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The Emerging Threat of Legal Liability for Failure to Prevent Spyware Attacks
Corporations striving to comply with data security laws and regulatory initiatives must implement anti-spyware measures. Businesses who fail to take reasonable

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » nicrosoft spyware

RTI's CRM Applications Rivals The Major League Providers
Founded in 1990, RTI Software is an Illinois CRM application provider with a feature- rich Enterprise solution targeting the software and hardware industry and

nicrosoft spyware  keep expanding in specialized niches particularly within Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. As it stands now, the product's strengths, particularly in its pre-configured functionalities and views, matches most of the process requirements of the software industry. Tracking relationships between customers is another RTI's product feature especially useful to professional firms. This feature allows end-users tracking parent relationship between sites of the same corporate customer. The Read More
Case Study: Faronics Deep Freeze and Mobile County Public School System
The Mobile County Public School System was frustrated with frequent attacks by viruses and malware on its student and staff workstations. The school district’s

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Customer Relationship Management and the Next Generation Network
Next generation networks may eventually allow us to interact with the world in a way compatible with how we live. This would have the greatest impact on our

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Should interBiz Mean Intelligence And Prediction Beyond ERP? - Part 2: Challenges and Market Impact
InterBiz remains one of the most widely used of the upper-mid-range ERP vendors. It has done much to rejuvenate its acquired enterprise applications arsenal

nicrosoft spyware  success in their respective niches. Geac , Epicor , Ross Systems are examples of companies where this strategy has failed: all have had to resort to divestiture and to a focus on core competencies. While the announced premium service plans certainly give customers peace of mind and raise the bar for competitors' service & support value propositions, interBiz should consider making some bold decisions on the level of integration of the applications, possibly with a plan for developing a cross-application Read More
Best Software Delivers More Insights To Its Partners (As Well As To The Market) Part Three: Market Impact
With Best having already captured a lion's share of the market estimated to consist of several millions of small enterprises or ~$14 billion in revenue

nicrosoft spyware  in their respective target niches and a market presence in the SME market in which Sage had long specialized as well. For more than two decades, the evolving and ever-growing software company has strived to deliver easy-to-use, scalable and customizable applications through its portfolio of renowned individual brands. This concludes Part Three of a five-part note. Parts One and Two summarized the Event. Part Four will continue the Market Impact. Part Five will present the Challenges and make User Read More
Epicor Insights 2014–Raising the ERP Game
The major “game raising” news at Epicor Insights 2014 was the availability of Epicor ERP version 10 (and the underlying Epicor ICE 3.0 architecture). This

nicrosoft spyware  still has some defendable niches, especially in hospitality. Also, Epicor has learned from iScala how to develop global ERP products, while the Epicor Service Connect middleware within ICE also came from iScala.   Apparently, Progress took the bad news on its chin without much fuss, and was even sponsoring the event and featured its Rollbase platform as a service (PaaS). However, 30 percent of Epicor ERP 9 users are still on Progress (while that percentage is even higher with Vantage/Vista 7 and 8 Read More
User Recommendations for Project-oriented Software
Selecting the right project-oriented software may depend on the specific requirements of the industry niches in which an organization competes. But since not

nicrosoft spyware  requirements of the industry niches in which the organization competes, as well as on how the organization is structured. Some organizations thrive on the leading edge of technology, while other organizations in the same niche are more comfortable with more basic functionality. Each of the four products reviewed has individual strengths that will be of significant interest to some organizations. Once needs have been defined in a comprehensive way, they must be compared against each likely business partner Read More
Spyware versus Viruses
At first glance, spyware and computer viruses appear to have much in common. But in fact, spyware is a unique challenge. Unlike viruses, the motivation behind

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Blacklist versus Whitelist Software Solutions
The problems caused by malware and malicious code in the form of rootkits and Trojans are multiplying everyday. These pervasive problems have created a new

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Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side'' Part Four: Market Impact Summary and User Recommendations
SSA GT has many times surprised even the biggest skeptics by turning around seemingly non-viable vantage products (which iBaan and Ironside certainly are not

nicrosoft spyware  success in their respective niches. In addition to Invensys, Geac , Epicor , Ross Systems , and SCT Corporation would be relatively recent examples of companies where this strategy has failed: all have had to eventually resort to divestiture and to a focus on core competencies. With SSA GT/Baan stating more appetite to acquire more vendors in light of impending large-scale consolidation (see Frantic Merger-Mania Spiced Up With Vendettas Leaves Customers Anxious ), before even putting this two mergers Read More
Epicor Delivers On Milestones, But Its Situation Remains Bleak
On November 21, Epicor introduced the immediate availability of Epicor eManufacturing, the next generation of its former Vantage manufacturing solution. However

nicrosoft spyware  success in their respective niches. Epicor seems to have undertaken too much at once. The challenge of Web-enabling and integrating its front-office suite to all its back-office suites, and delivery of vertical solutions, seems colossal at this stage. The strategy of some of its competitors like Great Plains and Navision, which have decided to deliver their capabilities in manageable chunks, seems to have paid off even though their offerings are narrower than Epicor's. Further, Epicor's requirement of exc Read More
What's in a name? or Enterprise systems' reincarnations (Part II)
While the Part I of this topic focused on Consona Corporation (former M2M Holdings), this time the discussion continues with the recently minted Solarsoft

nicrosoft spyware  of targeting some defendable niches. This brings us to another general issue for all those companies that have been (and still want to be) on an acquisition trail: can they really continue without running out of steam. But, that is a topic on its own. For now, dear readers, what is your opinion on the strategy of the above-mentioned, recently renamed acquisitive companies? Which of them are (or are not) in for a brighter future? Read More
SalesLogix and ACT! Officially Branded As Best Software
Having garnered a powerful broad enterprise applications portfolio, Best Software is challenging the competition and telling the market it will not easily be

nicrosoft spyware  in their respective target niches and a market presence in the SME market in which Sage had long specialized as well. Other prudent recent acquisitions were Best Software Mid-Market Division's (a.k.a. Sage Software ) purchase last year of ERP vendor Haitek Solutions , and the Sage Group's 1999 acquisition of Tetra , a UK-based mid-market ERP vendor. These deals have consequently resulted in different ERP products offered by different units of the Sage Group. After the Tetra acquisition, The Sage Group Read More
Trends in Malware: 2007 Security Threat Report
The first six months of 2007 continued a trend of rapidly mutating virus and spam campaigns. Small targeted attacks were favored over large-scale attacks. The

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