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Infor Means Business with its Partners: The IPN Unveiled
One of the reasons why Infor, despite its over 70,000 large customer base, hasn’t been regarded as a serious enterprise applications contender has been the

nda with emplyee  under a  non-disclosure agreement (NDA)  about the then upcoming Infor Partner Network (IPN) . I’ve known Abbott from his days at Oracle’s  small and medium business (SMB)  division, and I could recognize in the IPN not only some pages taken from Oracle’s OPN book, but also much more than that (i.e., some better practices than in the OPN, plus some additional ideas that I have seen implemented by other vendors with good partner reputations). The IPN is a global network of people, systems, and Read More
Time and Attendance for the Health Care Industry
Time and attendance software collects, tracks, and reports employee hours worked through automated time clocks or other means.
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Documents related to » nda with emplyee

A Portrait of the Enterprise Software User in the Pharmaceutical Industry
The pharmaceutical industry faces strict regulatory requirements in the approval of drugs for treatment of diseases. Software can help pharma successfully

nda with emplyee  of transparency and traceability mandated by regulatory bodies. Regulatory compliance however is complex and ever-changing, and poses significant challenges to pharmaceutical companies both large and small. Companies looking to survive and grow in this extremely competitive marketplace should look to evaluate solutions that integrate compliance and risk management with their unique business requirements over the entire product lifecycle. By selecting the right enterprise software solution, pharmaceutical Read More
Secure Transfers of Large Files Over the Internet Using YouSendIt
A growing problem with rich multimedia electronic presentations is their increasing file size. Data files, in general, are larger, making it challenging to send

nda with emplyee  become the de facto standard for large file transfers over the Internet. We saw a market that stemmed out of our own needs to transfer large files, and we were frustrated by the fact that there was no easy way to achieve this. We initially decided to come up with our own system that filled our personal needs, and then developed it into the commercial service on the site. With regards to e-mail protection of users, Amir says, We want to ensure that the system is fast, non-intrusive, and easy to use. Read More
Linking S&OP and CPFR (For Retailers' and Manufacturers' Sakes): An Executive Panel Discussion
My recent blog series on the JDA FOCUS 2010 user conference focused primarily on JDA Software’s strategy and product roadmap on the heels of its recent

nda with emplyee  under a  non-disclosure agreement (NDA)  for analysts at AspenTech 's recent aspenONE Global Conference . In addition, at PROS Pricing ’s B2B Pricing Summit at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in early 2010, press and analysts were barred from all sessions, including the keynote that was presented by another industry analyst (reportedly at the strong insistence of strangely paranoid customers). Still, the JDA FOCUS 2010 conference was replete with available compelling  supply chain management (SCM) Read More
Is There a Panacea for Enterprise Software Pricing Yet?
While enterprise applications are becoming a commodity, their pricing schemes have yet to follow suit. Users are put in a costly position where the

nda with emplyee  confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) clauses. Even then, these figures are typically muddled by an absence of like-for-like pricing models. One vendor charges license fees per user (named, concurrent, or casual) and per module (or per bundle of functional modules in a suite). Another bases prices on server/ central processing unit (CPU) size. And still another bases prices on its perception of how large (read wealthy ) the customer is, the likelihood of implementing a total functional Read More
Intentia Prepares for Merger with Lawson
Before merging with Lawson, Intentia already had initiated cost-cutting measures on its products, target markets, and sales channels. This, corporate cultural

nda with emplyee  chain collaboration (VCC), and foundation and tools (FTO). Part two of the New Lawson Software's Transatlantic Extended-ERP Intentions series. Intentia points out that the product is further evidence of the company's ongoing commitment to SOA (for more of pertinent information, see SOA-based Applications and Infrastructure--The Next Frontier? ). Intentia invested early in Java technology and currently has over 250 live customer implementations, and it already delivers a fully Web services-enabled Read More
Sybase Tag-Teams with Informatica
Sybase® (NASDAQ: SYBS) has signed a worldwide OEM agreement with Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) to resell Informatica’s extract/transform/load tool

nda with emplyee  a marketing alliance. User Recommendations Customers evaluating business intelligence solutions should include Sybase/Informatica on a long list of candidates. If Sybase is successful in completely integrating the five product areas they discuss, comprised of data modeling, data administration, data management, data integration, and visualization & analysis of that data, this product suite could provide close to an end-to-end solution. One additional component that should be discussed with Sybase is Read More
Ask the Experts Team Up with Technology Evaluation Centers
The UK-based science, technology, and business social media site Ask The Experts (www.asktheexperts.org.uk), has announced its latest strategic partnership with

nda with emplyee   Read More
IFS Marches On, Although With a String of Losses
In August, IFS Industrial & Financial Systems, a business applications vendor with main headquarters in Linkoping, Sweden, reported results for Q2 2000. License

nda with emplyee  consistent profitable performance. User Recommendations We generally recommend including IFS in a long list of an enterprise application selection to mid-market and low end tier 1 companies (with $50M-$1B in revenue) within the following industries: Energy, Engineer-to-Order and Project delivery, Forest Segments, Automotive, Service Management, and Transportation. IFS should be included on a short list in any selection within the following industries: Aviation, Engineer-to-Order and Project delivery, Serv Read More
ICARUS Ends Solo Flight With Aspen
With its third installation at Lanier Worldwide, Provia Software marks the 500th implementation of its VIAWARE application suite.

nda with emplyee  Technologies and Manugistics. User Recommendations While the acquisition has good potential for synergy, process manufacturers who may be considering a purchase should make sure that they: Understand the level to which ICARUS and Aspen Plantelligence will be integrated. Often, integration of supply chain planning and financial decision-making applications means only that both can be accessed via the same GUI window, not that they incorporate the same data and workflows. Examine current methods and tools Read More
Intentia: Stepping Out With Fashion and Style Part Four: Movex Case Study Continued With User Recommendations
Intentia's Movex provides ample tools to respond to the trends and challenges of the fashion industry. While Intentia needs to continue to work to get its

nda with emplyee  Study Continued With User Recommendations Intentia: Stepping Out With Fashion and Style Part Four: Movex Case Study Continued With User Recommendations Featured Author - Joseph J. Strub - October 7, 2004 Introduction We are surrounded by fashion. In fact we come into contact with it so often that we tend to take it for granted. However, if you are in the business of fashion, you know that people's tastes are extremely fickle and ever changing. Your enterprise-wide software has to be nimble enough to turn Read More
Performance Management for Finance Executives: Driving Performance with Insight
With clear visibility into financial and operational performance information, financial executives can quickly identify variables that contribute to failed

nda with emplyee  performance management for finance executives,finance financial,for management school,it performance management,performance management with,accounting and finance,accounting for finance,financial manager,financial executive,business performance,finance for education,finance schools,financial strategy,business finance school,accountancy and finance Read More
BMC Software Gets Slapped with Class Action Lawsuit
BMC Software,Inc. (Nasdaq:BMCS) gets slapped with a class action lawsuit claiming that BMC insiders made false statements about the strength of sales and

nda with emplyee  7/29/99-1/4/00 (the Class Period ). Defendants' false and misleading statements about strong sales of BMC's existing software products, the successful integration of its acquisitions of Boole & Babbage and New Dimension Software earlier in 1999, strong demand for its mainframe MIPS software, notwithstanding a slow down in sales of IBM mainframe computers, and the lack of customer deferrals of orders or purchases due to Y2K concerns, which would result in 25%-30% EPS growth for BMC during F00-F01 and 3rd Read More
Solving Six Common Challenges with ERP
Each day brings a new set of challenges for process manufacturers. Some of these challenges need to be addressed with personalized company policies and well

nda with emplyee  company policies and well-designed standard operating procedures (SOPs). Other challenges can be addressed through implementation of an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The six most common challenges addressed by an ERP system are described in this paper. Read More
What's Wrong With Application Software? Business Changes, Software Must Change with the Business.
Business changes constantly in small ways and large. It is rare to find an application product that can change once it is implemented. This gap is a reality

nda with emplyee  of the market is standard, configurable applications. The assumption is that standard software applications can bring best practices to a business and be made flexible enough to accommodate the majority of businesses without significant modification. Through the use of complex tables and switches, the software could be pre-configured to handle a large number of pre-determined, flexible options. But in truth, the flexibility is only to choose from a list of existing, predetermined options. If the Read More

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