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Standardized Battlespace SOA: Enabling Network-centric Operations
Network-centric operations (NCO) provide the ability to leverage information networks to generate a more dynamic and agile decision-making space. A fundamental

nco settlements  centric Operations Network-centric operations (NCO) provide the ability to leverage information networks to generate a more dynamic and agile decision-making space. A fundamental enabler is service-orientated architecture (SOA). The use of industry-standard IT architectures helps ensure that systems can be provisioned rapidly, shared as appropriate, and give the flexibility and response times needed within such challenging environments. Read More...

PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 3: Target Markets, Alliances, & Competition
In PeopleSoft’s case, the fact remains that it is still the best-attuned offering (in terms of pricing, vertical extensions, customizability, professional

nco settlements  an early stage of incorporating the functionality within their suites. CRM Solutions PeopleSoft's intent to offer vertical CRM solutions is a prudent way to respond to Siebel that has early offered vertically relevant solutions in the CRM space. As the CRM market continues to mature with many ERP vendors' offerings, sophisticated vertical solutions have emerged as another way to differentiate. Given that business processes and rules differ much across industries, organizations increasingly expect CRM Read More...
Transportation Management Systems
Transportation management systems should provide the basic components of a shared information system to support collaboration, rates, routes, roles, transaction sets, documents, and information exc...
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Documents related to » nco settlements

PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 1
The year 2001, which was an exceptional year of financial performance for PeopleSoft, including record total revenue, record profit, and more than $500 million

nco settlements  spending. Figure 1. However, income from recurring operations, however, increased by 28% to $46 million, up from $36 million in the same quarter of 2001, while net income for the first quarter of 2002 was $45 million. Other positives were the Company's cash and investment balances at March 31, 2002 at $1.82 billion, an increase of $149 million during the first quarter. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) at March 31, 2002 declined to 58 days, an improvement from 63 days at December 31, 2001 and possibly the Read More...
Pricing and Revenue Optimization: A Manufacturing Perspective
Pricing and revenue optimization is the process of improving business margins by either increasing unit prices or increasing gross revenues. This type of

nco settlements  to overpricing, undercharging, and inconsistent procedures for managing pricing. DEMAND CURVE: THE IMPACT OF PRICING Confronted with the combined complexities of the shrinking times to market and smaller order volumes, the proliferation of SKUs and product configurations, the accelerated commodification of products, and the increasing distribution channel complexity, companies today are realizing that the pricing lever needs to be far better managed in order to drive revenue and profits. These Read More...
Reference Guide to Supply Chain Management (SCM) Features and Functions
This guide to supply chain management (SCM) functions/features will help you determine which SCM features are a high priority for your organization. Learn about

nco settlements  the past. These systems incorporate up-to-date algorithms and philosophies on how supply chains work. In addition, they have a technology advantage over MRP II, in that they are memory-resident, which allows the solutions to solve simulation issues extremely quickly, with very large arrays (models). These large models solve simultaneous, multi-level, and multi-node problems that MRP II systems cannot. SCM functions and features, submodule #7: order management Order promising The order promising submodule Read More...
The Two Faces of Risk: Cultivating Risk Intelligence for Competitive Advantage
You needn’t be a seer or sage to perceive risk@it’s as predictable and devastating as a Florida hurricane and as far-reaching as a corporate scandal. But you do

nco settlements  the slippery slope of noncompliance, litigation, reputational risk and other nastiness. Similarly, address only unrewarded risk and ignore rewarded risk, and your company may survive but will never thrive. In acknowledgement of these two faces of risk, we have coined the following business maxim: “Organizations that are most effective and efficient in managing risks to both existing assets and to future growth will, in the long run, outperform those that are less so. Simply put, companies make money by Read More...
Will Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions? Part Eight: More Challenges and User Recommendations
Best Software/Sage will remain a pragmatic company that delivers products based on a savvy understanding of its customers' needs and the competitive forces in

nco settlements  Softline users should be encouraged by their vendors' ensured viability, current and prospective users should nevertheless monitor the consistency between the off-the-cuff announced strategy of not phasing-out any products, and the Sage/Best's actions in continuing to strategically support all of its acquired products. Interested companies and resellers should consider the added functionality and cross-selling opportunities from the acquisitions for an addition to their requirements list. Best's target Read More...
Magic Quadrant for B2B Gateway Providers
Business-to-business (B2B) gateway solutions have matured to the point where they can support a wide range of projects. However, there are still functional

nco settlements  been the subject of unconfirmed speculation; the company is still privately held, but a recent, extensive management turnover hasn t helped clear the air. It must be noted, however, that good technologies typically survive acquisitions, because acquiring leading functionality in an expanding market remains one of the most-common reasons for takeovers. Software AG (which acquired webMethods) has strengthened its leadership position in the B2B market with its flagship B2B gateway software offering, Read More...
Rules, Tools, Policies, and Best Practices for Compliance in the United States
A strategic compliance program can help employers in the United States (US) reduce the likelihood of litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches

nco settlements  a strategic Compliance Program, incorporating clearly written rules, formal employee education, and effective Hosted Services solutions, U.S. employers can enhance productivity, cut costs, reduce (and in some cases eliminate) the likelihood of email- and Hosted Service-related litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches, privacy violations, and other electronic disasters. Compliance Rules: Rules and Tools, Policies and Best Practices for Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Compliance in the United Read More...
Merging Global Trade Management with Global Finance
With the acquisition of Vastera, JPMorgan Chase may be the first global financial institution to offer a complete integrated cash, trade and logistics solution

nco settlements  documentation, compliance (which are incomprehensible to ordinary mortals), accounting, and financial reporting in a multicurrency, multilingual, and multi-units of measure (UOM) environment. When people talk about the risks of globalization, many are usually referring to the threat of domestic jobs moving overseas. The global trade compliance aspect is rarely discussed, even though it poses a risk that affects almost every manufacturer that either imports or exports. Namely, getting these goods and Read More...
PeopleSoft - Catching Its Second Wind From The Internet Part 2: Strengths and Challenges
PeopleSoft invested two years and over a half billion dollars to develop new Internet-based enterprise applications. It now has a pure Internet platform a new

nco settlements  delivered role-based portals that encompass business applications, transactional data, workflow and analytics to make employees more productive. This approach has also been extended out to address specific industry needs as in the example of the broker portal for the consumer goods industry. Partnerships and Service & Support Infrastructure : PeopleSoft has been adept in forming alliances with industry leaders to deliver a full range of Internet based solutions. From ASP/hosting and infrastructure to Read More...
PeopleSoft - Again A Force To Be Reckoned With?
PeopleSoft is back with a vengeance! During its users conference, Connect, which took place in Los Angeles on October 22-26, it unveiled a slew of new products

nco settlements  2000. Revenues and net income from recurring operations for Q3 2000 were $443.1 million and $23.4 million, respectively. This compares with revenues and net income from recurring operations of $346.1 million and $0.5 million, respectively, for Q3 1999. Net income for the quarter including non-recurring items was $68.7 million, or $0.23 per share. Non-recurring items include gains from the sale of equity securities of $120.1 and product exit costs of $35.9 million. Revenues from software license fees for Read More...
PeopleSoft - Catching Its Second Wind From The Internet Part 1: About PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft, once a high flyer owing to its congenial culture and slick ERP product, has invested two years and over a half billion dollars to develop a number

nco settlements  - Catching Its Second Wind From The Internet Part 1: About PeopleSoft PeopleSoft - Catching Its Second Wind From The Internet Part 1: About PeopleSoft P.J. Jakovljevic - June 5, 2001 Executive Summary  PeopleSoft, Inc. is one of the leading developers of enterprise business applications, which helps governments, higher education institutions and large-to-medium sized corporations manage human resources (HR), financials, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), Read More...
Ensuring Enterprise-wide Compliance
Complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other labor laws and regulations is a major challenge for employers

nco settlements  the internal risks of inconsistently or incorrectly applying rules to employees. Daily, intentions to comply with DOL regulations are compromised by the manual interventions interspersed throughout workforce processes. Of the host of federal labor laws administered by the DOL, two regulations that offer particular compliance challenges for employers are minor laws and overtime rules. Minor law violations often begin with improper workforce deployment. Employee scheduling errors result in the inadvertent Read More...
What Is Interconnect Billing?
When operators interconnect together to send and receive voice and other services, special requirements arise for the billing. Operator to operator interconnect

nco settlements  list of rates for incoming and outgoing calls but in case of only origination or termination there is a single rate to every prefix (area code). In most cases, prefixes are bundled together into zones and the operator provides separate price for a full zone and highlights the prefixes under that zone. Sometimes rates can be simple like flat per minute billing but sometimes they can be more complex like peak and off-peak rates for some destinations and there can be special rates for different holidays or Read More...

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