Software Functionality Revealed in Detail
We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.
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IP Telephony 101: The Utter Beginner’s Guide
Telephony. Sounds harmless enough.First, a definition from Merriam-Webster: “the use or operation of an apparatus (as a telephone) for transmission of

nice acknowledgments  used for communicating data…” Nice. So I did some research (see white papers above). It turns out to be rather simple: IP telephony allows you to make phone calls over the Internet—including long-distance phone calls. Which brings us straight to... ... the Pros and Cons of IP Telephony The pros : IP telephony saves you long-distance charges. If you’re measuring your monthly phone bill in thousands of dollars, then that’s what you’ll save. It can also ease the burden of managing remote

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Visit the TEC store to compare leading software by functionality, so that you can make accurate and informed software purchasing decisions.

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The CyberAngel: Laptop Recovery and File Encryption All-in-One

Relevant Technologies took the CyberAngel into our labs to test it for our acceptability rating. It worked as advertised, and had more features than expected.

nice acknowledgments  128 DES 56 The nice thing about the installation program is that it provides you with background information on each of the encryption algorithms to better assist you in making your decision on which one to select. Government agencies will like the fact that the NIST AES standard is supported. Figure 1. Selecting Your Encryption Algorithm During Installation After the CyberAngel finished installing, we began testing the secure protected drive by inserting some would-be confidential information (a Read More

How to Kill Your Software Selection Project in 10 Very Easy Steps

Want to join the ranks of the hapless and the crushed? Want to become an oft-cited statistic in software selection horror stories? Here’s how, in 10 easy steps. 1. Fail to get user buy-in. Users, bless their souls, just won’t use an application they don’t want to use. Especially if they feel it’s been foisted on them by a team who doesn’t understand their needs. The result

nice acknowledgments  short list? There’s no nice way to say this, so I’ll just come out and say it: Cover. Your. Assessments. Use a software selection methodology that provides full accountability through each step of the selection process. 6. Let software vendors set the pace in software demonstrations Two words for you: demo script . Draft one. Send it to the vendors on your shortlist. And make sure they understand they will be penalized for not sticking to it. 7. Look for the magic bullet ERP will boost your bottom Read More

IA-64 Linux From Red Hat

Red Hat announces the availability of the source code for IA-64 platforms, the first of which will be Intel’s “Itanium” processor, due later this year.

nice acknowledgments  It would certainly be nice for Red Hat if they could get some of the existing Alpha applications easily re-compiled for Itanium, or at least quickly/easily rewritten, but we expect that falls into the wouldn't it be nice category. The battle at this point is for mindshare: Itanium's performance is not expected to be in the kick-the-doors-down range, the performance version (McKinley, or whatever they're calling it these days) is not due out until 2001. However, since applications often drive OS Read More

Announcing the Upcoming TEC CRM Buyer’s Guide: Focus on Innovation

CRM has changed enormously over the past decade. New technologies and changing customer behavior have both had a great impact on the way companies manage their existing and potential clients. TEC’s upcoming CRM Buyer’s guide will show what CRM vendors are doing to differentiate themselves from the competition through innovation, and to help their customers better adapt to the

nice acknowledgments  new features that are nice to have, but possibly not supported or further enhanced in the future? Stay Tuned… Also in TEC’s upcoming CRM Buyer’s Guide: Each section of the guide will feature a matrix comparing the most relevant solutions for that category of innovation. The guide will also contain a vendor directory listing dozens of companies that have created innovative products for customer management. Vendors interested in guide sponsorship opportunities can contact our Software Industry Read More

Surviving Amid "ERP Sharks" as a “Visionary Vendor for the Pragmatic User” (Part II)

Part I of this blog topic introduced SYSPRO and its traditional vertical solutions. It also analyzed the vendor's PragmaVision strategy to provide to pragmatic (yet visionary) technology buyers' need. Towards the end of offering proven technology to pragmatists, SYSPRO’s fully-integrated solution suite [evaluate this product] connects to disparate systems via Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

nice acknowledgments  marketing campaigns are not nice to have , but are rather essential to have when selling enterprise solutions in the US market. SYSPRO’s new PragmaVision positioning is clear, clever and lends itself to distinguishing itself... if the company puts enough marketing resources behind it to get the messaging out . Similarly, TEC has seen refreshing evidence that the company is translating its somewhat unique and desirable continual I.V. drip style software releases (incremental and easily digestible Read More

Arena Solutions Adds Cloud Single Sign-on in Latest BOMControl Update

Arena Solutions provides cloud-based bill of materials (BOM) and change management software for small and midsize hi-tech manufacturers. Its suite of cloud applications, including BOMControl, PartsList, and PDXViewer, enable engineering, manufacturing, and their extended supply chains to speed prototyping, reduce scrap, and streamline supply chains. Engineers looking to streamline BOM creation and

nice acknowledgments  which are all very nice features representing the power of cloud and giving some indication of how product lifecycle management (PLM) may evolve. In the future, PLM will be achieved by connecting hundreds of apps (if not more) in the cloud, such as the following: PartSaver bookmark connects PLM with electronic components distributors and their catalog through the cloud. PartSaver to BOMControl is a brand new feature because it enables a user to clip part content from a distributor/manufacturer/content Read More

Red Hat Releases Clustering Software

Red Hat is the latest of the Linux distributors to provide its own version of clustering software.

nice acknowledgments  and all the other nice things Red Hat throws in when you buy it. If the scalability is truly unlimited (we have not verified this through testing), we can see this product benefiting on the ISP/ASP market - users who have a ton of small servers (as opposed to a few very large servers) and who need uptime, load balancing, and scalability. User Recommendations As described earlier, Linux users with lots of small servers (or server appliances) should look at this product more closely. Users with Read More

U.S. Crypto Laws Relaxed, but Not Enough to Enable Commerce

The revisions the Department of Commerce has announced for U.S. export controls on encryption products will not be enough for U.S. crypto products to gain International acceptance. The U.S. crypto market will fail to reach its revenue potential, and overseas companies and International crypto markets will continue to bask lavishly from bungled U.S. export policy.

nice acknowledgments  safety. It would be nice if aberrant behavior could be controlled by software products and their distribution. History, however, has shown that restricting the sale of enterprise encryption products has not been an effective way to deter criminal behavior. The current fear and associated governmental restrictions are akin to the privacy alarms that went off when cameras first debuted as image capturing devices in the 1890s. Just as cameras have added value to world cultures and security initiatives based Read More

My System Is Trying to Communicate With Me! What Do I Do?

What you should not do is ignore whatever you see on the screen. If you don’t trust computers, remember that they were created and programmed by humans like you. And if something pops up while you’re working, it’s either because you are about to do something important that needs validation, or because the system encountered an error. There are two major types of messages that you can get

nice acknowledgments  Messages Wouldn’t it be nice to get a warning message if you were about to step on a banana peel? Something like: “Are you sure you want to step on a banana peel? Click Yes if you want to break your neck, No to avoid it, and Cancel to ignore this message.” Well, business systems warn you that you are about to do something important and ask you to confirm your actions. This only happens when those actions can have a serious impact on the system, like voiding invoices, exporting hundreds of orders, Read More

Five Reasons Why You Should Attend the TEC Vendor Challenge

Business software demos have become quite popular among companies deciding on new business software systems during recent years. Typically, several software vendors are invited to these events to demonstrate how their products address actual business processes—simulating real-life business scenarios. Each vendor goes through the same demo script and specifies exactly how its software addresses the

nice acknowledgments  solution. It’s certainly a nice opportunity to share your own opinions and experience with colleagues from different companies, and to listen to what they have to say about their existing and expecting software, their company vision, etc. Come to the TEC Vendor Challenge and see live demo sessions of these seven solutions, and how they can help you improve your business process and increase operational efficiencies—all without even making a single investment in software. Read More

AT&T PocketNet Service Goes Wireless With Novell GroupWise

Novell’s GroupWise product is the second collaborative messaging system that has teamed with AT&T for the wireless PocketNet service. Lotus Notes currently has over 50,000,000 client seats, and Novell GroupWise has over 20,000,000 client seats, giving AT&T PocketNet service a potential target market of 70,000,000 users.

nice acknowledgments  and not just a nice new 'toy' for your end users. Read More

How to Evaluate a Sales and Operation Planning System

The features available in today’s sales and operations planning (SOP) systems make these systems indispensable assets for an organization. Reporting tools and graphical representations are just a couple of these key features. Find out what else to look for in an SOP system.

nice acknowledgments  like these were considered “nice to have,” but today they are essential. Also, vendors have streamlined their products so that implementation times are more manageable, making the return on implementing an SOP system more attractive. Today, a typical SOP implementation—assuming that the organization is already running an enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and business intelligence (BI) system—should take around three months worth of labor hours. Predefined Key Read More

Bonitasoft, Part 2: Interview with Marketing VP Mac McConnell

Part 1 offered some background on Bonitasoft, provider of open source business process management (BPM) software, and highlighted its approach of targeting process owners.To further flesh out Bonitasoft’s value prop, we recently talked to Mac McConnell, Bonitasoft’s vice president of marketing. He is responsible for all aspects of global marketing, including brand awareness, communications, demand

nice acknowledgments  other; Bonitasoft has a nice position as an open standards-based BPM that facilitates communication with various businesses. Right now we’re in a sweet spot. As applications evolve there could be a fear that BPM becomes part of your standard cloud and desktop applications. Recommended Reading Oracle Closes the Business-IT Gap with the Latest Oracle BPM Suite 11g Upgrade AuraPortal: A BPM Vendor Worth Checking Out PegaWorld 2011 Revisited Read More

InsideOut Makes Firewall Reporting Useful

Firewall logs can be cryptic and very difficult to analyze. There are a number of firewall reporting products on the market that attempt to address this problem, however one particular product recently caught our attention.

nice acknowledgments  While Web accessibility is nice, InsideOut's best features by far are the reports that it generates. From the beginning Stonylake Solutions realized that traditional firewall reports tend to be difficult to read. Often an experienced IT professional will have to take special training just to be able to understand what the reports are telling them. Even after attending such training, the process of deciphering the reports tends to be very time consuming. Stonylake Solutions took a different approach Read More