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Can High Flying NetGravity Maintain Its Position?
NetGravity's ad serving software remains a leader, and its merger with DoubleClick should have the company celebrating, but CMGI is massing troops on the border

netgravity  High Flying NetGravity Maintain Its Position? Vendor Genesis NetGravity was founded in 1995 by Chairman John Danner as the first commercial provider of online advertising solutions. NetGravity had $11.6 million in revenues in 1998, with an 81.2% increase over 1997's $6.2 million. Revenues for the six months ending June 1999 were $10.5 million, a 136% increase over the same two quarters in 1998. The company lost $11.3 million in 1998, compared with a $6.9 million loss in 1997. The Q2 1999 loss was $2.1 Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » netgravity

The Rise or Fall of Internet Advertising
Is the Internet advertising industry about to crash? Some pundits think so. Researchers and entrepreneurs aren't so sure

netgravity  are doing exactly this. NetGravity (Nasdaq: NETG) has a product called Boomerang that lets advertisers target ads to people who have previously been receptive to them. Engage (Nasdaq: ENGA) accumulates detailed profiles of surfers that its AudienceNet product can use to serve ads based on their interests as revealed by previous surfing. There will also be new technologies coming soon to make the transition from ad to sale smoother, including rich-media banners that can effect a sale without taking the Read More
How to Serve an Ad
Presents an overview of the basic technology used in all ad-serving solutions.

netgravity  can be used, and NetGravity is one vendor who offers both. (See TEC Technology Research Note: Can High Flying NetGravity Maintain Its Position? October 3rd, 1999) What we have so far can be achieved in a program at most a few dozen lines long. But things have barely begun to get interesting. The website publisher does not want all ads to have an equal chance of being on every page. Perhaps the home page should command a higher premium, or the publisher wants to ensure that ads from airlines do not Read More

In the month of September Internet giant CMGI made three separate acquisitions of companies involved in advertising and profiling, giving it coverage in almost

netgravity  DCLK), which recently acquired NetGravity (Nasdaq: NETG). DoubleClick will have some catching up to do, but is probably not worrying too much. In fact, one result of the September 30 announcement was an uptick in DoubleClick's stock. With NetGravity, DoubleClick offers most of the ad serving capabilities of the new CMGI family in one form or another, although it can make improvements in its targeting capabilities and its position compared with Flycast and Adsmart is weak. On the other hand, the whole Read More
Real Media Goes To Market
Internet advertising firm Real Media has decided to file for an IPO, at last joining its major competitors, DoubleClick and Engage.

netgravity  - DoubleClick, Engage, and NetGravity (later purchased by DoubleClick). It shows the value of the offering as projected in the initial filing document and the value the company received when it did file. These may differ because the company offers a different number of shares or achieves a different offering price from the one guessed at in the initial filing. The chart also shows the revenues for the twelve months preceding the offering. It remains to be seen whether Real Media will make the most of its Read More
Engage AudienceNet Brings Users the Ads They Want To See
Engage has introduced a new product that delivers ads to users who are most likely to be receptive to them. AudienceNet relies on data collecting, proprietary algorithms and old-fashioned direct marketing savvy to increase clickthrough rates.

netgravity  and its new subsidiary NetGravity to develop a competitive product. Product Challenges With no sites beyond the initial 400 used to develop the product having been launched, there is as yet no user experience to draw on. We do believe that the effort of changing ad tags will be a deterrent to some sites. We also project that beyond general consumer sites, the effort of doing page analysis and working new categories through the Knowledge Ontology Review Board will be a diversion that many websites with Read More

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