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Seven Magic Questions: How to Improve Your Win Ratio by Selling Value Instead of Price
There are many consultative sales methods. Each has unique strengths and techniques, but they all try to focus on what matters to the customer. To improve your

morbidelli author  customer loyalty or employee morale? Each of these areas—business results, technical outcomes, and social relationships—is potentially important. Which leads us to the next question: 4. Which of those objectives is most important? They may all be important, but which one matters the most? This tells you two things: First, it tells you the order in which to put your presentation of key outcomes. You want to put the customer's most important outcome first. That way, the customer will think that you Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » morbidelli author

Lean and World Class Manufacturing and the Information Technology Dilemma-The Loss of Corporate Consciousness
Companies relying on manual implementation and support for lean and world class methodologies risk losing corporate consciousness. Avoid the pitfalls of lost

morbidelli author  Cost P Productivity M Morale For each IT tool that makes the cut , promising a tangible improvement in performance, prepare a list of possible solution sources needed. Candidates are ERP, APS, manufacturing execution system (MES), flow/lean software, custom developed applications, and others. Assess Existing Infrastructure and Proceed with Selection and Implementation An assessment of the existing IT infrastructure and operating parameters will identify where there are opportunities to leverage the Read More
Software Selection: A Third Alternative Part One: The Buyer’s Perspective
There are two prevailing approaches for selecting enterprise-wide software: the functions and features approach and the business processes approach. Yet a third

morbidelli author  and preserve the team’s morale. A selection service can help break through this logjam by providing or suggesting features for each functional area, as shown in figure 1. Then it is a simple matter of filling out a worksheet to specify the features desired. The theory is that this “laundry list” of features will remind users of what they need in their functional area. If not, reason stands that they must already know what they do need or want. Figure 1: Features by functional area worksheet The Read More
What You Should Know Before Selecting a WMS
Before an important game, you create a game plan. Before you start building a house, you have a blueprint. And before you start looking at a warehouse

morbidelli author  to be entered. The morale is that you need to consider all of the areas and aspects of your warehouse as a whole, working in concert, and not as individual pieces of a large puzzle. If you don't, you never get the big picture and figure how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Unfortunately, Warehouse Management Systems are not normally considered an integral part of ERP and supply chain management (SCM). This could be a big mistake. However, as we continue to look for more areas from which to squeeze Read More
Offshore Outsourcing: Is There a Method to the Madness? Planning for Offshore Outsourcing
Organizations considering the offshore outsourcing of processes should seriously consider adopting a proven methodology before implementation. This will

morbidelli author  the attrition of employee morale. Planning Before Execution Will Expose Major Pitfalls The planning phase for the successful application of offshore outsourcing involves minimal expense upfront and allows for rapid return on investment (ROI). The typical start-up costs for the planning phase include assigning resources for business planning. The benefits of business planning usually include lower cost structure, improved responsiveness, increased focus on core processes, higher margins, and cash for Read More
Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) in Process Part 2 Process PLM Motivation
This part of the series on Product Life Cycle Management in Process explores the business motivations by review business strategies.

morbidelli author   Read More
Twenty Successful eMentoring and eLearning Strategies in Healthcare for Increasing Revenue, Decreasing Expenses, and Eliminating Regulatory Consequences
Every core business process and strategic initiative requires a human capital management (HMC) business strategy for execution; improvements made in HCM systems

morbidelli author  growth, career development, staff morale, and quality of care within the workplace. Read More
Lost Your Laptop? The CyberAngel® Brings It Back
A company known as Computer Sentry Software, Inc. has designed an innovative option for laptop recovery. With laptop theft on the rise, investing in an

morbidelli author  theft laptop,laptop encryption,hard drive recovery service,harddrive data recovery,laptop tracking software,employee monitor,sonar software,harddrive recovery,data recovery services,stolen laptop recovery,laptop recovery software,how to find a stolen laptop,hdd data recovery,stolen laptop tracker,lo jack laptop Read More
Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) in ProcessPart 3: Process PLM Requirements
A Process PLM system must accommodate rapid, global deployment of the system. This need drives specific requirements to minimize both the start-up and the long

morbidelli author   Read More
Inventory Control Is Perhaps the Most Powerful Tool You Have for Containing Your Warehousing Costs
Your company's success is not only dependent on sales, but also on your company's ability to say,

morbidelli author  inventory,accuracy,costs,warehouse,inventory control,profit margins,stock,order picking,distribution,inaccurate inventory Read More
Poor Data Quality Means A Waste of Money
Data quality sounds like a motherhood and apple pie issue, of course we want our data to be right. However, very few enterprises get serious about it. Maybe

morbidelli author   Read More
The Perfect Order--Inside-Out or Outside-In?
The Perfect Order measurement has proven to be a powerful measurement of a business. Should The Perfect Order be defined from an internal point of view or from

morbidelli author  key performance indicators,The Perfect Order,KPI,AMR Research,business performance,return on assets,profitability,earnings per share,metric,differentiators Read More
How To Write a Winning Proposal
Your proposal should prove your case, and motivate the client to buy your services or applications. But all too often, reading a proposal is almost as painfully

morbidelli author  Sant Corporation,sales proposals,proposal writing,winning proposals,win ratio,personalization,primacy,effective marketing,persuasive proposals,CRM,customer relationship management,vendor responsiveness Read More
The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) Conference in San Diego: The Agile Approach to Business Intelligence (BI)
Next month a TDWI World Conference will be taking place in San Diego, California. What’s so special about this conference anyway? The answer is simple:  the

morbidelli author   Read More
The Fragile Consumer Packaged Goods Market and Private Label Products
The drive towards private labels has many impacts on the industry. A consumer packaged goods manufacturer's business strategy must recognize this and deal with

morbidelli author  consumer packaged goods,CPG,private label products,retailers,margins,costs,product development,proprietary capabilities,customer service,CPG manufacturers Read More

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