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Aspen - To Netfinity and Beyond
Aspen Technology, Inc. recently announced plans to leverage IBM resources to provide solutions for supply chain management (SCM) customers in the chemicals, petroleum, plastics, paper, metals, pharmaceutical, and other process industries.

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: Aspen - To Netfinity and Beyond Aspen - To Netfinity and Beyond Steve McVey - July 27, 2000 Read Comments S. McVey - July 27, 2000 Event Summary Aspen Technology, Inc. recently announced plans to leverage IBM resources to provide solutions for supply chain management (SCM) customers in the chemicals, petroleum, plastics, paper, metals, pharmaceutical, and other process industries. Under the new alliance, IBM and Aspen will work together on marketing, sales and future product development. Aspen will

IBM Announces Netfinity 4000R Super-Thin Server
IBM to ship its 4000R server, a thin server targeted at ISPs and ASPs. The 4000R sets a new standard for CPU density, fitting two Pentium IIIs in a one-rack-unit (1U) high enclosure, and will be priced at $3,000 to $4,000.

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: IBM Announces Netfinity 4000R Super-Thin Server IBM Announces Netfinity 4000R Super-Thin Server R. Krause - September 10, 1999 Read Comments Event Summary On September 7th, 1999, International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) announced the Netfinity 4000R, a 1.75 - high server aimed at Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Application Service Providers (ASPs). The 4000R, which will have up to two CPUs (Pentium II or III) per system, is a rack-mountable, stackable system. The system, expected to ship in late

IBM’s DB2 Tops TPC Benchmark List
Leapfrogging the rest of the transaction-processing world, IBM has posted TPC-C results more than tripling the highest current transaction-per-minute figure.

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: computer makers (TPC-C), IBM Netfinity and DB2 Universal Database, Intel Pentium III Xeon™ Processors and Microsoft s Windows 2000 achieved 440,879 Transactions Per Minute - record-breaking results in server and price performance. IBM, Intel and Microsoft joined forces on this groundbreaking effort to prove that a combination of Netfinity Servers with Pentium III Xeon (TM) processors running at 700 MHz (megahertz) with 2 MB (megabyte) L2 cache, IBM DB2 Universal Database and Microsoft Windows 2000


NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: Tropos was developed for short-cycle demand-driven manufacturing and the needs of regulated industries.

IBM Jumps on the Linux Bandwagon with Both Feet, Sort Of
IBM is refocusing its corporate-wide Internet software efforts around Linux, creating a new Linux Group within the Enterprise Server Division.

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: a standard option on Netfinity servers, but we expect IBM to change that status within 6-9 months. Once that happens, they will return to a position of being able to offer a computer for all environments - Windows, Unix, Linux, AS/400 - except Solaris. User Recommendations We are disappointed that the announcement did not include IBM making Linux available as an orderable option on Netfinity servers. This is a long-term play for IBM. Linux-enabled does not mean IBM is shipping servers running Linux,

HP s Four-CPU Wintel-Based Rack Servers: Focusing on Reliability and Expandability
Hewlett-Packard's four-CPU rackmount products, the NetServer LH4r and LXr 8000, are aimed at customers who want reliable, expandable server installations.

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: 8000 (10), and IBM s Netfinity 7000 (12), provide more I/O slots. Storage: The LH 4r allows the largest quantity of disk drives (8x1.6 or 12x1.0 high) of any of the offerings by the Big Four server manufacturers (Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM max. available for others is 6x1.6 or 8x1.0 ). In addition, HP supports seven different RAID levels, more than its competitors support. LXr 8000: I/O Features : As with the LH 4r, the LXr 8000 provides lots of I/O 10 slots total exceeded only by IBM s Netfinity 7000.

Delivering Operational Excellence with Innovation: Enterprise Services Architecture for Enterprise Resource Planning
Deliverng Operational Excellence with Innovation. Read White Papers and Other Software for Your Assessment and for Deliverng Operational Excellence. Changing business practices, especially those that consolidate business and IT functions, requires careful research and decision making. For companies needing to move beyond traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, enterprise service applications (ESA) can help reduce the complexity of having disparate IT systems. Find out about the benefits of ESA and how it can help you achieve operational excellence.

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: AFP, Intelligent Miner, WebSphere, Netfinity, Tivoli, and Informix are trademarks or registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. UNIX, X/Open, OSF/1, and Motif are registered trademarks of the Open Group. Citrix, ICA, Program Neighborhood, MetaFrame, WinFrame, VideoFrame, and MultiWin are trademarks or registered trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc. HTML, XML, XHTML and W3C are trademarks or registered trademarks of W3C ® , World Wide Web Consortium,
1/30/2008 2:10:00 PM

Dell Updates Its Appliance Line
As part of a far-reaching strategy to grab a large share of Internet infrastructure computing, Dell has announced three new appliance server models.

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: systems such as IBM s Netfinity 4000R and the upcoming 4500R. Dell believes that a single-CPU system is sufficiently powerful to drive xSP-type applications, with the bottleneck being the network. IBM believes that for heavy-duty Web applications, dual-CPU systems provide a more robust and powerful infrastructure. We advise customers to test these contentions for themselves before committing large amounts of money to revamping (or building up) their infrastructure. For example, back-end loaded (e.g.,

High-End Wintel-Based Rackmount Servers - The Big Get Bigger
A market analysis of Wintel-based rackmount servers: who are the key players, why they'll stay that way, their strengths, why a customer would want one, and where this market is heading.

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: high end, and the Netfinity 7000 M10 has won numerous magazine and show awards, as well as performing extremely well in various benchmark tests. However, IBM presently lacks a 4P/4U server to compete with Compaq and Dell. Market Losers Due to the consolidation taking place in the Intel-based server industry - the big four are controlling an increasingly greater percentage of sales volume (~75% in June 99 vs. 66% in 1998 vs. 58% in 1997) [Source:IDC]. In this marketplace, the also-rans will be those

Intel Small Server Market
Who are the key players in the market segment of Intel small servers? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each, and when is one more appropriate than another?

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: came many of the Netfinity design team). Customer Support IBM has one of, if not the strongest customer service and support organizations of any computer manufacturer. There is not much we can add to that. Performance In 1999, IBM set out to garner the top scores in every reasonable benchmark they could find. They were successful for the most part. With these performance results, IBM is now ready to move on to other areas, such as reducing their price/performance figures (historically a problem for their

Infor Visual

NETFINITY 5500 STENCIL: With its graphical nature, the Infor ERP Visual suite of products helps companies capture real-time data about their business processes using ERP, APS, MES, quality management, customer relationship management (CRM), e-business relationship management (ERM), warehouse management system (WMS), and transportation management system (TMS) capabilities.

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