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Attaining Real Time, On-demand Information Data: Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools
Demand for instant access to dispersed information is being met by vendors offering enterprise business intelligence tools and suites. Portlet standardization

nco cpm  end-of-quarter closing reports, to incorporate regulatory compliance efforts. EII may offer opportunities for more effective data management, provisioning, and auditing within a single version of the truth . Also, near real time information can be especially useful for certain industries characterized by data diversity. For example, an airline might need to know specific passenger information as soon as the plane pulls away from the gate, or a retailer may need real time information to plan inventory dis Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)-A Critical Component of Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI)
The wise enterprise recognizes the need for objective metrics and measurements and for its users to establish metrics to monitor and manage results at every

nco cpm  Performance Indicators (KPIs)-A Critical Component of Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) The wise enterprise recognizes the need for objective metrics and measurements and for its users to establish metrics to monitor and manage results at every level in the organization. To meet these goals, an enterprise must select a sophisticated BI solution with powerful KPI and other BI and CPM features that are simple enough for every user and accessible from within and outside the walls of the enterprise. Read More...
Best Practices in Extending ERP: A Buyer’s Guide to ERP versus Best-of-breed Decisions
The trade-off between best-of-breed functionality and ease of integration is no longer so simple. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software continues to

nco cpm  Favor Single Vendor Solution Concordia Publishing House is a Christian publisher that develops, produces, markets and distributes products and services to over 6,000 denominational churches and 2,000 schools as well as operates bookstores and publishes magazines. We are a small nonprofit organization. In replacing our old mainframe we looked to minimize the number of vendors, so we searched for one that could satisfy the majority of our needs, said Stephen Harris, Executive Director of IT. The company Read More...
Has the Mid-market Found Vanguard BI Solutions?
Enterprise performance management (EPM) and business intelligence (BI) supplier, Vanguard Solutions Group's business strategy focuses on selling with and

nco cpm  will also help spot incongruities, analyze performances of many areas, and initiate corrective adjustments. The current latest evolutionary step of BI introduces the concept of corporate performance management (CPM) (often interchangeably referred to as enterprise performance management [EPM] or business performance management [BPM]), which is an emerging portfolio of applications and methodology with the above depicted evolving BI architectures and tools at its core. Historically, various BI applications Read More...
TEC’s I&CM Evaluation Center (Slowly but Surely) Gaining Traction - Part I
A number of earlier TEC articles and blog entries have analyzed the nascent sales performance management (SPM) or enterprise incentives management (EIM

nco cpm  inadequacy then translates into incorrect payments (many analysts estimate that four to six percent of incentive compensation doled out by businesses is wrong, according to CFO.com ), delayed plan development and payments, and increased ongoing administration and maintenance burdens (whereby direct costs can exceed $1,500 per commissioned employee, according to Aberdeen Group ). Other unfortunate consequences are the failure to keep up with business strategies, the lack of adequate financial controls, Read More...
Ambitious Plans and Promises: How Will the Market Respond to One Enterprise Software Provider’s Offerings?
The market should commend Infor’s attempt to combine business-specific solutions from a partner like IBM. If nothing else, the fact that Infor can provide

nco cpm  Infor,enterprise resource planning,ERP,service-oriented architecturte,SOA,Baan IV,Baan V,supplier relationship management,SRM,human capital management,HCM,corporate performance management,CPM,supply chain management,SCM Read More...
Varicent Software
Varicent Software Incorporated provides sales performance management (SPM) software. SPM, a subset of corporate performance management (CPM) (or business

nco cpm  Software Varicent Software Incorporated provides sales performance management (SPM) software. SPM, a subset of corporate performance management (CPM) (or business performance management), focuses on sales planning, modeling and dashboarding, quota and territory management, sales commission and incentive calculations, and sales analytics. Varicent’s flagship product, Varicent SPM, helps companies manage, measure, and understand the economic impact of their variable compensation programs. Read More...
Plant Intelligence as Glue for Dispersed Data?
Enterprises that have manufacturing or plant-level intelligence systems can be guided through the forking paths of exception-based decision-making. Not only

nco cpm  plant intelligence,manufacturing intelligence,enterprise resource planning,ERP,manufacturting,intelligence,manufacturing execution systems,MES Read More...
Acquisitive Vendor Expands Its Enterprise Asset Management Potential
IFS has much to offer customers. Its IFS Applications suite now boasts an asset lifecycle management module for quick data retrieval. IFS also has a strong

nco cpm  areas, as illustrated by Mincom ’s long focus on and success in the mining sector, or Indus ’s (now Ventyx ) expertise in some sectors of the utilities industry (for example, nuclear power plants). While this acquisition will add value to IFS's overall defense offering, it is likely to be of particular tactical interest to maritime and naval operations, a domain in which IFS has about one dozen clients. As for some potential caveats (in addition to the above-mentioned ownership- and responsibility-sha Read More...
Business Intelligence Status Report
Spurred by government mandates for more business transparency, business intelligence has emerged to extract information from ERP systems. How has BI emerged

nco cpm  but would also spot incongruities, analyze the performances of multiple areas, and initiate corrective adjustments. BI tools promise to help rank and file employees harness data too complicated for manual manipulation. For instance, few departments are as hard pressed for new tools as purchasing and sourcing, where rapid increases in materials costs, greater deviations in lead times, and supplier base growth and instability require ever increasing buyer dexterity. BI can provide this dexterity. This is Read More...
Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After
Lawson Software, almost two years since a successful IPO amid adverse conditions at the time, has had its share of difficulties while rounding up its vertical

nco cpm  several months. Thus, more encouraging news took place on September 25, when Lawson Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: LWSN), an enterprise solutions provider for service organizations in certain industries, reported total revenues of $88.0 million for its fiscal 2004 first quarter ended Aug. 31, 2003, which was almost flat compared with revenues of $87.4 million for Q1 2003. However, license fee revenues increased a notable 25 percent to $22.7 million in the quarter, compared with $18.1 million a year ago (see Figu Read More...
IFS Bucking the Trends - Part 1
IFS is a public business software company (listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange) founded in 1983 with headquarters in Linkoping, Sweden and with US$362

nco cpm  
The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA Global Part Six: Competition, Vendor, and User Recommendations
Customers and the marketplace may have forgotten who Marcam is and what it stands for. The new owner must, for that reason, communicate its successes and

nco cpm  the new platform and encouraging migration to it, one should imagine SSA Global to gradually slow the development of PRISM and Protean products over time, with an incentive to migrate to the SSA ERP LX product as the future application platform. Hence, user companies will still need serious convincing that SSA Global will not stabilize' or even discontinue some products' instances. Moreover, even in the cases where the company has been showing close attention to its customers' wish lists, its crucial Read More...
Best-of-breed Approach to Finance and Accounting
CODA's savvy accounting and financial offerings include budgeting, forecasting, scorecards, and tools that use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets collaboratively and

nco cpm  had a partnership with Cincom Systems , which has resulted in about eighty joint customers worldwide to date, with about forty in the US (see Cincom Sticks to CONTROL of ETO and MRO) . Furthermore, in 2004, CODA recorded its fiftieth joint customer with manufacturing ERP specialist SSI-World , the market leader in UK process industry solutions, with its flagship TROPOS ERP system fully integrated with CODA-Financials. It was ironic that Baan's acquisition of CODA turned out to be merely a wild goose Read More...
Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools
Tools under the business intelligence (BI) umbrella combine to convert data into information, and information into decisions for action. Dashboards and

nco cpm  report writers must also incorporate advanced features like exception filtering and highlighting, calculations with sub-queries, rankings, drill-through, and more. Part Two of the Business Intelligence Report series. In general, contemporary BI tools provide graphical analysis of business information in multidimensional views. Most companies collect a large amount of data from their business operations, and to keep track of that information, users would need to use a wide range of software programs, such Read More...

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