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Lean Manufacturing: A Primer
Lean manufacturing emphasizes the minimization of the amount of all the resources (including time) used in the various activities of the enterprise. The typical

nirvana pins  lean and flow manufacturing nirvana would be the situation where a manufacturer can afford an EOQ of only one manufactured or purchased product (i.e., EOQ = 1). Waiting . This refers to queuing delays coming from people, processes, or work-in-progress (WIP) inventory sitting idle while waiting for instructions, information, raw materials, or any other resources. Wasteful waiting ties up capital, increases the risk of obsolescence or damage, and often requires additional handling and movement of goods. Tra Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » nirvana pins

The Cha(lle)nging World of Value-added Resellers
In today's cutthroat business environment, value-added reseller aspirants are seeing the need for faster deployment, improved systems quality, better cost

nirvana pins  support. But achieving such nirvana is a far from easy, as demonstrated by the examples of some vendors which have recently completely reverted to a direct sales model, due to the lack of competence and zeal in their former VARs. The recently acquisitive SMB market incumbent vendor, Made2Manage Systems (see Made2Manage Systems One Year After': Reenergized and Growing ), cites many examples of a total disconnect on the customer-VAR-vendor line, including cases where some VARs did not inform the customers Read More
Catering to Small and Medium-Size Enterprises
With opportunities in the large enterprise marketplace shrinking due to increased penetration, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are starting to receive

nirvana pins  long and fruitless. The nirvana would be for vendors to offer software with limited and specific functionality that can grow as the company grows. Understandably, the business model for vendors is to cater to a reasonably wide marketplace. To do this they need to offer a feature rich environment. This is where the money is to be made. This, however, is in direct conflict for SMEs need for a reduced functionality. What can vendors do? The news on this front is getting better. As opportunities in the medium Read More
RedPrairie: Enabling End-to-End Supply Chains (from Manufacturer to Retail Shelf)
RedPrairie provides best-of-breed supply chain execution, workforce, and all-channel retail solutions designed to streamline and expedite the flow of goods from

nirvana pins  the “Buy Anywhere—Fulfill Anywhere” Nirvana In 2006, RedPrairie recognized the growing impact of retail in the world economy and the new supply chain fulfillment challenges retailers face in today’s consumer-driven all-channel environment. Since success in retail is so dependent on effective management of inventory and the workforce—areas RedPrairie pioneered in supply chain operations—the company acquired BlueCube and StorePerform , two leading vendors of retail workforce, store inventory Read More
Curbing MESsy Shop Floor State of Affairs - Part II
Part I of this blog series expanded on some of TEC's earlier articles about companies' need for better links between the plant (

nirvana pins  earlier article entitled “Manufacturer's Nirvana -- Real-Time Actionable Information. Also, there is an informative Enterprise Systems Spectator ’s blog post on IQMS here . Solarsoft (formerly CMS Software [ evaluate this product ]) would be another good ERP-MES example following the acquisition of Mattec a couple of years ago . The upcoming Epicor 9 product, which represents a complete rewrite and convergence, on the basis of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0 , of the selected best-of Read More
Progress Software Revs Up to Higher RPM via Savvion - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series began with an analysis of the recent merger of Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) and Savvion Inc. Progress has this way

nirvana pins  process management and improvement nirvana. A major problem is that processes all too often span multiple disparate enterprise systems and that without visibility into what the actual process is and how it is performing, one cannot improve it. One possible solution is to model that process in an end-to-end manner (even though it might actually mean multiple sub-processes spanning multiple applications) and to monitor that composite process via a consolidated  dashboard  with intelligent  event correlat Read More
SOA From a Management Perspective: Part One
The big buzzword in enterprise-wide package software is service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA promises to solve a company's software ills, making life easier

nirvana pins  reusability has been the nirvana that IT groups have been trying to attain since the first IFTHENELSE statement was coded. Whether SOA will achieve this objective remains to be seen. Remember, IT can also stand for independent and temperamental. Agility Recall that one of the problems associated with contending with Y2K was interpreting the two-digit year designation. Finding every date routine in every program was considered a nightmare, warranting a complete replacement of legacy systems. Suppose that d Read More
The Economic Benefits of an Integrated Talent Management Suite
Today, many human resources (HR) organizations find themselves with a tapestry of HR systems, many of which do not work well with each other. But many

nirvana pins  have truly reached the nirvana of an integrated suite (our industry study on Talent Management Suites will help you identify the right provider). Even those vendors that have such suites tend to be strong in their primary application areas and weak in most others. Moreover, you probably have an incumbent vendor you like for at least one system. This vendor (whether it is your LMS vendor, recruiting vendor or performance management systems vendor) may or may not be moving fast enough for you to get to Read More
Linking Planning and Execution Systems for Retailers’ Nirvana--Improved Visibility and Fulfillment
Linking an APS to an ERP system, although simple in principle and worth the trouble, is nonetheless a major integration project.

nirvana pins  Execution Systems for Retailers’ Nirvana--Improved Visibility and Fulfillment Linking an APS System to an ERP System An advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system offers a mix of design and planning tools that use mathematical procedures to optimize the flow of goods across the supply chain. It generally includes separate planning modules for managing demand, distribution, production, material requirements, purchasing, and fulfillment, all of which have some overlap with the modules of back-office en Read More
Solving Enterprise Problems: The Fully-integrated Solution of IQMS
Though superficially, IQMS, a small, quiet ERP provider, may be similar to its competitors, by offering fully-integrated applications and services that are

nirvana pins  steps toward the manufacturer's nirvana of making every batch a great batch, or, in the language of plastic processors, to ensure shot-to-shot and run-to-run repeatability . At the very least, terrible runs can be eliminated and the ranking of every run can be lifted, allowing for significant financial gain (for more details, see Process Manufacturers—Great Batch, Every Batch ). Cost Effective Warehouse Management System Along similar lines is the wireless IQ Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) Read More
The Modelling Approach to Post-implementation Agility in Enterprise Systems
Change happens, and it will always happen in virtually every business environment. The underlying enterprise system should thus be an aid to changing the

nirvana pins  far from the promised nirvana of new product releases that will allow any modification to be easily re-evaluated and re-applied as necessary at a realistic time, cost, and quality—to say nothing of modifications that evolve with the needs of the business and the advances made by the vendor. To recap, while SOA does facilitate standardization, allow for loosely coupled software components (services) assembly and integration, accommodate customized portal-based presentation, and thus perhaps facilitate in Read More
Challenging the Competition: Mega-mergers and Supply Chain Technology
In theory, the Kmart-Sears merger could produce a new layer of competition to mega-retailers such as Wal-Mart. However, it needs more than just size to be

nirvana pins  Execution Systems For Retailers' Nirvana Improved Visibility and Fulfillment . Weakness of Wal-Mart System Consequently, even Wal-Mart is not without drawbacks, and the company openly admits to being paranoid and watching carefully for the competition—not only from its fellow general merchandisers, but also from food and drug stores like Kroger , Walgreen , and Albertson's or specialty retailers like Amazon.com , Ann Taylor Stores , and Foot Locker . Indeed, while its supply chain visibility Read More
Manufacturer's Nirvana -- Real-Time Actionable Information
How many ERP vendors, including the largest ones, have natively built-in real-time production monitoring, warehousing management, time and attendance capture

nirvana pins  s Nirvana -- Real-Time Actionable Information Introduction Extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (or sometimes referred to as ERP II , the term coined by Gartner ), extends ERP information to other interested users presumably with no barriers to data flow (see Enterprise Applications—The Genesis and Future, Revisited ). Such an enterprise system would provide extensive business management functionality (e.g., real-time production monitoring, warehouse management, job shop Read More
Integrated Solutions: Look Before You Leap
When it comes to integrated enterprise systems, functionality is not exactly unimportant, but it needs to be combined within a fairly simple-to-use application

nirvana pins  IQMS offers, see Manufacturer's Nirvana Real-Time Actionable Information . The potential benefits of the intrinsic integration of ERP with the plant floor and of achieving near real-time information are multiple. For one, such a system could transfer many data entry functions that are traditionally performed in the office, directly to the manufacturing floor. This would, for example, allow material personnel to transact the issue of resin to and from machines on-line instead of submitting the transfer Read More
Generating Revenue from Service
A CRM solution, to be successful, has to support cross-business processes and a number of operations within the business, from Marketing to Service, including

nirvana pins  Revenue from Service Introduction Service, generating revenue is a concept not normally considered. The normal assumption is that service, at best, can become more efficient and thereby save money and reduce costs. Applying the real concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows the possibility of a profitable service organization as not only feasible but expected. CRM is designed to provide a single view of the business, in other words the customer doesn't identify one person, or Read More

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