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BigIdeas 2011: Of BigMachines’ Quantum Leap - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series talked about my very first attendance of BigIdeas, BigMachines’ annual user conference that takes place in the fall in Chicago. I

negative emails  have long portrayed as negative the fact that our customers have customized their user interfaces (UI) and the system in general (and thus are not all on the same latest release). Our recent meteoric growth might indicate that their negative campaigns are not really resonating with the prospective customers. In fact, true multi-tenancy and being on the latest release mantras do not really resonate with many customers, and it is rather beneficial to the vendor for the economy of scale R&D and support Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » negative emails

(Software and Human) Help Wanted in Overwhelmed Retail Stores
My recent series on Quantum Retail presented the many difficult merchandise range and assortment planning issues that retailers face, and the ensuing tough

negative emails  retailer’s stores after 2.3 negative experiences. How Should Store Execution Be Done? After meticulous planning of strategically important marketing campaigns, retailers do not need to gamble on their execution at stores. They should streamline communications and improve visibility to store execution status and issues. Many different retailing silos (i.e., the design, supply chain, allocation, merchandising, finance, and operations departments) need to coordinate their actions to execute properly at Read More...
Business Intelligence for Consumer Packaged Goods: Actionable Insights for Business Decision Makers
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have made big investments in data collection and integration. But, much of the data from their IT systems hasn’t been

negative emails  and logistics, will experience negative results: declining consumer mindshare, profits, and shareholder value. Indeed, New Paradigm's research shows that existing business intelligence solutions are insufficient to address these problems. Perhaps this explains why recent surveys of CIO spending show that BI and data warehousing (DW) have become a significant spending priority. (In January 2007, independent research revealed that 44 per cent of CIOs identified BI/DW as a top spending priority going Read More...
A New Discipline in E-mail Etiquette: Creating Confidence in Enterprise E-mail
E-mail is a powerful business tool that most enterprises can’t live without. Unfortunately, along with its capability of accelerating commerce, productivity

negative emails  simply can’t afford the negative affects of spam. However, new technology is emerging that helps stop spam and allows users to get on with business. Read More...
The Work Game that Motivates: The Holy Grail of Change Management
Can change really be

negative emails  Done well, the potentially negative fallout resulting from change—people's negative reactions and resistance to change—would be avoided, and the energy of the organization could be focused on implementing, not reacting to or resisting, the change. A logical focus, but given human nature and the history of change management to this point, it is unlikely. However, it is possible to increase buy-in and create an internal motivator for accepting, adapting to, and even promoting the proposed change. In Read More...
Sage Releases SMB Survey on Mobile Devices
Sage North America yesterday announced the results of its mobile device survey, which recently polled 490 small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in the United

negative emails  felt it has a negative effect. When asked about how their businesses carry out various business functions, mobile applications are commonly used for keeping business contacts organized (31 percent), scheduling (26 percent), and keeping a task list and/or assigning tasks to specific employees (23 percent). When asked about having a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, 48 percent responded that their company allowed employees to bring and use their own devices, while 31 percent had not considered this Read More...
PTC Submits Test Data to FDA’s Global UDI Database
Working with the FDA and major medical device manufacturers, PTC has developed a Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID) submission solution that such

negative emails  and avoid any potential negative consequences. The FDA’s first UDI compliance deadline for high-risk Class III devices is September 24, 2014. High-risk devices are identified as the most complex, life-sustaining, in-body electronic medical devices—these include pacemakers, defibrillators, vascular stents, and ventilators.   This compliance can allow for accurate tracking of “as implanted device configurations and the ability to ensure that faulty devices are updated or not (as in case of, e.g., Read More...
Presarios Freezing - and Not Because it's Winter
At least 20 Compaq customers who purchased the Presario 5800 PCs recently have reported inexplicable freezing of their PCs while surfing the Web or playing

negative emails  the bulk of the negative attention has been focused on systems using CPUs made by AMD. Intel is aggressively cutting prices and producing faster CPUs in an effort to kill Advanced Micro. AMD can little afford to have any negative perceptions, whether deserved or not. User Recommendations The Presario 5800 Series is geared for the consumer market. Even so, corporate users planning to purchase a significant quantity of Presario 5800s (and possibly 5900s) should exercise caution. Even though the reported Read More...
8 Strategies to Improve Your Project Plan
Today’s project management offices (PMOs) must optimize their project plans while managing complex projects concurrently, respecting delivery dates, and

negative emails  be they positive or negative 4. Win the TTM battle Technology Leaders know how crucial mastering time to market (TTM) is to succeed in a volatile and competitive environment. However, improving TTM is often linked to compromising quality and thus losing credibility and market share. That's why preparation and anticipation are the key words in this battle in which we can assist you. Preparation Preparation is about using tools to achieve the best plan. Tools and features such as WBS, task requirements, Read More...
Industri-Matematik Posts 2Q00 Loss But Sells CRM
Industri-Matematik 2Q00 revenues decreased 21% over the same period last year. More alarming is a four-year decline in license revenues, a trend that IMI hopes

negative emails  total. Net earnings were negative at $6.9 million, giving IMI its sixth consecutive quarterly loss. Stig Durlow, president and CEO of IMI, said the second quarter results were expected. While market demand for big enterprise systems continues to be limited, Industri-Matematik is making real headway in repositioning itself as a provider of a suite of point solutions across a wide spectrum, he said. The repositioning process necessarily takes time, and at this stage its effects are not seen in new Read More...
Block Unprecendented Assault on Your Customers' Personal and Financial Data
Find out more in winning the pci compliance battle, a practical guide to pci compliance, including a comprehensive plan for the secure handling, pr...

negative emails  Solutions have all suffered negative publicity and financial losses due to a major data security breach. You can protect yourself—with the industry's easiest, most cost-effective and highly automated solution for securing your network and achieving payment card industry (PCI) compliance— without having to install or maintain any special hardware or software . Find out more in Winning the PCI Compliance Battle , a practical guide to PCI compliance, including a comprehensive plan for the secure Read More...
Are You Tuned into Radio Frequency Identification?
This article examines the organizational fit of radio frequency identification (RFID) and its technology’s basic mechanics. Its prohibitive costs often account

negative emails  does it have such negative connotations? Many misconceptions and horror stories of organizations' failed implementations have been plastered all over the press, which has contributed to the negative perceptions of this re-emerging technology. Yet these failures are often due to a lack of the correct technology, deficient IT knowledge, budgetary constraints, unqualified business partners, and a general misunderstanding of the overall effectiveness of RFID technology and how it relates to an organization's Read More...
Food Safety, Government Regulations, and Brand Protection
Many food companies are investing significant funds in building awareness for their brands in the market, which can pay off amply in competitive, commodity

negative emails  publicized recall (and the negative image generated in the media), however, can turn an established brand asset into a liability. Nervous consumers can cause distributors and brokers to quickly abandon such tainted products in the channel. Non-branded manufacturers, such as ingredient suppliers or private-label manufacturers, can become tainted in the eyes of customers. As for distributors, food service operators and grocery retailers will question their credibility and the ability to keep their names Read More...
HSIA: From Problem to Profit-An Introduction to Internet Bandwidth Management for Hospitality Managers
High-speed Internet access (HSIA) has become a key technology asset for many hospitality providers around the world. But as a widely regarded bottom-line

negative emails  in order to prevent negative impacts on a facility’s revenue. Learn how to create a strong, winning HSIA strategy that will increase your guest satisfaction and secure recurring revenue well into the future. Read More...
ReachForce Acquires SetLogik
ReachForce, a vendor of business-to-business (B2B) data solutions for marketers, has made public its acquisition of SetLogik, which provides cloud-based data

negative emails  quality is having a negative impact on their success. It was clear what we needed to do to help, and the results are huge. With the addition of SetLogik’s platform to ReachForce’s existing product portfolio we accelerate the time required to transform leads into revenue for our customers. Read More...

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