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EXE Technologies Begins Life In The Public Eye
Undaunted by its negative bottom line, EXE resurrected plans for an IPO this year, proceeds of which will be used to fuel its newfound growth.

negative message  2000. Undaunted by its negative bottom line, EXE resurrected its plans for an IPO this year, proceeds of which will be used to fund operations and make strategic acquisitions in an effort to capitalize on its newfound growth. ANALYSIS Vendor Strengths Strong, comprehensive WMS functionality over almost every platform: EXE's current product line is the culmination of decades of development effort, employing feedback from customers and members of its Industry Advisory Board (IAB). Its multiple platform Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » negative message

iCAST and Tribal Voice to AOL: “The Block Party is Getting Old”
AOL has always, and will continue to block disparate Instant Messaging systems from interacting with its 50 Million plus IM user base due to a potential

negative message  due to a potential negative financial impact on AOL. A large Instant Messaging user base allows the 'parent' service provider to deliver e-business advertising to a captive audience. Through placing a banner adds on the IM client's tool bar, the service provider can generate an enormous amount of revenue. So why doesn't AOL 'open' their IM user base to interoperability with iCAST, MSN, Tribal Voice, and others? Simply put, they don't have to. No one within the industry can make AOL open their doors Read More...
Knowing Your Prospect's Influencers
A prospect is listening to many different people at the same time. While you are doing your best to influence the decision, the prospect sees you as only a

negative message  the prospect received a negative message from one of these influencers, do not attack the person or organization directly. This will normally not be effective and may erode the trust you have built with the prospect. Your line of discussion may include your surprise at their (negative) point of view and curiosity about how they came to that conclusion. Express a desire to talk directly to the influencer so you can understand how they got that point of view. Suggest that an executive from your company Read More...
How To Write a Winning Proposal
Your proposal should prove your case, and motivate the client to buy your services or applications. But all too often, reading a proposal is almost as painfully

negative message  impression. (Or, conversely, seven negative ones to overcome an initial positive experience.) So what does this mean for proposals? It means we must put the things up front in our proposal that the customer cares about the most. It means don't send a boilerplate cover letter. Don't write an executive summary that's all about you. And don't call your proposal something generic and pointless, like Proposal. The Solution The primacy principles tells us that it's vitally important to understand the client Read More...
Three Mistakes Organizations Are Making That Kill CRM Collaboration
Many experts are talking and writing about how collaboration can improve the relationship between a company and its customers, but most of them assume that

negative message  staff, etc. Limiting the negative impact of these issues will not only help you set and implement clear objectives, but will also help your employees get the message out to customers and deliver on your company’s promises. CRM software is not a magic bullet for fixing these issues, but they can certainly help. CRM vendors have started offering functionality that can help you manage internal business processes, projects, and even content and human resources. Another relatively recent innovation includes Read More...
Tracing Food Quality and Safety, or We Are What We Eat, After All (Part I)
Besides the ongoing (seemingly never-ending) presidential campaign and celebrity scandals/gossip, food safety is very much in the news. Indeed, incidents of

negative message  issues, plus the potential negative and even fatal impact on their brands and businesses. For instance, high-and-mighty retailers customarily want ever higher service levels from suppliers (without any negative publicity), while the overall industry itself wants to protect brand value and reduce recall costs. Olin Thompson, a former regular TEC contributor (e.g., see the Food Safety, Government Regulations, and Brand Protection article), editor at Food Engineering Magazine and currently Vice President Read More...
Tips for Social Marketers
Does social marketing meet the expectations that businesses or marketers have set for it? There are many claims according to which social marketing is very

negative message  for Social Marketers Does social marketing meet the expectations that businesses or marketers have set for it? There are many claims according to which social marketing is very effective; perhaps more effective than e-mail marketing for certain generations of consumers or market segments. From a business perspective, recognizing the social as becoming an important space for advertising and finding prospects or reaching the masses is somewhat predictable as a business strategy. Increasingly, Read More...
IBM Moves into Enterprise Application Integration
International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM) has announced a new release of MQSeries Integrator that should help businesses integrate their applications and

negative message  Moves into Enterprise Application Integration IBM Moves into Enterprise Application Integration M. Reed - April 26th, 2000 Event Summary SOMERS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 2000--IBM announced new software that helps companies integrate their IT infrastructures so they can transform into e-businesses. Business integration, or enterprise application integration (EAI), is required for companies that want to engage in corporate mergers and acquisitions, electronic commerce, and business-to-business Read More...
EAI - The 'Crazy Glue' of Business Applications
When companies create or change trading relationships or when they swap out business application systems, information systems professionals are required to

negative message  - The 'Crazy Glue' of Business Applications The Promise of EAI Plug and Play business application system integration is the goal of investment in EAI technology. Buyers have a number of applications from various suppliers and a number of external trading partners with whom they want to exchange business transactions. EAI suppliers promote products that connect to a diverse set of applications (Adapters) transform data format, structure and content (Transformation Capabilities), move data among Read More...
The Roaring Penguin Training Network
A recent paper presented evidence that Bayesian filtering could be effective using a shared Bayes database, even among hundreds or thousands of different users.

negative message  spam, we count a false-negative. Signature sets with an unacceptable high false-positive or falsenegative rate are discarded; we weight false-positives higher than false-negatives when determing whether or not to drop a signature set. 6 Aggregation and Download Those signature sets that survive the quality assurance phase are aggregated and dumped to a CSV file. The file is compressed with bzip2, signed with gpg and made available for CanIt installations to download. When a CanIt installation notices a Read More...
The Intelligence of Social Media (Part 2)
In the first part of this blog, I mentioned that sentiment analysis measures the polarity of opinion—positive, negative, or neutral—regarding a subject, a

negative message  the polarity of opinion—positive, negative, or neutral—regarding a subject, a product, a service, etc. Two main approaches can be used to perform sentiment analysis or text mining : a knowledge-based approach, which uses linguistic models to classify sentiments; and a learning-based approach, which uses machine learning techniques to classify text. The concept of sentiment analysis opens a great number of possibilities and opportunities for introducing BI strategies to analyze the enormous amount of Read More...
What Drives Profitability
Growing customer sophistication and lifetime value means managing customer behavior is key to long-term profitability. Customer profitability and customer

negative message  of the low and negative profit contribution customers, it is determined that a marketing program can be devised that will move 5 percent of the negative customers into low profitability, while propelling 5 percent of the low profitability customers to medium profitability group (see table 1). Table 1. Customer Values Moving 5 percent of the customers in each of the two lowest profit groups will yield a 35 percent increase in profit contribution and the actual bottom line results can be significantly Read More...
Oracle CRM
Oracle CRM On Demand is the newest release of Oracle's software-as-a-service. This CRM solution provides Web 2.0 collaboration capabilties and other features

negative message  CRM Oracle CRM On Demand is the newest release of Oracle's software-as-a-service. This CRM solution provides Web 2.0 collaboration capabilties and other features such as analytics capabilities, a built in contact center, sticky notes features, and a centralized message center, and custom applets. It also has widgets to embed other applications, including Google, MyYahoo, or Microsoft SharePoint. Read More...
BoldFish’s Opt-In E-Mail Delivery System ~ ‘Oh My That’s Fast!’
BoldFish will deliver the message faster and more reliably than any other opt-in mail delivery system on the market today.

negative message  Opt-In E-Mail Delivery System ~ ‘Oh My That’s Fast!’ BoldFish’s Opt-In E-Mail Delivery System ~ 'Oh My That's Fast!' P. Hayes - September 22, 2000 Product Background BoldFish is the first company to tackle the e-mail problem on an Internet scale and at speeds, which will support even the largest of electronic mailing and distribution sites. The company has developed a number of advanced technologies for delivering, managing, personalizing, and commerce-enabling vast numbers of e-mail Read More...

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