reason could be that the system does not do all that the company requires or in a way which is not appropriate for that company. It must be that these companies have unique requirements or the vendors would supply them in their standard systems. Vendors targeting different markets and 42.16% of their customers modifying the products Quite a lot mean that companies are unique one system does Read More...
Invensys Production Solutions - Can Historic Strengths And The 'Protean Boost' Overcome Its Liabilities?
Invensys has created a new group within its Production Management Division called Invensys Production Solutions. The group includes the PRISM and Protean

modified verbs  past investments, Invensys then modified that strategy to one of creating the Baan Process division (see Invensys Announces New Division - Baan Process ) which included five process ERP products coming to Invensys through Marcam and Baan acquisitions: Baan IV Process, Baan Dimensions, PRISM, Protean, and Baan Cable & Wire. The announcement was a departure from rewriting all the products into one core iBaan ERP product the unit was not going to provide an integrated solution any longer, but would rather Read More...
Information Architecture in Office SharePoint Server
Before any medium-to-large company implements Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007, it’s important to become familiar with the process that may occur

modified verbs  the box, custom, and modified assets completely into lists. Now user interface graphics, cascading style sheets, page layouts, and master pages are all contained in lists and are therefore in a content database on your back end systems. This brings with it the added functionality of workflow approval, versions, automatic deployment, and fully inclusive backups. All of these administrative or public lists can be easily accessed by using the Office SharePoint Designer 2007 interface when managing layouts, Read More...
'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Procurement, and SCM Unite! A Series Study
Now in 2001, the catchphrase is 'Collaborative Commerce', where we unite all of the elements of ERP, CRM, E-Procurement, and SCM into one coherent system within

modified verbs  This article has been modified from its original form since the original publication date. Read More...
BLM-Buzzword Lifecycle Management
The management of buzzwords represents a significant area for improvement, for both buzzword users (BU) and buzzword consumers (BC). Buzzword lifecycle

modified verbs  BW is extended or modified with the addition of one or more words. Typical words used for BW derivations (BWD1) include based, centric, compliant, and so on. Thus, we see some sources claiming that they are BLM-based or BLM-centric. The word that signals the ultimate BWE is the prefix true. Alas, the BWE of BLM has been signaled by the claim by some parties that they have true BLM. D Death With both the passage of time (and more importantly, the entry of new BWs into the BW MP), the BW dies. BW Read More...
Profit Optimization - Can We Possibly Argue With The Objective?

modified verbs  per seat being continually modified to meet the objective of the maximum profit for that flight. The why of Profit Optimization is easy? The objective is to increase profits and we can all agree on that objective. The how of Profit Optimization is not so easy. A simple analysis of increasing profits may say, raise prices or cut expenses or sell more . While all of these simple solutions are right, the problem is always more complex. For example, if we raise prices will the customers still buy? Read More...
CRM for Manufacturing vs. Regular CRM
A couple of weeks ago, I published a blog post called Customer Relationship Manufacturing. In this blog post, I described the symbiosis between the sales and

modified verbs  a regular CRM system modified to address manufacturing needs. Manufacturing companies will select the most appropriate option depending on the size of the company, the number of customers, and the number of business software users. What Are the CRM Functionalities Specific to Manufacturing? CRM vendors addressing manufacturing companies’ needs did not create specific functionalities for this industry, but enhanced existing ones. Here are some of them, which can be found in most CRM systems, and are Read More...
Web Testing Has Changed the Testing Landscape
Software testing vendors are forming alliances and partnerships with the vendors who actually service and support the delivery of Internet content. Thus do the

modified verbs  more than existing tools modified to accommodate web sites and the Internet. They didn't test the factors that cause a web site to fail. Only recently have testing tools that involve the hosting servers and anticipated demands on the web site been announced. User Recommendations Users have to evaluate vendor information carefully to determine which ones are actually testing web site performance. Before the Internet, software testing tools focused on functionality. Developers needed to be sure the Read More...
What Are the Support and Maintenance Options?
Enterprise software licensees do have a choice when it comes to software support and maintenance (S&M) providers, with several, less expensive options existing

modified verbs  Many customers have also modified their product instances, and vendors will not happily touch or support modified versions. Therefore, as long as these third party maintenance firms look at and address the needs of customers, they will do well. On the other hand, vendors have different business needs that restrict them from addressing many of those particular customer needs. This is part four of the series Will User Enterprises Ever Get onto an Easy (Support and Maintenance) Street? Part five discusses Read More...

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