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Novell Uses XML, LDAP, NDS to Manage AD, IOS, etc.
Novell’s new DirXML directory will use XML and LDAP to seamlessly manage legacy directories from an NDS platform. Get ready for the Acronym Wars.

nds ldap  City. DirXML enables Novell's NDS eDirectory to inherit information from the many legacy directories in an enterprise and display it to an administrator, who can then manipulate and manage that information from the eDirectory interface. DirXML uses LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to connect to other directories and XML (Extensible Markup Language) to communicate between directories. Market Impact This gets Novell three-quarters of the way there. NDS is almost universally regarded as the ne pl Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » nds ldap

Fischer’s Prio! SecureSync ~ A Solution to Enterprise Directory Chaos
Prio! SecureSync combines the proven technologies of Fischer Systems and Siemens, providing over 18 years of combined directory synchronization and management

nds ldap  may exist in Exchange, NDS, and the HRS database. However, the HRS department may have ownership of the telephone number attribute, making the HRS database the authoritative source for the telephone number. This means that the meta-view must get the phone number from the HRS database. It also means, should the Microsoft Exchange administrator change the phone number within Exchange's database, the system will not push the exchange phone number to other repositories, as the HRS system is the authoritative Read More
Analysis of Novell's Announced Support for Sun's Solaris 8 Operating Environment
We do not see Sun Solaris administrators implementing any Novell NDS package.

nds ldap  have no need for NDS eDirectory. With Sun's robust DNS and LDAP enabled system, we fail to see the advantages of implementing NDS on Sun. Furthermore, any mail system running on a Sun Solaris server will most likely be performing one or two functions, routing and hosting. Sendmail, Inc. has a very strong foothold on the UNIX mail market with a lion's market share of 75%. Sendmail will also be expanding its current offering through strategic partnerships with messaging vendors within the Unified Messaging Read More
Microsoft Releases Preview of Exchange Server 2000
Microsoft Corp announced the availabilty of Exchange 2000 Server Beta 3, the messaging server previously code-named Platinum. The product will be distributed

nds ldap  to run on NetWare NDS servers and is synchronized with Novell's Directory Service, allowing for greater control over the GroupWise-messaging environment. Some of the added functionality in Microsoft's New Release of Exchange are: Multiple Message Databases: Having multiple Databases enables administrators to split a single logical database across multiple physical disks, thus improving performance, enhancing stability and enabling faster restores. Even with the advent of multiple databases Microsoft does Read More
Net Woes for NetWare
Novell warned financial analysts of lower-than-expected revenues for the second quarter of 2000, as sales declined. This doesn’t bode well for NetWare.

nds ldap  Novell Uses XML, LDAP, NDS to Manage AD, IOS, etc. ] But it's taking a lot longer to stop being a NetWare-centric company. Unfortunately for NetWare shops, Windows 2000 and Linux aren't giving Novell much breathing room. This sort of news is devastating to software vendors. When even Microsoft is thinking about eliminating Novell support in its next consumer version of Windows, you've got problems. [See TEC's article: Microsoft Windows Me -- The Millennium DOES Begin in 2001 .] Novell doesn't yet have Read More
Great Product: Too Bad The Architecture Doesn’t Fit
During the process of product selection a great deal of attention is given to the functional capabilities of the software being evaluated. While this aspect is

nds ldap  Product: Too Bad The Architecture Doesn’t Fit Great Product: Too Bad The Architecture Doesn't Fit M. Reed - November 29, 2003 Introduction Most potential customers understand that detailed scripted scenarios should be performed with software vendors who are on the short list of candidates, in order to evaluate the functional abilities of products being considered. Unfortunately, many companies neglect to investigate the technological underpinnings of these products during the evaluation phase. This Read More
The Future of Secure Remote Password (SRP)
The Secure Remote Password (SRP) holds great promise as a way to strongly authenticate a user without the usual risks of dictionary attack(s) faced by other

nds ldap  gets into the wrong hands. So we turn to biometrics or PKI (storing large cryptographic keys on smart cards) for help. Although an effective means of security, it has its own set of issues. With the ever-increasing power of computers, the acceptable key size for smart cards or similar authentication mechanisms is becoming prohibitively large not to mention the possibility of theft of the physical card and the cost. As for biometrics, its inconvenience prohibits its widespread acceptance. So we return to Read More
Lexiguard&;: The Coming
A cool new desktop encryption product has been unveiled by Lexias, Inc. at RSA Conference 2000. With a simple and easy-to-use interface and affordable price

nds ldap  desktop encryption,symmetric encryption,laptop encryption,encrypted emails,secure emails,encryption pci,encrypted cell phones,encrypted mail,whole disk encryption,encrypting emails,email security software,mobile encryption,hard disk encryption,encrypted document,rsa key Read More
The Internet is having an identity crisis. Long regarded as a powerful tool for cost reduction and service enhancement, the Internet is falling short of its

nds ldap  information area. This strategy corresponds to dynamically increasing the length of the password, as needed, when needed! Other Approaches to Authentication This section compares Wetmetrics to other forms of authentication. Multi-factor authentication refers to the joint use of more than one type of authentication mechanism. For example, requiring the use of a hardware token (something you have) in conjunction with a PIN (something you know) used to access information on the token. Strong authentication Read More
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services / MS Office SharePoint Server 2007
Collaborative tools are becoming essential to sharing data in today’s office environment. You need a solution that can grow to accommodate new projects and uses

nds ldap  the connective tissue that binds together the outputs of ofice workers into a manageable, searchable and accessible information environment. Gone are the days of unmanaged public folders, public email folders, intranet wiki sites and lash drives passed from person to person. SharePoint provides a self-service environment where ofice workers can take control of information - how it's organized, who gets access to it, and how it's displayed. From an IT perspective, SharePoint is a collection of Read More
Novell to Play Catch-Up with GroupWise 5.5 Internet Enhancement Pack
Novell is positioning GroupWise to compete head to head with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange by enhancing its Internet and administrative functionality.

nds ldap  JAVA enabled browser, enhanced NDS integration for simplified administration, enhanced remote access and a Windows NT Server enhancement which allows GroupWise to run as a Service and not merely as an application. According to Terry Ulanch from Novell's Collaboration Marketing, The Enhancement Pack simply makes the Web client better. Now GroupWise WebAccess, though accessible through any browser, is more like the Windows client in its functionality: Each message pops up a new window, so users don't have Read More
PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 4: Challenges and User Recommendations
It appears that a real magic bullet to attract smaller enterprises is yet to be produced, although the company has successfully addressed marketing and selling

nds ldap  to change the competitive landscape, and having a huge pile of cash, it still has to do a much better job at disseminating the message and making the market aware and serious about its manufacturing expertise. It appears that a real magic bullet to attract smaller enterprises is yet to be produced, although the company has successfully addressed marketing and selling to both large and smaller enterprises lately (see PeopleSoft Supply Chain Is Music To Mid Market Ears ). PeopleSoft sells directly into Read More
Secure Folder: File or Folder Encryption
Teamwork requires data to be shared, but security must be maintained. Folder encryption is an essential part of corporate security and protecting intellectual

nds ldap  based authentication. This method depends on certificates that conform to the X.509v3 standard. The certificates themselves contain various items of information, which allow the software to authenticate the user, and can also serve as authorization for the user to access certain functionalities. A user's certificate is issued and signed by a higher-level instance, a Certification Authority ; in this way, it can be checked that the certificate is genuine. One or more key pairs (private and Read More

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