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CRM Selections: When An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure Part Two: Using A Knowledge Base To Reduce The Time, Risk And Cost Of A CRM Selection
Using a knowledge base in the selection process can reduce the time, risk and cost of procuring technology. Well constructed knowledge bases that are used in a

module hierarchy diagram  Service and Industry Vertical Module Availability. The CRM Evaluation Center allows selection teams to drill into any area of the model to compare vendor strengths and weaknesses. Figure 5 Although Microsoft CRM took fist place with baseline priorities, a few changes to the priorities can change the rank and scores. Figure 6 indicates a new set of priorities. Figure 6 In this scenario Exact Software took first place in the overall model, as indicated in Figure 7. Selection teams can easily see how changes Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Working Toward Truly Strategic Partnerships
If good partnerships seem to be a rarity, true and lasting relationships that benefit both parties are downright unique. How to avoid a Barney relationship and

module hierarchy diagram  requirements. The new tax module worked perfectly and was sold successfully for several years. Unfortunately, no one in the front office of either company knew that it was built by PSI engineers using the ESI toolkit. When that was discovered, questions arose regarding ownership and royalties on both sides. But, once again, because of the depth that the relationship had reached, a longer term view was taken. PSI agreed not to use ESl's tools anymore, and ESI grandfathered PSI's rights to the software. Bot Read More
Supply Chain Network Visibility and Analytics
The complexity of the global economy is a powerful motivation for companies to look for new ways to increase efficiency and productivity. That’s why companies

module hierarchy diagram  Logistics , Supply Chain Module , Value Chain Management , CONTENTS Executive Summary The Need for Network-Wide Supply Chain Visibility Decision Making and Event Handling Visibility Leads to Better Coordination Process Visibility Supply Chain Event Management Centralized Control, Role-Based Access The Pitfalls of Poor Supply Chain Visibility Collaboration and Coordination Alerting and Event Resolution Product Visibility: Items, Assets, and Inventory Tracking and Tracing Visibility Beyond Exceptional Read More
Optimize Internal Supply Chain
The new reality for manufacturing CIOs is that budgets are far less than what they used to be and the ability to provide business intelligence to front line

module hierarchy diagram  functions included in this module are: Product Activity System maintains all activity on a given product allowing precise inventory management. Product Demand This allows the inventory management agent to maintain the product demand that includes actual sales and forecast. The forecast algorithms could be configured to customer requirements. Product Notes Maintain product notes including quality reports, customer complaints through simple interface or attachments. Manufacturing Infrastructure Read More
Evoke Software Releases Axio Data Integration Product
Evoke Software Corporation has announced the release of Axio™, an e-business integration product designed to web-enable multiple different data sources into a

module hierarchy diagram  FTM: Fixed Target Mapping module , to map data sources to packaged systems, i.e., CRM and ERP, where the target schema can't be created with the Design module. An XML module to structure XML transactions from corporate data is in development and expected in Q4 of 2000. In meetings with TEC, we were impressed with Mr. Edwards' vision for the company and the direction the product is taking. Evoke is privately funded, and current customers include ABN AMRO Bank, Fleet Financial Group, General Motors, and Read More
Benefits of a Single Database Solution: Improved Enterprise Quality Management from IQMS
IQMS appears to be raising the competitive bar for quality management among its ERP competition with a single database software solution and seamless ERP

module hierarchy diagram  etc. Then, the Quotation module allows users to examine costs and profit margins on new or existing manufacturing configurations. The structure is similar to that of BOM, but users can run unlimited what-if scenarios and, when satisfied, they can fairly easily roll over a satisfactory quote to a BOM without reentering the data. Later, actual sales orders—which are the actual demand that consumes the forecasted, hypothetical demand—will drive the creation of work orders. If parts are already in Read More
Are You Considering Distribution Software?
Distribution organizations play a key role between the manufacturers and retailers. Being the middle organization between a manufacturer and a retailer, a

module hierarchy diagram  Within a DC, each module feeds information back and forth to make decisions and deliver product and services to its customers. These modules are tied with inventory and financials as DCs need to communicate upstream and downstream in real-time internally and externally (i.e., suppliers and customer both need to be aware of what’s happening within the DC). Rankings for modules like transportation and human resources are higher in 2010 than previous years, which is an interesting trend. In my opinion, Read More
Can Enterprises Keep Their Spend on Their Radar (Screen)?
My recent post Why don’t Potential Benefits of Spend Analysis Come by Easily? described typical challenges of comprehensive spend management solutions. On one

module hierarchy diagram  Spend Radar Data Manager module The Spend Radar Reporting and Analysis module (see Figures 1 & 2) Figure 1 Generally speaking, most customers begin their spend analysis project by providing Spend Radar with their spend data, which the vendor’s experts collect, cleanse, and classify in the aforementioned Data Manager tool. Thereafter, customers are able to use the Reporting & Analysis module to analyze the data. Figure 2 After a period of 6 to 12 months, customers typically begin using the Data Manager m Read More
ERP123 is a comprehensive, integrated ERP business management software application that supports and automates business processes in manufacturing

module hierarchy diagram  be considered an individual module within ERP123. Each module represents a discrete business process within a business. The quantity of modules within ERP123 is a reflection of the widely varied number of methods it provides. For example, there are three different sales order entry modules that are standard within the system. Each of these provides specific functionality for a different business type, and can be deployed to meet different situational needs. Read More
Lilly Software Visualizes Its eBusiness Offering, NOW. Part 2: Market Impact
Lilly believes that, with the opportunity to implement the application either through an integrated module within the VISUAL product suite or via Lilly's new

module hierarchy diagram  either through an integrated module within the VISUAL product suite or via Lilly's new ASP option, manufacturers and distributors can easily get started with their e-business initiatives. This is Part Two of a two-part note discussing Lilly Software's recent announcements. Part One covered the announcements, this part discusses the Market Impact and makes User Recommendations. Market Impact  For the near future Lilly Software (LSA) will leverage its job shop manufacturing domain expertise, the latest Read More
Lose the Starry Eyes, Analyze: Reviewing the Ideal Candidate for Metasystems ICIM
This is an examination of Metasystems ERP solution. Companies can begin determining if it is worthwhile to pursue a relationship with Metasystems by considering

module hierarchy diagram  regard to any one module taking precedence over another. By checking the vendor's results against a normalized baseline, you see the modules and functionality on which the vendor puts the most emphasis. We take the baseline graph, adjust its benchmark, and develop the second type of graph in which the benchmark corresponds to Metasystem's focus. These newly prioritized graphs make ICIM's strengths visibly stand out against its weaknesses. Examining Metasystems The baseline contribution analysis graph Read More
Maximizer Enterprise 8: A Strong Competitor on the SMB Front Line
TEC recently reviewed Maximizer Enterprise 8. Tailored to the latest Internet technology, the offering is aggressively priced. Rich functionality is offered in

module hierarchy diagram  TEC's findings. The Sales Module An order and inquiry feature presents users with a comprehensive space to process customer orders or inquiries, in addition to accessing a product catalogue with an automated price per item listing. In the OrderDesk view, users can filter customer orders and inquiries based on types. Orders are individually processed and a multicurrency drop down menu includes an exhaustive list of international currencies. However, the summary listing on the order desk doesn't appear to Read More
Nuxeo's document management module provides an open source system built with the Nuxeo Platform. Nuxeo's system decreases document duplication, supports

module hierarchy diagram  Nuxeo's document management module provides an open source system built with the Nuxeo Platform. Nuxeo's system decreases document duplication, supports version tracking, assists with search and retrieval, and supports security controls, among many other features and functions. Read More
Source Code Translation
Everyone who writes computer software eventually faces the requirement of converting a large code base from one programming language to another. But source

module hierarchy diagram  source code translator,source code conversion,objective-c programming language,source code compiler,generating class diagrams,uml class diagrams,excel software source code translation,converting programming language,wina&d,compiler system,translate function logic,wintranslator,mactranslator,maca&d Read More
Nuxeo Content Management Platform, a Backgrounder
Nuxeo sees its content management product as the base for organizations to create their own content-centric business applications. The company offers some

module hierarchy diagram  Nuxeo’s document management (DM) module is one of the more common starting points among its client base. Nuxeo clients can build on the base platform with the DM module, and then use it to start other projects. The digital asset management module is in a growth phase for the company, while the case management module is a bit newer. The case management module stems from a French government agency’s requirements for responding to certain types of correspondence within very strict parameters and thus Read More

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