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Documents related to » new trends in sap

5 High-impact Agile Fail Points, and How to Avoid Them
Agile software development is swiftly gaining acceptance. But, for the process to succeed, it must be driven by business value at the core. If not, the speed and fluidity agile introduces can actually increase the risk of creating products that miss customer needs and threaten revenue goals. Discover the five high-impact failure areas that emerge as companies implement agile in complex, distributed team environments.

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9/8/2010 10:22:00 AM

Nil Bilgi Yönetimi

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: Introduced in 2003 for small- and medium-sized business, Nil Bilgi Yönetimi offers sector-independent, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

TEC Vendor Challenge Panel Discussion Preview: Jonathan Gross on Future Trends in Distribution
VP and General Counsel at Pemeco Consulting, Jonathan Gross, is participating in a panel discussion on future trends in distribution at the TEC Vendor Challenge event, September 18-19, 2013 in Montreal, Canada. In this sneak preview, Jonathan talks about customer-facing innovations in sales and customer service.

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: software vendors are launching new versions that support mobile features, while others are launching special BI applications specifically for mobile devices. This is the case with California-based MeLLmo, which offers the native iPhone/iPad RoamBI app—designed from the ground up as a mobile BI application. In this interview with MeLLmo CEO Santiago Becerra, he answers questions about RoamBI differentiators, the challenges of designing mobile BI, and the limitations of mobile BI. Read Interview with CEO
9/17/2013 4:22:00 PM

In Search of Sustainability with Dassault Systèmes
Sustainability can be achieved through the adoption of PLM. Find out how your organization can create a more sustainable future. Can PLM technologies help build a more sustainable future for organizations? This article discusses the relationship between PLM and sustainable development, using major PLM vendor Dassault Systèmes as an example.

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: responsibility, moving to the new facility results in a more than 15 percent decrease of carbon footprint per employee. 2010 also sees Dassault Systèmes start participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project to report the company’s carbon emissions. More importantly, Dassault Systèmes is currently considering utilizing its own technologies (such as building solutions and product maintenance solutions) to improve the company’s own sustainability. This will make the company more credible as it becomes
9/14/2010 11:15:00 AM

Enterprise Configuration Management for Risk Mitigation
Enterprise configuration management (ECM) is a process to capture data and dependencies about an information technology (IT) infrastructure and to create an audit trail of changes against that infrastructure. The ECM process manages the revision and status of all the digital assets in an IT infrastructure. This white paper by Chris Kincaid from Configuration Management, Inc. discusses the benefits of ECM for risk mitigation.

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: ECM, ALM, Risk Mitigation, Change Management, CM, change management process, change management strategies, organizational change, software configuration management, information technology, IT, enterprise configuration management, IT management, database architecture, database management, IT infrastructure, data recovery, data recovery objhective, operating system, OS management, CMDB, CMBD design, Configuration Management Inc.
11/2/2011 12:11:00 PM

Process PLM Vendor Sequencia Adds Portfolio Management
Sequencia extends its Process Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offering with portfolio management, leading the impact of the solution into the executive suite.

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: Project Attractiveness Score (PAS). New projects can be evaluated against both existing projects and competing new projects, selected and prioritized. Existing projects may be accelerated, killed, or re-prioritized based upon how they relate with other projects against the objectives of the enterprise. By comparing projects, resources can be allocated or re-allocated. Portfolio Management is a natural part of Process PLM. The benefits of portfolio management to the process company includes: Value -

Peace of Mind through Surveillance: Affordable Solutions for Homes and SMBs
Peace of Mind through Surveillance: Affordable Solutions for Homes and SMBs. Solutions and Other Documents to Characterize Your Purchase, In Relation To Affordable Solutions for Homes and SMBs Today’s fast-paced lifestyle means many people spend a considerable amount of time in a mobile state, going between home, office, and meetings. With increasing pressure on time and mobility, the ability to secure important assets, both digitally and physically, has become critical. But there is an easy and affordable solution—learn how a surveillance system can be put into place using network attached storage.

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: , Micro Surveillance , New Surveillance . Introduction: In today s fast-paced lifestyle, many people spend a considerable amount of time in a mobile state, going between home, office and meetings. With increasing pressure on time and mobility, the ability to secure important assets, both digitally and physically has become critical. Whether it s a home, a small business, or a warehouse, protecting valuable assets can be done easily and affordably with the help of a new breed of surveillance systems.
9/14/2009 2:36:00 PM

What 2010 Meant For Microsoft Business Solutions » The TEC Blog
businesses, that announcement signaled new opportunities to increase productivity. New Business Productivity Enablers Some of the key new features and benefits of these new products’ launch and integration included the following: New  Microsoft Excel 2010 features such as Slicers  and  Sparklines . These features make Microsoft Dynamics (and many other ERP and CRM products for that matter) information more visual, helping with information overload and supporting deeper insights into what is happening

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PeopleSoft Manufacturing - This Time For Sure?!
PeopleSoft claims that its next major release, PeopleSoft 8, which is due in a few weeks time, will allay persistent perceptions that PeopleSoft is still not a full-fledged player in manufacturing.

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: next phase of its new architecture - a suite of applications written in HTML and Java that will build upon the Java Server. We re not afraid at all to admit that client/server is pretty much dead. We re focusing all our development toward the Internet, says John Webb, vice president of product management for PeopleSoft s supply chain division. However, PeopleSoft is a relative latecomer to the ERP fray, having gotten its start in the human resources/payroll applications arena. Today, the company claims

Plant-level Systems: Facing and Dealing with Obstacles
Production supervisors and plant managers are constantly fighting problems within a plant because they lack visibility in the supply chain and do not have an automated exception-based management system. However, a value-adding processing layer can create transparency and link information to unify company processes.

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: supply chain has generated renewed interest in plant-level applications. Both manual and computerized versions of these systems and their components generate and maintain a large amount of data that could be useful to other people within the enterprise, as well as to external trading partners on the demand and the supply side. Historically, this information has been difficult to retrieve within those user communities outside of the plant floor. However, that the availability of this information is

Hosted VoIP Buyer s Guide: Creating Virtual Offices
In Hosted VoIP Buyer's Guide: Creating Virtual Offices, you'll discover how a hosted VoIP phone system is the key to creating a virtual office ...

NEW TRENDS IN SAP: Whether you re starting a new company, adding offices to an existing operation, or beefing up support for your people on the road, a smart, cost-effective approach is to create virtual offices. In Hosted VoIP Buyer s Guide: Creating Virtual Offices , you ll discover how a hosted VoIP phone system is the key to creating a virtual office environment with all the features and flexibility you need--but without a big capital outlay. You ll learn how hosted VoIP works what a virtual office is the cost
8/29/2011 5:02:00 PM

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