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Solving Enterprise Problems: The Fully-integrated Solution of IQMS
Though superficially, IQMS, a small, quiet ERP provider, may be similar to its competitors, by offering fully-integrated applications and services that are

nirvana pins  steps toward the manufacturer's nirvana of making every batch a great batch, or, in the language of plastic processors, to ensure shot-to-shot and run-to-run repeatability . At the very least, terrible runs can be eliminated and the ranking of every run can be lifted, allowing for significant financial gain (for more details, see Process Manufacturers—Great Batch, Every Batch ). Cost Effective Warehouse Management System Along similar lines is the wireless IQ Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » nirvana pins

BI State of the Market Report
IT departments rarely know as much about a business as the business people themselves. But business users still depend on IT to deliver answers related to the

nirvana pins  State of the Market Report TEC's analysts evaluate, compare, and impartially select business software and services, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Business Intelligence (BI) Outsourcing etc. Source: Technology Evaluation Centers Resources Related to BI State of the Market Report : Business Intelligence (BI) (Wikipedia) BI State of the Market Report BI 2.0 is also known as : Business Intelligence 2.0 , BI 2.0 Solution , Read More...
The Cha(lle)nging World of Value-added Resellers
In today's cutthroat business environment, value-added reseller aspirants are seeing the need for faster deployment, improved systems quality, better cost

nirvana pins  support. But achieving such nirvana is a far from easy, as demonstrated by the examples of some vendors which have recently completely reverted to a direct sales model, due to the lack of competence and zeal in their former VARs. The recently acquisitive SMB market incumbent vendor, Made2Manage Systems (see Made2Manage Systems One Year After': Reenergized and Growing ), cites many examples of a total disconnect on the customer-VAR-vendor line, including cases where some VARs did not inform the customers Read More...
'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Proc, and SCM Unite! A Series Study: Oracle
There are two ways to build enterprise application solutions: link together disparate, best-of-breed solutions, in which vendors embrace open architectures and

nirvana pins  is your vision of Nirvana. But be aware of the potential pitfalls. Look for future articles in this series on IFS and PeopleSoft. Read More...
Curbing MESsy Shop Floor State of Affairs - Part I
Those that follow manufacturing-oriented enterprise applications have likely noticed for some time an uptick of conversations about the need to better integrate

nirvana pins  of enterprise systems). The nirvana (or utopia) hoped for thus far has been to provide a single point of operation and control for manufacturers to: Plan, Define, Control, Execute , and Analyze Production . Why do we need integrated manufacturing operations, or manufacturing execution systems (MES) linked to transactional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, likely via some plant-level integration hub and visualization & intelligence layer ? Well, it is not a major revelation to say that, for Read More...
Manufacturer's Nirvana -- Real-Time Actionable Information
How many ERP vendors, including the largest ones, have natively built-in real-time production monitoring, warehousing management, time and attendance capture

nirvana pins  s Nirvana -- Real-Time Actionable Information Introduction Extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (or sometimes referred to as ERP II , the term coined by Gartner ), extends ERP information to other interested users presumably with no barriers to data flow (see Enterprise Applications—The Genesis and Future, Revisited ). Such an enterprise system would provide extensive business management functionality (e.g., real-time production monitoring, warehouse management, job shop Read More...
ROI Systems MANAGE-s Well Past 2000 Part 2: Impact and Recommendations
Expanding incrementally, with goals that are carefully balanced with providing excellent customer support, close attention to the bottom line, and leveraging a

nirvana pins  of affairs sounds like nirvana, as one might not dare to estimate how many companies still run on several generations old ERP product releases (e.g., SAP R/3 v. 3.1, Oracle Applications v. 10.7 , PeopleSoft v. 6 & 7 , J.D. Edwards' World Software , Baan IV , SSA GT's BPCS v.5 , and so on). A painless upgrade should be the case also with ROI's most recent version 7.0 of its MANAGE 2000 software suite, despite the fact that it now integrates traditional ERP features with customer relationship management Read More...
Bead Industries to Implement IQMS' ERP Solution
IQMS announced that Bead Industries, Inc. will implement its EnterpriseIQ ERP manufacturing solution to support current operations and anticipated growth. Bead

nirvana pins  Industries to Implement IQMS' ERP Solution IQMS announced that Bead Industries, Inc. will implement its EnterpriseIQ ERP manufacturing solution to support current operations and anticipated growth. Bead Industries is a 98-year-old company with two divisions—Bead Electronics (specializing in high-speed cold forming of precision metal contact pins and the automated assembly of custom interconnects) and Bead Chain, along with a wholly owned subsidiary, McGuire Manufacturing Co. Bead is also Read More...
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workday (more)? - Part 2

nirvana pins  Codeless Programing: Utopia or Nirvana? While model-driven development is certainly architectural, getting those models right is not easy. Workday thus uses objects in two entirely different ways to provide solutions that are contiguous and work the way modern global companies really operate. First, it has modeled the entire functional domain in objects and their attributes in  metadata , which introduces a major leap forward in the understanding of the complex realm of HCM. Second, Workday delivers Read More...
The Economic Benefits of an Integrated Talent Management Suite
Today, many human resources (HR) organizations find themselves with a tapestry of HR systems, many of which do not work well with each other. But many

nirvana pins  have truly reached the nirvana of an integrated suite (our industry study on Talent Management Suites will help you identify the right provider). Even those vendors that have such suites tend to be strong in their primary application areas and weak in most others. Moreover, you probably have an incumbent vendor you like for at least one system. This vendor (whether it is your LMS vendor, recruiting vendor or performance management systems vendor) may or may not be moving fast enough for you to get to Read More...
Smart Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO)
The increasing number of passwords actually decrease productivity and present a security risk when people get frustrated and write their passwords on a sticky

nirvana pins  Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO) Single Sign-On (SSO) improves usability and productivity of SAP users by providing or leveraging a single authentication service (for example Windows authentication) that allows users to logon once and then to transparently access all SAP applications on different servers. Source: SECUDE International AG Resources Related to Smart Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO) : Single Sign-On (SSO) (Wikipedia) Smart Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO) Single Sign-on is also known Read More...
The Magic Behind Planning and Executing (Optimal) Service Supply Chains - Part 1
The recent three-part series entitled “Navigating Between Service Management Scylla @ Charybdis” analyzed the phenomenon of service economy, or the

nirvana pins  But to achieve this nirvana one needs optimization capabilities. This becomes especially apparent in service environments with thousands of resources, where in principle any kind of service call can be assigned to any technician as long as it makes “business sense.” How Service Optimization Works Optimization utilizes advanced and sophisticated  scheduling algorithms  to dissect the service chain problem and solve it in the most efficient and intelligent way. This approach is different from data Read More...
Intuit Pay Gives UK SMBs Easy Card Payment Functionality
Back in November 2012, Intuit launched an Intuit Pay pilot project for the United Kingdom. The company has since learned a lot, improved the product, and

nirvana pins  
The Post-implementation Agility of Enterprise Systems: An Analysis
Very few companies really run standard software applications as

nirvana pins  the stated goal (and nirvana) of many user companies, the statistics repeatedly prove that it is not, in fact, how the majority of companies are running their enterprise software in real life. There have been many indications that the majority of ERP customers have modified their systems quite a lot. The real truth about standard software applications is that very few companies really run them as standard or as implemented products, since every business changes constantly, in small ways and large. Read More...
Linking Planning and Execution Systems for Retailers’ Nirvana--Improved Visibility and Fulfillment
Linking an APS to an ERP system, although simple in principle and worth the trouble, is nonetheless a major integration project.

nirvana pins  Execution Systems for Retailers’ Nirvana--Improved Visibility and Fulfillment Linking an APS System to an ERP System An advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system offers a mix of design and planning tools that use mathematical procedures to optimize the flow of goods across the supply chain. It generally includes separate planning modules for managing demand, distribution, production, material requirements, purchasing, and fulfillment, all of which have some overlap with the modules of back-office Read More...

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