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Deltek Going Private Again

net development on top on deltek mpm  prior year Q2 GAAP net income was $4.2 million for a Q2 GAAP  earnings per share (EPS)  of $0.06 At the time, Deltek also outlined important sales and product development highlights , including the following: Leading space systems manufacturer Orbital Sciences Corporation chose the vendor’s new project manufacturing solution, Deltek Costpoint MES , to streamline its operations and lower its costs. In the quarter, the vendor added more than 40 new Deltek First customers. Since its launch in mid-2011, Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » net development on top on deltek mpm

Oz Development Announces OzLINK Channel

net development on top on deltek mpm  the ERP solutions including NetSuite and QuickBooks . Furthermore, in addition to application integration, OzLINK Channel also provides additional business rules and process automation. Key capabilities include the following: Integration of orders, inventory, and item master information between ERP and e-commerce applications. Routing and screening of orders ensuring they are fulfilled from the right locations, while controlling costs and inventory. Supplier notification for drop ship orders to speed Read More
Deltek Remains the Master of Its Selected Few Domains Part Five: Deltek’s Major Product Lines

net development on top on deltek mpm  software companies. According to Kenneth E. deLaski, Deltek President and CEO, the average public software company only invests approximately 14.5 percent of its revenue in product development and, at 24 percent, Deltek customers should take this as a strong sign that the vendor is deeply committed to continued investment and improvement of each of its product suites for project businesses and professional services firms. Deltek also announced that, once again, it achieved strong profitability and cash Read More
Key Metrics for Monitoring New Product Development

net development on top on deltek mpm  Metrics for Monitoring New Product Development Since our research-driven beginnings, Johnson & Johnson Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) has continually improved the new product development (NPD) process. Detailed process mapping has revealed three tiers of business metrics, starting with drivers and moving up through execution metrics to business performance metrics. When driver metrics improves, so does business performance. Six Sigma tools helps identify specific metrics at all tiers and the caus Read More
App Development in a Mobile World: A CIO Handbook

net development on top on deltek mpm  Development in a Mobile World: A CIO Handbook As a senior stakeholder driving mobile initiatives in your organization, you may be lost in a sea of technologies and claims from vendors promising rapid delivery of applications to your employees, customers, and partners. To help explain some of the topics you will need to be aware of, and to separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves, SAP has developed a reference guide for applying a mobile strategy in the context of application architectures, best pr Read More
Security in the Software Development Lifecycle

net development on top on deltek mpm  in the Software Development Lifecycle Application security is an important emerging requirement in software development. This article introduces CLASP, an application security process and plug-in to IBM 's Rational Unified Process environment. It was developed by Secure Software, and gives organizations a structured way to address security concerns during the software development lifecycle. Read More
Top 5 Security Tips for 2009

net development on top on deltek mpm  risk, then think again. Internet security is no longer just a concern for large targets such as banks, but is a serious reality many small and mid size companies have to deal with. Faced with the same security challenges, how can smaller organizations manage without the same IT budget or resources ? What can these businesses do to have the same level of protection? In the white paper Top 5 Security Tips for 2009 , discover what smaller companies like yours can do to protect themselves from security Read More
Terra Technology’s Software Development Team Streamlines Their Development Process Using ProjectLocker

net development on top on deltek mpm  Technology’s Software Development Team Streamlines Their Development Process Using ProjectLocker Software company Terra Technology’s development team often worked remotely, without a centralized development system. Managing documents manually was quickly becoming an unproductive use of the team s time—and increased its chances of making errors. Since using ProjectLocker’s document management system, Terra Technology has saved valuable time and money, and can now focus on its core Read More
Insights on Trends in Software Development

net development on top on deltek mpm  on Trends in Software Development This TEC podcast features an interview with Jean-Philippe Valois, Azur Group's business development manager, who shares his insights on trends in software development and explains how the company’s innovative, online technology rapidly builds models of custom applications for the cloud. Read More
Benefits of Global Product Development

net development on top on deltek mpm  of Global Product Development Global product development is the natural evolution of outsourcing and offshoring . Done right, it can make your company significantly more productive. For growth-oriented companies, it means increased capacity and capability. For profit-oriented companies, global product development can translate into reduced costs and improved profits. But are you aware of all the opportunities—and risks —that come along with it? Find out in Benefits of Global Product Read More
On Demand Delivery Compels a Compensation Management Vendor

net development on top on deltek mpm  deployed on a true Internet-based architecture. The solution featured Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and thin client-based, n-tier (multi-tier) architecture (to learn more, please see Architecture Evolution: From Mainframes to Service-oriented Architecture ). As part of this launch, the company then changed its brand from Incentive Systems to Centive. In 2004, Centive completed what is still the largest deployment of a commercial EIM system at AIG Sun America , with more than 78,000 commissionable Read More
Software development outsourcing

net development on top on deltek mpm  development outsourcing Heurística can help companies determine if Mexico is the best option for their outsourcing plans, and then offer a choice of locations. The company can also help clients find a reliable software development company that partners with clients according to their conditions, and asks in-depth questions about clients specific tecnical recommendations. Heurística can also help with the legal and accounting aspects of outsourcing in Mexico. Read More
Smart Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO)

net development on top on deltek mpm  Smart Card , ASP Net 2.0 Single Sign On , Password Management , Cross Domain Single Sign On , ESSO Secure Provides Single Sign-on , Cross Domain Single Sign On , Active Directory SSO , Single Sign on Technology , E-SSO Solution , Define Single Sign On , Wireless Single Sign On , Central Authentication Service , Best Single Sign On . Already working or still authenticating again, again, and again? 1. Introduction   Passwords cost time, money and are a pain in the neck. Authentication with username and Read More
Deltek Announces GovWin Opportunity Assessment for Government Contractors

net development on top on deltek mpm  Announces GovWin Opportunity Assessment for Government Contractors Deltek, a provider of enterprise software and information solutions for government contractors and professional services firms, announced the release of a new interactive, Web-based tool, GovWin Opportunity Assessment (GovWin OA). The tool is designed to deliver the critical information government contractors need to win new business. The tool enables government contractors to make smart bid/no-bid decisions when pursuing new Read More

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