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One Vendor's Exploit of Marrying Infrastructure with Selling and Fulfillment Applications
For many manufacturers, distributors and retailers with a mishmash of disparate back-office business applications, Sterling Commerce, a traditional integration

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » navagraha yantra

Upland Software Announces Version 5.5 of EPM Live 5.5
EPM Live version 5.5 has been announced by Upland Software. EPM Live is a cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) and collaboration solution built on

navagraha yantra  improving the way users navigate and interact with EPM Live. Users can access the data they need through a more instinctive flow and with fewer clicks. The latest version also includes a favorites feature and tracks frequent apps and recent items for the user. The custom forms allows users to extend the interface (define tabs, required fields, rules, and custom HTML and/or JavaScript).   The release also provides advancements in business intelligence allowing the easy creation of reports and dashboards Read More
Talent Management for Small and Medium-size Businesses: Steer Your Business to Handle Change by Creating the Right Road Map for Your Talent Journey
Every small and medium-size business needs to map out a comprehensive talent strategy. Read this white paper to learn how you can help your company avoid

navagraha yantra  Understand how you can navigate major changes such as growth, expansion, efficiency, and innovation. Read More
2012 TEC Buyer’s Guide to Explore Surging Interest in SCM
Supply chain management (SCM) software is a key part of a successful global business. With it, companies can monitor transactions between suppliers

navagraha yantra  help IT decision makers navigate the SCM landscape, we’re hard at work preparing the 2012 SCM Buyer’s Guide. The guide is intended to give you a solid overview of the state of the SCM market and walk you through a number of common supply chain problems, including: Managing complexity How do you manage a global network of business partners and agents? How do you deal with high volumes of information? How do you keep the supply chain fluid? Best practices for achieving insight into the supply chain Read More
Profiting from PCI Compliance
Although the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has become a global requirement, many organizations are lagging in compliance. For many

navagraha yantra  and confusing area to navigate, and the need to comply with the PCI DSS might feel like yet another burden. Discover the efficiency gains of building a strategy designed around PCI compliance. Read More
Siemens’ Active Workspace Handles PLM Data Complexity
Today, many companies have massive amounts of information generated from their product lifecycle processes currently lying dormant, often spread across many

navagraha yantra  to visually browse and navigate relationships between relevant information (Figures 5 and 6). In other words, the system visually shows how things are impacted up and downstream, and thus users can easily see the big picture. Figure 5 - Organic Relationship Figure 6 - Left-To-Right Relationship Supply Chain Collaboration Smart collaboration is an integral part of Active Workspace, assisting users in finding relevant team members who need to be involved in a certain task or decision. Figure 7 illustrates h Read More
The Wheres of Electronic Procurement
An overview of one of the central issues facing a deployment of e-procurement: Who controls the software?

navagraha yantra  can have its employees navigate to the vendor site with their desktop browsers and make purchases. No catalog maintenance needs to be performed by the purchasing company, which makes adoption of such a system cheap and easy. However, integration with back-end financial systems will not be easy. There are standards being developed, mostly XML-based next-generations of EDI, which in theory will make it easy for any of the documents resulting from a purchase to be read by legacy or ERP systems. The success Read More
The Wizardry of Business Process Management - Part 4
Part 1 of this blog series started a lengthy discussion about the value proposition and parts-and-parcels of business process management (BPM), with an ensuing

navagraha yantra  and partners must tediously navigate to get business done. Employees and customers are in the difficult position of having to navigate this dispersed environment, by bouncing back and forth (a “swivel chair” phenomenon) between various computer screens, organizations, systems, and manual procedures. Most serious are the explicit execution gaps where the automation and infrastructure haven’t kept pace with what management wants to be done. In other words, these are the all-too-common situations Read More
Top Four Tips to Rapidly Implement and Generate ROI from a Warehouse Management System
Congratulations! Your business case was approved and now you’re starting to consider implementing a warehouse management system (WMS). While you probably

navagraha yantra  change control process helps navigate new requirements by: Controlling risk – assess the risk/reward of making the change Increasing communication/visibility – help everyone understand and support the change Documenting changes to the statement of work – keep a system of record for yourself and for the software vendor so everyone has the same expectations Not having this process in place can result in ever-changing project scope and project delays. Every day your WMS is not live is another day you Read More
CRM and Technological Solutions: Be the Customer
In CRM, and now e-CRM, its not about the technology, but about focusing on the locus of importance around which CRM applications grew; namely, the customer

navagraha yantra  for the customer to navigate: some 80% of customers who began filling their online shopping carts abandoned them somewhere in the process. Things have since dramatically improved as businesses learned the lesson. Do you plan on having electronic support tools in place, such as FAQs, searchable knowledge bases, and user communities, and technical support staff available through a variety of means (live chat, phone, fax, email) to answers questions and solve problems? Giving your customers what they want, Read More
Current Trends in Supply Chain Analytics Systems
Supply chain analytics is gaining popularity with organizations, as it is an effective mechanism to monitor and track supply chain performance. And with new

navagraha yantra  this allows users to navigate through the various levels of the KPI hierarchy. This will enable users to perform a root cause analysis of any supply chain problem, thus saving valuable time when diagnosing and correcting problems. The drill-down functionality should also be available for various dimensions, such as product, product group, customer, customer group, company, region, etc. 8. Role-based access The system should support role-based access to data, KPIs, and reports, which is required to Read More
HighJump Grows in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function Products Part Two: Market Impact
Although a combination of factors bodes well for HighJump's success, a key differentiating word at its camp is 'adaptability'. HighJump's approach to

navagraha yantra   Read More
Mashups and Pervasive BI
In the world of Web-based business intelligence (BI), mashups combine two or more data sources in a single feature. Mashups are among the innovations that help

navagraha yantra  applications that blend with—and navigate like—the familiar Web browser. Find out how pervasive BI can help your organization today. Read More
Workday 21—All about a New User Experience
Workday releases version 21 of its HR solution with a focus on a new user experience, and much more. Get the details in Raluca's blog post.

navagraha yantra  more intuitive experience to navigate their HR and financial decisions from the point they land on Workday’s brand new homepage.” Workday 21 home page With the new user experience, the navigation is now on the left side of the screen, much like that of Gmail. An improved predictive search facilitates the navigation. Similarly, the access to the user profile is now on the right side of the screen. Workday 21 navigation and search In addition, following the ‘inbox’ model of most free e-mail Read More
How to Make People More Willing to Share Knowledge in Their PLM Environment
In Why Some People Don’t Like PLM, Graham McCall said that some product lifecycle management (PLM) users’ reluctance to share knowledge with others is the

navagraha yantra  which allows users to navigate through a variety of data and information sources, and better search capabilities on CAD models. As indicated in Teamcenter’s product roadmap, visual search, as a component in its HD-PLM offering, is expected to be released in the near future. There’s no detail about Siemens PLM’s visual search, but I hope it will enhance the user experience on both enterprise search and CAD search. In sum, besides being a change management issue as McCall pointed out, the difficulty Read More

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